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Published by rolacola

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Published by: rolacola on Jan 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The fllwing tw-page sheet will pvienew stuents with imptant intuctyinfmatin cncening thei Hapki taining.Please ea it in its entiety. If yu have anyquestins, please ask yu instuct.
What is Hapkido? 
Hapki is a Kean matial at whichemege in the mi-twentieth centuy anquickly gew t becme an intenatinal style.Its funes ceate the at by selectivelyfusing a wie ange f existing matialskills, with new innvatins. As a esult,Hapki pssesses ne f the mst cmplex,unique, an vaie asenals f self-efensetechniques t be fun in any matial at.These skills encmpass all maj matialcategies incluing: stikes, kicks, blcks,aviing mvements, hls, jint lcks,chkes, thws, beakfalls, tumbling, gunfighting, weapns, meitatin, an healing.Like many Asian matial ats, Hapkiemphasizes the unificatin f by, min,an spiit; the pefectin f human chaacte;scial espnsibility; an apppiate usef fce. Unlike mst matial ats, Hapkiutilizes me than 1100 ce techniques,which ae intuitively mifie  cmbine tceate thusans f vaiatins. Self-efensetechniques ae chaacteize by a cnstantflw f stiking, blcking, hling, anthwing techniques. Cnstant mtin anflui cicula mvements ae esigne tblen with an ppnent’s fce. Tactics ftenaltenate between highly aggessive anefensive mes, with pwe being geneatethugh use f ne’s entie by. Intenalenegy evelpment is funamental t alltaining, leaing t incease health angeate efficiency in self-efense techniques.Hapki techniques ae nt nly f self-efense. Meitatin an healing techniquesae use t evelp emtinal stability, peacef min, an cnfience, while pviing thesame health benefits fun in the ats, suchas Tai Chi Chuan an Qi-Gng. Thus, Hapkiis a highly pactical self-efense at withstng spiitual unepinnings.In cntempay sciety, Hapki is mstlypactice f self-efense, health, an spiitualgwth. Althugh it is ften cmpae t Aiki, Taekwn, Jujutsu, Ju, an TaiChi Chuan, it has a much bae angef techniques, suitable in a wie ange fsituatins. This has mae it aaptable t awie ange f by physiques, pesnalities,an lifestyles. Hapki is cuently pacticeby a ivese ange f men, wmen, anchilen f all ages; wking pfessinals;gifte athletes; the physically impaie; thsesimply seeking physical execise; as well asmilitay an law enfcement pfessinals.Hapki is pactice in ve 100 cunties ancntinues t expan apily wlwie.
Uniform and Clothing 
The jacket, belt, an pants wn uingmatial ats taining is calle a
(Kean).The jacket an pants ae white, an the belt iscl-ce accing t the stuent’s ank.The unifm wn in Hapki is cmmnlyefee t as a "gappling-style" unifm a "Ju-style" unifm. All stuents aeequie t wea an appve unifm uingtaining. The unifm must be entiely white.N patches, lgs, names, letteing, pattens, any the makings ae pemitte n theextei f the unifm. Yu may btain anappve unifm by eithe: enting ne fmthe univesity; puchasing ne fm yuinstuct;  puchasing ne fm a matialats etaile. If yu puchase a unifm fman utsie ven, check with yu instuctfist, t veify the unifm is appve.If yu aleay wn a unifm, check withyu instuct befe weaing it t pactice.N jewely f any kin may be wn uingpactice. If yu visin equies cectivelenses, we ecmmen sft cntact lenses glasses specifically esigne f spts.Men shul always wea apppiate ginsuppt. Wmen shul wea bas esignespecifically f active spts. Keep yuunifm clean an wash it egulaly. Weainga ity  smelly unifm is isespectful tthes an unsanitay.
Etiquette is the ce f cnuct anpceue by which yu cnuct yuselfuing matial ats taining  when enteinga taining facility (calle
in Kean).These taitinal pceues ae cmmnt many matial ats an have been passewn thugh the centuies. Histically,many fms f etiquette ase f easnsf safety as well as espect. F example,the custm f shaking hans with ne hanplace une the the, was ne t shwthat yu ha n intentin f awing aweapn. The hans wee plainly visible ansignale yu peaceful intentins.
Bwing, fm eithe a staning  sittingpsitin, is a sign f gatitue an espectfun thughut the matial ats wl.Westenes ften misintepet this as anact f submissin,  see it as pat f smeeviant ttalitaian ieal. This is incect.When yu bw, it signifies nt nly espectf yu instucts  supeis, but espectf yuself, the at, an “life” in geneal. It isa symbl f yu pfun ega an caingf the ights an lives f thes. This eflectsa basic attitue fun thughut East Asiancultue. F example, it is usually cnsieeextemely ba fm t embaass  humiliatesmene, even if they eseve it. If thishappens, the ffene is sai t “lse face”an must cect the matte thugh smefm f epaatin an expessin f humilitytwa the pesn ffene. This fm fbehavi is quite feign t many Westenes,f whm pesnal expessin is smetimesplace befe the feelings f thes.Bwing is nmally ne at the beginningan ening f pactice sessins, spaing, anills. Yu shul als bw at the entance tu taining hall when enteing an leaving, when aessing an instuct.
Informal Standing Bow 
T pefm a staning bw, place bth heelstgethe with tes angle utwa. Place yupen hans at yu sie, finges tgethe,shules pulle back. Bw fm the waist.The cmman t bw in Kean is
Hapkido orientation

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