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The Stalking Stocking

The Stalking Stocking

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Published by jessejuicer
Let the stocking begin... or stalking... unless you're into stockings and then let both begin...
Let the stocking begin... or stalking... unless you're into stockings and then let both begin...

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Published by: jessejuicer on Jan 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"The Stocking, I mean stalking, Begins" by Heather Raddatz... ghost-written by Jesse Perrin- shhh!don't tell Heather tho.Somewhere in China, 1842... an old woman sat weaving, slowly and methodically, hoping for her husband, the grand warlord of her province, to return."Is that gold?" asked her son."Yes, young one... gold, and silk."Just then there was a large disruption, and some yelling, coming from near the town square. It was themen returning from battle. And the news was not pretty. The old woman took one look out her windowand immediately knew what she did not have to be told. She closed up all the shutters, finished the twostockings she was weaving, then lit the house on fire with a large candle, and left the town, never toreturn. New York City, 2012... a midsingle girl visiting from Portland walked into an antique store in ChinaTown."What's this?" she asked, holding up a beautifully woven silk stocking lined with gold."It is not what it is, but what it is not, that matters" replied the shop owner."I don't understand" replied the girl."Do not stockings come in pairs?" asked the shop owner."Yes, usually" said the girl."By your interests you are chosen" said the shop owner. "Thus, if you do not buy this stocking, it willweave a story with the same spirit in which it was woven long ago.""And... if I do?" asked the girl in a ya-right, I-don't-believe-you, what-are-you-even-talking-about kindof voice."Then... you must find one to go with it" replied the shop keeper with a half-smile and sly snare in her voice."Ah. Well, I don't really think I can find another one like it..." replied the girl. "So what good is it?""So it is... with you." replied the shop owner.And at that moment, somehow the girl's mind immediately flashed to her midsingle status, and howmuch she longed to find her other half. She looked at the shop owner for a second, wondering if shesomehow mysteriously caused her to think about that, then convinced herself there was no way, saidgoodbye, and left the shop.Back in Portland, later that week... the midsingle girl was walking home from work after dark. Sheentered the shared hallway of her old downtown apartment building, and flicked the lightswitch on in
the tiny entryway, but the light bulb in the ceiling flashed brightly for a split-second and burned out."Snap!" said the girl, and she stumbled up the stairs to her apartment door in the dark. She fumbledwith her keys, then finally got the door open.It was pitch dark inside the apartment. She set her purse down and leaned over to flick on the tablelamp next to the door. Suddenly, as soon as the light snapped on, she jumped back and gasped as her heart started to pound... there was the stocking from the shop, hanging on the wall above the lamp,right in front of her.<this part was to be continued before... now it's not!>The girl grabbed her purse and ran out of her apartment, and across the street to a payphone. She hit 9-1-1 with frantic fingers..."9-1-1 emergency dispatch""Yes! Someone is in my home! Apartment! I mean- apartment. I mean- maybe- in my apartment.There's a stocking...""Stay calm ma'am, there's an officer already on his way. What's your address?""1212 Cotton Mill Ave... in the old-" then the girl stopped short. She was about to say the old textilefactory. It had been abandoned for decades, and the landlord had converted part of the building intoapartments. The girl found herself staring at the unconverted part of the factory. She caught her gazeand said into the phone "Uh- never- nevermind. I'm fine. I'm fine now. Everything's okay." and shehung up the phone, then started slowly walking toward the factory.The Chinese woman was right, she thought. "By your interests you are chosen..." she said quietly asshe stepped slowly toward the factory door, gazing at it strangely. I've always wanted to sew, thoughtthe girl. And I'm living next to an old textile factory. This can't be coincidence, she thought... perhapsthe stocking was a sign. To tell her something... She pushed the heavy factory door open, and wentinside.When she got inside, she found an old hanging lightbulb, and yanked the chain to flick it on. There, onthe wall in front of her was some fresh graffiti that read "You Shall Reap What You Sew".The girl was not scared anymore. In fact, she started to have this new sense of confidence building upinside her... like this was where she was supposed to be. "Right here!" she said out loud. "It's been righthere this whole time."Just then the cop flashed his flashlight into the factory and yelled "anyone in here?""Yes! Yes. I am," replied the girl. The cop escorted her out, asked her his questions, searched her apartment, and found no one inside. Just the stocking."And... this- isn't yours, correct?" he asked just to double check, wondering about the girl's strangeattitude."Oh- ooooooh! About the stocking... my- stocking. I- uh- I just forgot... it is mine. It's totally mine. I
 just bought it in New York, and forgot all about it. Oh- my gosh. I'm so sorry."The cop gave her a strange look, then shook his head. "Seriously?" he said. "A stocking? I need a newroute." and he left.The girl took the stocking in her hands and held it up. "You and me? We're gonna be rich. Come on, partner." and she immediately went inside and drew up the plans to start up a business making gold andsilk stockings in the old factory. She convinced the landlord to lease the old part of the building to her and spent the money she was saving for a house on the deposit and some sewing equipment. Then shestarted making stockings. Exactly like the one from the antiques shop.She called her business "Stalking Stockings" and told her story about the stocking to every customer...who were all in awe of the mystery of it.And the girl made a fortune. Making stockings exactly like the original. Well... not quite exactly. Therewere subtle inconsistencies that the girl just couldn't quite get right. No one else could tell, but shecould. And she became obsessed, with making the perfect stocking.The girl worked day and night, getting very little sleep, sewing and sewing. Throwing away everysingle one she made. Try as she might, she could not get it exactly right.The old woman from the antiques shop was right. The girl had researched the story of the stocking andfound out about how it was made. "It will weave a story with the same spirit in which it was wovenlong ago," thought the girl. "What does that even mean?!" she yelled and threw the stocking across theroom. "What are you dooing to me?!" she screamed.It was only when she had calmed back down that she realized the answer. "The stocking was madewhile the old woman was waiting for her husband to return..." she said to herself. "And there wereTWO of them made...""That's it!" said the girl. "I have to FIND the other one. Not make it."So the girl began to research every gold mine and silk source that went into the village where thestocking had been made. She thought if she could find the source of the materials, that she might beable to track what happened to the other one.But after several years of searching, she finally had to give up. Crying horrendously one night not longafterward, she felt so lonely. Her entire business with the factory had been her way of searching for what she had really wanted, but indirectly... her other half.Just then, the stocking, which she had laid on the table in her apartment entryway, slid off the table andflopped onto the floor.And then the girl got an idea. A new idea. A new motivation. "You Shall Reap What You Sew," said thegirl softly to herself. Drying her eyes, she now knew what she must do. She immediately went over toher simplest sewing machine in her apartment (she had several) and started sewing. It was not astocking that she should be sewing, she realized. But clothes for the people in her life.She started with a simple dress for a little girl that she knew. And then a scarf for her best friend. And

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