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The Crock- Moving Mountains

The Crock- Moving Mountains

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Published by John Lee
A story of one man's fight for his children.
A story of one man's fight for his children.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: John Lee on Jan 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Crock Moving Mountains
On July 15, 2010 I made an unpopular comment to Judge Stephen George.
“If you think  you are going to keep me from my kids Judge, you had better pack a lunch”
I said. I meant it.With this stubborn point of view, I set out to move mountains and change “the system” known asfamily court. Many have tried, many have failed. Hear this: I have the proof I need to changethe corrupt family court system. This edition of The Crock details the latest update on how aself-represented, dumbass country boy from Bardstown, Kentucky has been able to expose thelegal system for what it is……A Farce!I do not fear lawyers, judges or any other bully that wishes to impose his will upon me. For someone that is willing to die for his children and do whatever it takes to preserve their childhood, it is impossible to chase me off with threats or endless filings of legal paperwork.Everyone knows that the family court system is rigged. All politicians have discussed theneed for judicial reform. I didn’t understand why others have allowed it. Then it hit me. These powerful, influential people have not lifted a finger to fix the obvious issue regarding corruptionin family court because they have not been affected by it. Politicians don’t have these problems because corrupt judges take care of them. Ever see a politician involved in a custody battle? NEVER!The ordeal, for a lack of a better term in describing my efforts for equal time andinvolvement with my children stretches as far back as November 2008. It is finally coming to aclose. After having 10 judges in Jefferson County, Kentucky disqualified, a feat unprecedentedin US history (discussed in the last Crock “Making History”), I have now successfully gottenJudge Michelle M. Keller, a Kentucky Court of Appeals judge disqualified in one of my appeals.
Judge Keller, a former family court judge from Northern Kentucky presided in 10 of my appeals.During those appeals, she also sat on the Judicial Conduct Commission, which is the mostworthless commission on the planet. I filed 8 complaints against Judge Stephen George with theJCC.Judges are prohibited from presiding over appeals cases and complaints to the JCCsimultaneously (See KRS 26a.015, paragraph 2). I fully admit that I was not kind to the JCC. Isued them, called them worthless douche bags, etc. Judge Keller obviously did not like mycomments and ruled against me in every way imaginable in my appeals. When I learned of her involvement, I filed a motion with the Kentucky Court of Appeals to set aside all 10 appeals thatJudge Keller participated in.Instead of granting that motion, the Court of Appeals denied it. However, they stated thatif Judge Keller were to be assigned to any future appeals that I filed, her involvement would bedecided on a “case by case” basis. Translation……..The Court of Appeals basically agreed that Iwas right but was not going to set aside previous appeals. In the latest appeal, filed in April,2012, low and behold, Judge Keller was assigned to the appeal. I filed a motion to have her disqualified under the EXACT same conditions as before. This week, the Court of Appealsgranted my motion to have Judge Keller disqualified from the appeal.What does this mean? It means that the Court of Appeals is admitting that Judge Keller had no jurisdiction to preside in 10 previous appeals. It means that the country boy turnedattorney was correct in his interpretation of the law. It means that now, all 10 previous appealswill be set aside. It means that yet another example showing proof that the judicial court systemis rippled with corrupt judges from top to bottom. Not all, some. It means that they finallyunderstand that I am not going away until I am afforded a level playing field with fair and

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