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Shelf Life

Shelf Life

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Published by rolacola

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Published by: rolacola on Jan 21, 2013
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Nutritional Adequacy and Shelf Life of Food Storage
Dean Eliason and Michelle Lloyd
What can I do to maximize shelf life?
Your food will store better if kept away from
ir (oxygen),
ight and
emperature (heat)
. Allof these factors cause food to lose its quality (flavor,appearance, texture, vitamins) more quickly. Although all ofthese factors are important in preserving food, storagetemperature is the one that will likely have the greatest effecton the quality of your food. Store your food in the coolestlocation possible. If youdo not have a coolstorage location, beaware that your food won’t last as long.If you pack or buy your food in cans, make sure that the canshave an airtight seal. A good way to tell if your can is sealedtightly enough is to compare the can seam that you sealed tothe seam of the other end of the can to make sure they lookthe same. If the can seam looks loose, it is.
If properly stored, how long can I expect my food to last?
Food Recommended Packaging/Storage Shelf-Life
Salt Original containerBaking Soda Original containerBaking Powder Original containerGranulated Sugar Can, foil pouch, or bucketNo known limit, ifproperly storedWheat Can, foil pouch, or bucketRice Can, foil pouch, or bucket30+ yearsPowdered MilkOatsInstant PotatoesDried ApplesMacaroni PastaPinto BeansCan or foil pouch with oxygen absorber 15-30 yearsWet-pack cannedfoodsOriginal container; acidic foods such astomatoes may cause the cans to corrode ifstored too longSeveral yearsYeast Original container; stores much longer if keptin the freezerCooking oil Original container; store in a
place; oilwill go rancid more quickly if exposed to light1 ½ yearsPowdered Eggs Can or foil pouch with oxygen absorber; maystore longer if kept in the freezer1 year
See Oscar A. Pike, “Storing Fats and Oils,”
June 1999, 71
Copyright © 2005 Brigham Young University, Women's Conference. All Rights Reserved.

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