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New World of Darkness:Shadows of IceLand

New World of Darkness:Shadows of IceLand

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Published by Incubusdream
This was White Wolf Publishing's April Fool's joke for 2008. However, so many people liked it that we're keeping it available for future customers. Enjoy!
This was White Wolf Publishing's April Fool's joke for 2008. However, so many people liked it that we're keeping it available for future customers. Enjoy!

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Published by: Incubusdream on Jan 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter Three:Isolated in the Ice
Chapter Three: Isolated in the Ice
Iceland is a land o extremes. From the vast glacial expanses o the interiortundra, to the pools o mineral water and hot springs rom the volcanic lakesand baths; rom the urban environs o Reykjavik, to the secluded armlands;rom the ertile shing waters surrounding the island’s peninsula, to the deso-late stretches o rock, crag and shard; rom the seemingly everlasting darknesso winter, to the midnight sun in mid-summer. The island’s inhabitants knowand recognize the limits, paradoxes and boundaries innate to their homeland.Living on this island is not easy, nor is it or everyone: Iceland’s population o barely 300,000 can attest to that act. Yet experiencing the radical fuctuationsinherent in the landscape breeds a certain type o culture, a certain o personand a certain type o monster. Iceland is not or everyone; but everyone livingin Iceland is a product o the land.
 Darkness on the Islan
The World o Darkness does not belong to the monsters. Sure, monstersroam the land in the most obscure recesses. In many ways they seem to own it,their political machinations and supernatural soirees continually orming theoundation o the human world. But, in the end, it is still the
world – themortals are the ocus and driving orce throughout the lands, and they are theones who infuence the shape o society and culture throughout. Monsters comerom humans and are judged in relation to these humans, despite the monsters’best eorts to argue to the contrary.With this in mind, Iceland contains a unique population o supernaturalcreatures within its shores. This is due to a number o actors. First, with sucha small population, most supernatural creatures cannot exist in large numberswithout drawing attention to themselves. This act particularly rankles somedenizens o the World o Darkness; despite their magnicent works and grandschemes, i too many humans know it will only lead to the monster’s destruction.Second, the supernatural have their own unique orm o natural selection, anevolution that denies them access to certain geographical areas or the plaintruth that a given destination could kill them outright: a vampire cannot livein the barren desert, or example. Third, some places are just too damn weird oranybody but the incredibly odd. Iceland is one o those places; it has a strangeculture that is, i not outright supportive, at least more open to the notion o the “others.”Unlike the deeply entrenched supernatural societies o North America andEurope, Iceland’s supernatural citizenry is composed o a reer, more independentgroup. Or at least that’s the impression they like to give. In reality, Iceland’ssupernatural population is dierent rom other Western societies because only aew types o monsters really want to live there, whether because o the climate,the land or the people.
To put it bluntly, a vampire would not be ound (un)dead in Iceland, atleast not as a permanent resident. The main reason or this is simple: The chat-tel’s herd is much too shallow and spread out. While it may be possible to nda Kindred or two in Reykjavik, which harbors the vast majority o the island’s
 If you are ever lost inan Icelandic forest, just stand up.- Magnus Magnusson
population, you will not nd any vampire outside o thosecity limits. There is a more subtle reason or the lack o the Damned in Iceland: It is absolutely no un to Dansewith yoursel. A truly enterprising vampire may rejoice ata country completely beret o competing Kindred interestsand establish her powerbase in the outskirts o Reykjavik.But without others o her kind to interact with, she willlikely do as so many settlers to Iceland have done beore:pack up and leave, damning the land as she goes.There are some tales and legends o a small coterieo vampires living in the Settlement era o Iceland backaround the eleventh century, just ater the rise o Chris-tianity in the island. Born into slavery on a armstead o a local chietain, their vampire lineage is said to deriverom a demon that visited the arm’s outhouse. While agroup o them cleaned up ater a winter estival, the de-mon cursed the lot, claiming that the only way to rid theland o rival pagan orces was to spread his own brand o evil throughout the land. Thus, as the story goes, the rstvampires in Iceland were created. An obscure saga, theSaga o Hilmar Pétursson, details a brie encounter withthe Kindred, but any written record o vampire activitywas lost soon ater. Today, there is no trace o this lost clan,except an inverted stone cross at the edge o a glacier saidto mark the place o the armstead’s outhouse.
Eternal Days, Eternal Nights 
Another explanation or the dearth o Kindred ac-tivity is the geography o Iceland. There are essentiallytwo seasons in Iceland: summer and winter. (Although anative Icelander might describe the seasons as “cold” and“colder”.) Vampires absolutely do not travel to Icelandduring the summertime: It is practically suicide to livewhere the sun is out nearly twenty hours a day, whichis the case during the height o summer in Iceland. But,while summer brings eternal sunshine to the island’sshores, winter brings a vampire’s natural habitat: eternalnight. Where humans might travel to the Caribbeanislands or some other tropical paradise in the middle o winter, vampires take their vacations in Reykjavik andthe rest o Iceland around the time o the Winter Solstice,when the nights are at their longest. These are not longvisits; the Kindred oten leave the country ater a week ortwo, the long nights generally wearing them out rom theextended activity. For vampires, a trip to Iceland is likeCarnival, except with cold weather, snow and sparselypopulated cities. No matter – the streets o Reykjavikhold more than enough human chattel or a vampire tobe able to drink his ill, especially during the Saturdaydrinking marathons that Reykjavik is known or.
The Tribes o the Moon are not unknown through-out the glacial plains o Iceland. The weather is notdetrimental to their nature, nor is the population densitya drawback or them. In act, the Tribes can be partial toIceland’s vastness and bleakness, especially in the centraland eastern parts where rugged armsteads and ishingvillagers are more the norm than in the peninsula aroundReykjavik. The Uratha are not particularly discouragedby the cold, either. No, there are dierent reasons or werewolves toavoid Iceland: bad spirits. The island is ull o nastyspirits, and it’s not entirely clear why. Some say it’s arelection o the violence inherent in the early settlers.Others theorize that, much like the various Diasporas inthe physical world over the centuries, the Spirit Realmsurrounding Iceland have been a generous host to all thedisaected spirits, both good and bad, rom the warringbands in the Otherworld. Like the United States was orimmigrants during the nineteenth and twentieth centu-ries, so too was Iceland or the emigrating spirits. Oneinal postulate is that this land has always been hometo a high density o spiritual beings, especially in themillennia beore Iceland’s settlement; thus, humanitywas only able to colonize the island during a particularlyweak time or the spirits.Regardless o 
the spirits got here, the actremains that Iceland has a remarkably high proportiono spirits and spirit-dwellers within both the physicaland Shadow realms. Most o Iceland’s human popula-tion actively believes in the spirit realm, despite the

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