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The Top Ten Myths About Abbortion

The Top Ten Myths About Abbortion

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Some truths about abortion
Some truths about abortion

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Francesca Sophie Scholl Padovese on Jan 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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family research council
Washington, DC 
The Top TenMyths About Abortion
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Thank you or choosing thisresource. Our pamphlets aredesigned or grassroots activ-ists and concerned citizens—inother words, people who want to make a dierence in their amilies, in their com-munities, and in their culture.Recent history has clearly shown the inuence that the “Values Voter” can have in the political process.FRC is committed to enabling and motivating indi-viduals to bring about even more positive changein our nation and around the world. I invite you to use this pamphlet as a resource or educatingyoursel and others about some o the most press-ing issues o our day.FRC has a wide range o papers and publica- tions. To learn more about other FRC publicationsand to fnd out more about our work, visit our website at www.rc.org or call 1-800-225-4008.I look orward to working with you as webring about a society that respects lie and pro- tects marriage.
PresidentFamily Research Council
The Top TenMyths About Abortion
by william l. saunders, jr., cathy cleaver ruse& lucia papayova
william l. saunders, jr.
is Senior Fellow and Director o the Center or Human Lie & Bioethics at Family ResearchCouncil. A graduate o the Harvard Law School, he was ea- tured in its inaugural Guide to Conservative Public InterestLaw in 2004.
cathy cleaver ruse
is Senior Fellow or Legal Studiesat Family Research Council. She received a law degree romGeorgetown University and was Chie Counsel or the U. S.House o Representatives Constitution Subcommitee.
lucia papayova
is an attorney in Slovakia. She served as a Witherspoon Fellow at Family Research Council in 2007.The authors wish to thank Michael Fragoso and Moira Gaulor their help in the production o this pamphlet.
the top ten myths of abortionby william l. saunders, cathy cleaver ruse & lucia papayovasuggested donation: $1.50© 2007 family research councilall rights reserved.printed in the united statescover photos: newscom/getty 
In order to discuss abortion intelligently, it is aprerequisite that the acts about it be known. Yet,the one thing that can be said with certainty isthis: the American people do not understand theacts surrounding abortion. Instead, their views areclouded by various “myths.”In this pamphlet, we separate myth rom reality.From whether abortion is protected under theConstitution to whether one can truly be “personally opposed, but pro-choice,” rom whether abortionbenets women to whether it benets society,rom the requency o and reasons or abortion to whether the American people support abortion“rights” as currently existing, rom the questiono an abortion/contraception “link” to the actso human development, we look at the importantissues surrounding abortion. We hope readers will use this pamphlet to educatethemselves and others so they can condently enter into the public policy debate and shape a justresolution o this important issue.
Myth No. 1:
 Abortion is legal only during the rst 3 monthso pregnancy.
 Abortion is legal during all 9 months of pregnancy.
 The Supreme Court in
Roe v. Wade 
declaredabortion a constitutional right. The Court divided pregnancy into three trimesters
 but ultimately ruled that women have a right toabortion any time an abortion doctor deems theabortion necessary or her “health.”
The SupremeCourt dened “health” as “all actors—physical,emotional, psychological, amilial, and the woman’sage—relevant to the well-being o the patient.”
myth 1 - footnotes
Some Supreme Court cases have also spoken o “viability” (the point at which the child is able to liveoutside the mother’s womb) as a crucial actor in judgingabortion regulations. Two points should be notedabout this. First, the “health exception” (see ootnotes3 & 4 and accompanying text) nullies any signicancethis might have, as an abortion doctor can always claimto nd a particular abortion—even ater viability—isimportant or the woman’s “health.” Second, thoughthe Court in
thought viability ell between 24 and28 weeks, children are actually able to survive outsidethe womb at earlier ages. See, e.g.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/health/healthmain.html?in_article_id=437236&in_page_id=1774 (childsurvived at 22 weeks). Further, the development o thearticial womb means that, in the uture, children may be able to survive outside the mother’s womb very soonater the time o conception. C., Knight, Jonathan,
 This “health” exception gives abortion doctors thepower to nulliy any abortion restriction on thegrounds that there are “emotional” reasons or theabortion.
“An out o body experience,” Nature Publishing group:Nature, 12 September, 2002. I “viability” matters,such developments should entitle unborn children tolegal protection at earlier stages o development.
Roe v. Wade 
, 410 U.S. 113, 164-65 (1973).
Doe v. Bolton
, 410 U.S. 179, 192 (1973). In
Planned Parenthood v. Casey 
, the Court abandoned the trimesterramework but continued to prohibit laws againstabortion where the abortion doctor deems the abortionnecessary to preserve the mother’s “health.”
Planned Parenthood v. Casey 
, 505 U.S. 833, 879 (1992).
Gonzales v. Carhart 
, 55 U.S.__ (2007),laws banning the use o the partial-birth abortionprocedure except in lie-threatening circumstances areconstitutional.

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