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The Split Between Hellenistic Judaism and Hellenistic Christianity

The Split Between Hellenistic Judaism and Hellenistic Christianity

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Published by neothomismpc
This Article describes the split between Hellenistic Judaism and Hellenistic Christianity, and why it is the Orthodox Jewish Law is illogical.
This Article describes the split between Hellenistic Judaism and Hellenistic Christianity, and why it is the Orthodox Jewish Law is illogical.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: neothomismpc on Jan 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Split Between Hellenistic Judaism and Hellenistic ChristianityByAnthony Faber, Phd.Perpetual (C)Copyright (2013 C.E.) By Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism P.C. (PC)Around the time that Jesus of Nazareth walked the Earth in Palestine, there were twomajor factions in Judaism, namely, Orthodox Judaism and Hellenistic Judaism. Orthodox Jewswere required by Jewish Law to keep holy the Saturday Sabbath as a day of rest, to keep Kosher dietary laws, and to attend Synagogue on the Sabbath. Jewish Law required then, and now, for Jews to follow the following Sabbath laws. The following conduct was prohibited on theSaturday Sabbath for Orthodox Jews: 1. A Jew cannot carry a load on the Saturday Sabbath,that is, a Jew cannot carry a purse, a pack, a brief case, a sack, etc. 2. A Jew cannot walk morethan one half mile from that Jew’s principal place of residence on the Saturday Sabbath. 3. AJew cannot ride in a vehicle of any type on the Saturday Sabbath. 4. A Jew cannot prepare foodon the Saturday Sabbath. 5. A Jew cannot conduct a business transaction of any type on theSaturday Sabbath. 6. A Jew cannot engage in any manual work on the Saturday Sabbath. 7. AJew must attend Synagogue on the Saturday Sabbath. 7. A Jew cannot hire a non-jew to perform any activity on the Sabbath which a Jew is prohibited from doing by Jewish Law.Under Jewish Law, the penalty for any Jew who violates any of the foregoing rules is the death penalty.Under the Jewish Law of Kosher, a Jew was not permitted to eat any kosher prepared food onany day other than the day that such food was cooked or prepared for eating.You can see that a certain problem has arisen with Jewish Law. Jewish Law is impossible tokeep because in involves laws which are logically and practically inconsistent. For example, a
Jew cannot prepare food on the Saturday Sabbath, and at the same time a Jew is forbidden fromeating food which has been prepared the day before, or earlier. The result is that under JewishLaw, a Jew cannot eat any food at all on the Saturday Sabbath. Of course, the enforcement of this Jewish Law would cause many Jews to become very sick and perhaps die.Additionally, most Jews lived more that one half mile from the Synagogue, and thus at thesame time that Jewish Law required that the Jew attend Saturday Synagogue, the Jew was prohibited from walking to the Synagogue which is located more than one half mile from thatJew’s home. Also, Jewish Law prohibits a Jews from riding to Saturday Synagogue in acarriage, or car, or bus, or taxicab, or any type of vehicle.Now, the only way that Jew at the time that Jesus of Nazareth walked the Earth in Palestine,could avoid the death penalty for violating the above stated Jewish Law, was to get a dispensationfrom a Levite Priest who was a member of the Jewish Sanhedrid. To get such a dispensation to break Jewish Law without incurring the death penalty, a substantial bribe had to be paid to theLevite Priest, in modern terms, say about $15,000 a month or more. Moreover, if you did nothave a Levite Priest, as described above, in your family, the cost of the bribe was astronomicallyhigher, say in modern terms, at least $100,000 a month.Now, at the same time that the foregoing was happening, many Jews we getting greek educations at the gymnasium, and learned about logic, the crime of sophistry, and the notion of Equity and Equitable Exception on genuine need. Such Jews followed greek law, the law of logic, as Hellenistic Jews, and used roman law, also the law of logic, to criminally prosecute andsue for civil damages any Orthodox Jews who attempted use Jewish Law to have such HellenisticJews prosecuted for doing such things as carrying a pack on the Saturday Sabbath or riding acarriage to Saturday Sabbath, etc. After awhile the Hellenstic Jews broke from the Orthodox

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