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The Art of the Stone Druids : the Kel-Tul

The Art of the Stone Druids : the Kel-Tul

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Published by Wizard Luxas

Some of the spiritual arts and ways of the secret art of the stone, sorry but as it is an oath-ed art and spiritual way, only those formally in will get the rest.. as it is 15.. with our secrets, rituals, and tools.. if you seek more join the MDAS or look for us here http://schoolofthemasters.weebly.com

Some of the spiritual arts and ways of the secret art of the stone, sorry but as it is an oath-ed art and spiritual way, only those formally in will get the rest.. as it is 15.. with our secrets, rituals, and tools.. if you seek more join the MDAS or look for us here http://schoolofthemasters.weebly.com

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Published by: Wizard Luxas on Jan 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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15 tenets of a druidTenet- to adopt what's in the laws of perfection1: Rock: Is a solid based object composed of multi objects infused and heated toform a big or bigger mass. In this understanding a rock is multiple systems all infused to be one object, meanwhile a stone though composed of the formation of a rock is a separate entity that is selective in its released nature from themultiple systems that established it as a collective. The rock stands as a foundation of principle of the divine will that gives you the right to call yourselfworthy. For it is in this nature that ones emotions become as hard or as difficult as the challenges they serve. For it is the nature of the rock to be the greater achievement of solid principle, not choosing to waver because of time or change. Stone: In stone we find systems like circulatory impulses, true the stoneis still part rock, but it's based on ever growing levels of external achievement. For the nature of the stone is to constantly be moving, growing, shifting, changing. While the rock remains the principle example of unchanging nature. Rock,in the art of stone the runi, standing and the material stone play apart of ourdesign and nature, we use the rune or runi as a way of forming magic about theart we wish to work with and standing as a silent way to communicate with the past or future in both we try and respect the land never adding or taking away unless they "as in the greater voices tell us to". As for material stone as in divining crystals or stones, we merely use these as attachments to objects or materials as we see fit, though it is more just look then its magic, as real magic comes forth from the need to use these objects to heal teach, inspire, or controlthe forces of change, when one take and places their hands in nature they are taking on the role of wanting, and changes will occur...River: The idea of the river is a collective of free flowing movement that is tofill a riverbed a.k.a an empty quasi whole or lengthwise tubing that is used totransport this element, a.k.a water. However its main design is to flow from amountain top into and around open tubing outward towards the ocean, or that which is the free flowing mass from which all things combine. In the nature of the river one goes with the flow, and like the river achieves momentum by letting everything go. This is a version of self reflection and meditation, for one must release everything from themselves from time to time to move forward if they are to keep their sanity and sense of self freedom. The river does not ask for anything, it is made up of the droplets of a million of other droplets. Now this couldbe viewed as mass opinion, but we druids believe it's the nature of cause as inone always agrees with their higher spirit when not bartering with their ego. River, is the lifes blood of the land, and to us it is the mystical wellness of things, so when we travel we take abit of water with us, and share it with the world or those on our journey, more on this as you grow into the brotherhood, forwe are like the rain that falls from this great water, and like that we serve the needs that one sees in nature as if we are that example.. this is the mysteryof our design of material worship..of the land...Tree: In the art of the tree the roots play the biggest part, roots do not distinguish between good food and bad food they absorb it and purify it. Whatever minerals or liquid based substances within that which they can use becomes the heart of the tree, that which they can not use becomes the bark or the hard outer shell. And that which can not be used at all it turned into vapor, or entreated back into the stone to form the foundation and/or hodgepodge of protective covering around the root. A.k.a toughening the soil. Now I could go into the full nature of the tree, branches, leaves the whole aspect of tree culture but this is paganism not druidism, it is the refining qualities that speaks about the action orinaction of an object that the druid model cease fits to examine and call theirown. These qualities are not for separating one life from another but to compare them in their working process to the universal design. A.k.a life and death. Lesson one is to become these. Changing seasons does not make on season more important than another, it just reinforces the desire of self renewal. Getting rid of the old, and growing into the new. This does not give you the freedom to change what is but to create what could be, for a tree is a family object even amongonly one tree. The roots however, in our life, are about struggle. One could say
we're being stubborn but we believe without pushing our views on others or outsiders that a strong foundation of honest awareness brings us closer to that which made us what we are. And this is why the symbol of the oak tree, the willow, the ash, the ceder and the hawthorn and even ivy and mistletoe are like periods of personality to be cherished and then forgotten. For roots should be automaticand not need to be uttered but felt and followed like the will of a dragon. Tree, for us is memories connections to times and places of other ways, cultures others so we tend to mark these great things with tokens of life or symbolism it isour way to worship in silence and in this we are listening to what has come before it is here we become and remain teacher, for like a tree it is a marker of the path or road cut through its lines and that which surivives earns the right of age, so like the tree we fight the forces of nature to cut easy paths in the world by letting us know which way the wind blows and in such is our rituals andnature, more on this as well when we are together..2: The dragon: an ethereal based creature who by contract serves the will of themage/magus through honorary contract the gatherers of the mage class in recognition for help for the witch kind gave permission for those of the druid class agrade group or gathering to establish personal contact in ceremonial ritual withthe dragon self. Though there are million of dragons only a few thousand are allowed out at a time and among these dragons are teaching quality beasts, educated dragons they are given authority to watch over mankind like angels. However under the oath of wizardry dragons can not intervene in any event that personallydoes not have their name attached a.k.a summoning. [oath] it is by this oath that one works with, learns from, is guided by, influenced by, pushed or taught. The nature of the dragon is simple [oath] to serve, to develop service, to advancethe mage/magi/magus and to honor the oath. Lesser designs outside of oath basedcontracts can have use of dragons but aren't held by any rule so as quick as they are given the power it can be removed just the same, those who think of unitywith beast, demons, daemons, and other occult based summoning creatures are more powerful than a dragon they have yet to see a dragon in work. Truly real demons are powerful, but they don't bat an eye to a dragon, because they don't care.What those of the occult, mystical collective know about their world can fit ina coffee can compared to a dragon. For dragons are the collectors of truth, notperspective, not decision, none debatable, absolute sources of their beginnings.You can argue all you want, preach this or that but when a dragon acts it is ruthless. It's ruthless in its endeavor to set right, justify, or examine the moments for what they are for when one deals with a dragon they deal with a varietyof perspective. Meaning at least six different thoughts at the same time for a dragon does not seek it's own perspective but instead tests it against others reality and then tries to find what is missing and what is hidden. What is missingcan be taught, what is hidden must be re-awakened. For it dwells within and anything within is already complete just not accessible. Dragons will not teach youthis, they'll make you stumble upon it yourself for the dragon's goal is to guide if that's its design. It can take on many perspectives but the best one will be for your will or the one for whom it works for. Do not dismiss the dragon as just a spiritual empowering tool, for the you waste its grander connections. Thedragon: for the dragons world is one of service and service can't be rendered ifthe menu changes at will, so conformity to what one is and wishes to know becomes the direct nature of the dragon to the one worthy of its time, in the arts wecan be granted many things but a dragon is the greatest gift of it as a druid,it means the universe is listening to you...3: fire/water/air: in ritual to the dragon we use this model to ascend to the worthy awareness of the dragon, because we as people of the stone need to be reminded of that which is, though the modern world will try and transform us, it willstill not be able to transform what it, itself can't see and in this mistakes to their perfection will show up bring out the "why" and that is the reason we travel...to gather what the masses deem beyond their control..Fire: is the living remnant of all frictional existence it is the sole absolutebeing between the vacuum and the ethereal, though there are many mythos the overall design of fire is one perspective of a tri-system a.k.a three based design.
Fire in relation to druid or druiedic will is life force, ones life force is thespark of their being like a candle measuring time the druid model is based in the idea that the stronger the flame the longer the age. And strength is determined by skill, will and heart. And this must equal the stars themselves for druidsoul is like a ghost that you feel before you feel, it touches you like you would touch an old book to relive those pages once again in your mind. Even if you don't have the book in your hand the scholarly thought passes across your eyes, this does not come from natural action. It comes from ritual and spiritual dedication to that which is the commitment of being a druid. For being a druid is likebeing inside of a volcano as the heat and temperature rises, it's not a dangerous action, the volcano is not going to blow a.k.a erupt but the heat is going tomeld your thoughts, sharpen them, make them irresistible to ones action and just like fires engulf those who are listening, or seeing from your point of view.Fire is the concentration of emptiness.Water: is the container of the universal being, multi-organism or organistic inits nature to the physical self a.k.a liquid or plasmatic. The fundamental nature of water is to distill and purify its process, in druidism this is the way wisdom is passed through. With a little help from magehood theology. [oath] for yousee, druidism is layered as most other system is, however it is distilled layerfor layer. Meaning the first time your tasting, the second time your testing, and the third time you're drinking. There is a fourth and fifth but those are thelevels of command, as in teaching others. The nature of nature is not to separate but to analyze what works, what doesn't work, and what could work. This onesagain can be said for all systems of magically aware natures. That's why the druid can not deny that outer experiences of wisdom are possible. For like water what is in it rides with the current, or sinks to the bottom and diverts the current a different way. Either way flow is achieved, even in restriction. For the druid theology, if you can call it that, is about sharing, adopting a brother or sister not about who is right or who is wrong. The dragon and its rituals determine this, they are just learners. Monkish if you will. In water we see all things, just like the river we learn to harness what is around us to bring into harmony and spells and other tools a sense of euphoric being. For all things have a set chain to their empowerment, and it is water that allows us the time by drinking it to reflect on this awareness. Psycho-babble, shortcomings in character, fear, doubt and frustration are all eliminated in rituals of water. That's not to say that problems won't arise it's just there will be a harmonic solution and everyone earns instead of loses.Air: The old saying goes
to air is human, and to forgive divine
this statement rings true to all druids, not because of the words as you read them but because ofthe way a druid reads them. To air is hu as in the deity of the Egyptian art, HU is the secret name of a being that controls the nature of the word human and it is in his air that we as druids understand what is meant as in man. The scholarly nature of the druid self is to boldly and mystically understand the foundation of why. Even if those would disagree the harmony of that which is the answeror the most aware answer shines through. In this particular instance the word HU. [Oath required] To forgive divine, but that's not what it says what it says isthe divine have the capacity to forgive. Meaning those who know the whole storydon't hold the person guilty because they see it from both sides, I'm not talking about crimes of life which is taking another persons, I'm talking about crimes of virtue, who continues to take another's. See, wisdom does not come from mercy, it comes from a lesson. And not a heavy handed one. For air in the word of the druids means air[error] for the nature of will is to fix what's wrong if it is of equable and peaceful solution. Greed or gain can not be balanced for theseare weaknesses of the spirit and fear controls them, and fear will turn brotheragainst brother and sister versus sister. And when one means gain they mean ill-gotten gain, meaning you harmed another to get it. And harm is not equated withpersonal justice, for once again the dragon sees in time what must be surrendered, even if we don't want to. See hunger for something is not greed, greed is when you don't want to share that hunger with anyone else, the idea is like this; if you have a million dollars and share it amongst two people you will have two m

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