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Published by AJ Weberman
When Gerry Hemming was busted for transfer of a little old silencer he wrote a motion for favorable evidence that asked for documents about him and the MLK Event. Why bust him for this little old nothing when he put a hit on Dr. King?
When Gerry Hemming was busted for transfer of a little old silencer he wrote a motion for favorable evidence that asked for documents about him and the MLK Event. Why bust him for this little old nothing when he put a hit on Dr. King?

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: AJ Weberman on Jan 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The latest development in the Martin Luther King involves RoyHargraves brother, Jerry Ming. He told me his brother claimed to Raoulon numerous occasions. Fucking Hargraves had a hard arm for King. Ibelieve Ming told me Hargraves was part of PROJECT SEAL in theearly 1960's - that entailed spying on King for CIA as it was believedKing was a crypto-Communist. There was a CIA PROJECT SEALinvolving Howard Hunt whose goal was to set up a Cuban Governmentin Exile. Ming was probably referring to OPERATION CHAOS,because a CIA document links Hargraves to it. Before encounteringMing, I wrote that Hargraves was Raoul. Hargraves told his brother, Jerry Ming that he wasRaoul on numerous occasions. Looks like Christ did the shooting and Hargraves did the set up.And the brains behind it, the one and only Gerry Patrick Hemming!
Ming writes “Aloha, kameraden. I was born on January 12, 1945 making me a "pre-boomer" and breifly a contemporary of Adolph Hitler. I was not a hippie, a beatnick perhaps. Iused to visit The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach and Gloria's wicca establishment on the sameblock. My watch is on my wrong hand in memory of my late brother Toy Emory Mings 1940-2003 (aka Roy Emory Hargraves)who earned the moniker "Doc". There are a lot of explications for his nickname but he 'fessed up that it stood for the Arizona Department of Corrections wherehe earned his prison 'tats'.”I got into contact with Jerry through Facebook and he sent me a message in which hesaid Hargraves told him many times that he was Raoul. After the implications of this statementdawned on him, he retracted it and removed it from Facebook Messages, or I had theconversation with him on Facebook itself and cannot retrieve it.
After participating in the “Big Event” – the Kennedy assassination - Gerry PatrickHemming returned to his native California where he began to operate a training camp in Mexicofor the Black Panther Party. The Panthers were domestic Blackrevoltionary Communists. They pissed Hemming off to no end.Hemming also detected Communist influence in the mainstream CivilRights Movement: he believed Martin Luther King had CommunistStanley Levinson as a speechwriter and advisor. He also knew thatthe Soviets loved to stir up race riots in America at the same timethey had no use for Blacks. Hemming, Roy Emery Hargraves andDavid Christ killed Martin Luther King and framed the cracker JamesEarl Ray for the assassination. When Hemming was busted fortransfer of a silencer he composed a motion that asked: Why arrestme for this petty infraction and not Dealey Plaza or the Martin LutherKing assassination?Hemming told this researcher:Ray had no ambition. You know what the ambition factor is? Is there anybody onthis planet who can say James Earl Ray ever aspired to anything, or thought ofany grandiose schemes, or wanted to be somebody? No. He never wanted to beshit. This is the last guy to do a shooting job. Nothing complicated. Nothing thatrequires heavy thinking. But it would have been a stretch of the imagination tohave Castro agents mad at Martin Luther King, right?James Earl Ray, the next to be Oswalded by Hemming was born in 1928. James Earl Ray’sfather was a criminal. James Earl Ray never graduated from high school, and was ejected fromthe Army after two years of service. In the early 1950's he began to commit a series of crimesincluding burglary and forgery. On April 23, 1967, after serving seven years of a 20 yearsentence for armed robbery, James Earl Ray escaped from Missouri State Penitentiary byconcealing himself in a box that would normally contain bread from the prison bakery.
Circa August 15, 1967, a fugitive named James Earl Ray met a man at the NeptuneTavern in Montreal who called himself "Raoul". Evidence suggested "Raoul" was ROYHargraves, Hemming’s sidekick. "Raoul" said he was a seaman. ROY Hargraves had years ofexperience as a seaman conducting infiltration and exfilration missions along with raids onCastro’s Cuba. Ray claimed they met by chance and they had no mutual friends. Ray said he"sort of let the word get around that he had a little trouble down in the States that he was lookingfor I.D. and capital, and just might be available for activities that didn't involve too much risk."Would James Earl Ray have leaked the fact the he was a fugitive in a public bar? Bar ownersoften double as police informants. Hemming told this researcher:That's what Ray wants you to believe. This is what keeps people secure, thathe's not spilling the beans. There are people that would worry, 'Maybe this son-of-a-bitch really found out more than he's ever admitted before the incident itself?Maybe somebody was loose? Maybe this guy really knows some shit?’ He didn'tdo it, we know that.

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