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Published by: tradingpost on Jan 21, 2013
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Lcal News San News Leers Reginal /Iner News Classifed/Real Esae ADS Sprs
By Jane Joshua
Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill,has reuted media allega-tions linking his governmentto Phocea ugitive wanted in Vanuatu, Pascal Anh QuanSaken, arriving in a Boeing737 jetliner which made anunexpected illegal landing atJackson's Airport, last Friday evening and inormed theincident is under probe by Police, Customs, Civil Avia-tion and Immigration author-ities."Whether the passengersare internationally wantedpersons or alleged crimes will be made known aterthe investigations. Similar-ly, we will know what type o cargo is aboard that aircratater the probe,” he said.In his statement o whichDaily Post has a copy hesaid, "To link that aircrat'sunexpected illegal landing,its passengers and cargo toanyone including my minis-ters and mysel is utterly andabsolutely alse."These allegations whichobviously are speculativeand designed to smear ourgovernment are not support-ed by evidence and thereoreare not true, period.”The PNG Prime minis-ter said he has not receiveda report o the investigation yet but is aware o the inci-dent.He appealed to Papua NewGuinean social media com-mentators and mainstreammedia workers and organ-isations to be responsibleand truthul when comment-ing or writing about nation-al issues.Meanwhile sources romPapua New Guinea inormedthe PM O’Neil also held aPress Conerence 3pm yes-terday over the issue. Also yesterday ater-noon the Ministry o Foreign Aairs (MOFA) in Vanuatuissued a clariication state-ment labeling the allegationsagainst Foreign Aairs Min-ister Alred Carlot as “highly politicised...which the mediaappeared to have demonizedthe mission without substan-tive issues and unortunately linking it to Phocea registra-tion”.Minister Carlot said thetrip to PNG had nothing todo with Phocea and there was no arrest in Port Mores-by as implied. Rather he trav-elled to PNG rom Brisbane with the PNG Foreign Minis-ter and were both receivedby Protocol at the airport, acourtesy appreciative by theMOFA.The minister said he wasnot aware meetings werebeing arranged or two PNGMinisters whose names are“now known” and advisedthe media against makingincorrect statements whichcould have diplomatic reper-cussions.“The MOFA is seekingevery available window o opportunity to advance the work o the Foreign Service,amidst the budgetary con-straints and negative allega-tions,” he said.“It is appropriate or newmissions to be opened in stra-tegically new areas. Ni-Van-uatu ofcials must be postedin our overseas missions.“These are important work that must be achievedby the ministry and as a For-eign Minister, I have to beproactive and seek innova-tive ways and partnershipsto achieve these objectiveson behal o our Governmentand people.“I am working or thenational interest and I havenothing to do with Phocearegistration.”He reiterated Mr Pascal Anh Quan and Mr Henry Charles Saken had diplomat-ic appointments which ol-lowed the normal legitimateprocesses o the Governmentthrough the Council o Min-isters and their diplomaticappointments were given by the Government and wherethere are outstanding inter-national contributions that Vanuatu owes some inter-national organisations suchas the UNESCO, the Minis-try o Foreign Aairs has toind ways to seek inancialsupport rom certain peopleappointed as our diplomat-ic representatives to assistthe Government , so newprojects could be opened upor Vanuatu.
>>To Pge 2
By Godwin Ligo
 Harbor, Morris Kaloran, wassuspended by the Public Serv-ice Commission last Friday.He confrmed to Daily Post yesterday aternoon that hereceived his suspension let-ter last Friday and the PSCappointed Glen Takau as Act-ing Director o Ports and Har-bor or a six-month period.On the question o what were the reasons or his sus-pension, Mr Kaloran said thereasons given in his letter o suspension were the samethat he was suspended or inhis previous suspension.“It’s the same alse allega-tions that I was suspended orpreviously which include theTug Boat Roimata that wentto Fiji or repair and mainte-nance, the MV Malekula run-ning aground on Erromangoand the light house. It’s allpolitically motivated,” saidKaloran. Asked to explain whatexactly he meant by his sus-pension politically motivat-ed, his reply was: “It’s allto do with the issue o theMega Yacht Phocaea. Thegovernment wants to releasePhocaea but with my presenceas Director o Ports and Har-bor and applying the VanuatuLaws that we just cannot sim-ply release Phocaea like that without applying the lawsand procedures o the coun-try make them ind a way to remove me and appointsomeone whom they canuse to carry out their agen-da on Phocaea,” defant sus-pended Director o Ports andHarbor Morris Kaloran toldDaily Post.He said his suspension ispending to an investigationconcerning the same allega-tions he was suspended orpreviously.“It’s the same allega-tions concerning the sameissues I was suspended orbeore. Those allegations were already dealt with by the Public Service Commis-sion and now I am beingsuspended or the secondtime or the same allegations which to me is clearly polit-ically motivated because o the issue o Phocaea whichI had maintained the standthat the Yacht cannot leavethe country without theauthorization o the govern-ing authorities o Vanuatuunder the relevant laws o the country.“So to me I maintain thatmy suspension is politically motivated,” said Kaloran.
Minister Carlot refutesPhocea allegations
My suspension is politically motivated: Kaloran
3761TUESday, JaNUary 22 2013
 Published since 1993
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Tuesday January 22,2013
Courtesy VanuatuMeteo Office Call 22932
General situation:
 A surface trough further north of  Vanuatu, slow moving. Meanwhilea high pressure over Tasman Seaextends a weak ridge to the south-ern islands.
Today: 05-28Tomorrow: 05-29
Today: 18-28Tomorrow:18-28
HEIGHT (Meters)
HEIGHT (Meters)
Forecast for today:
Mostly fine weather overgroup though evening showerspossible over the interior of bigislands. Light to moderate eastand southeasterly winds pre- vail throughout.
Yesterday’s record-ed weather variables(8am-8am)
Rainfall (mm)
Max. T
emp (•c)
Min. T
emp (•c)
E/SE winds 12/17 knots over all open coastal waters of Vanuatu with light to moderate seas to1.0 metre.
By Len Garae
 Control at Port Vila Interna-tional Airport, Esrom NamkaLoughmani, has written tothe Chairman o the Pub-lic Service Commission, HoliSimon to seek advice in line with the Public Service Act,on the legality o his allegedinternal suspension by thePrincipal Immigration Oc-er, Francois Batick.His personal ile showsthat he was appointed by thePublic Service Commission inits meeting No. 20 o Novem-ber 30 o 2011, (DecisionNo.37-20-2011 approved o his transer pursuant to thenew Immigration Act) to thepost o Airport Vila Ocer inCharge with the Departmento Immigration.He says as he was appoint-ed to his post by the PublicService Commission then hebelieves that it is only logicalthat only the PSC can sus-pend him i he has breachedany o the legal provisions.The Ocer in Charge Air-port Border Control let thecountry on August 26 o 2012 to attend a seminarin Hong Kong and anotherocer, Moses Banga became Acting Oicer in Chargerom August 26 to October21.On his return rom HongKong the OIC was allowedten days o duty by the PIOand he resumed his dutieson October 29, 2012 notknowing that Airport BorderControl ‘A’ Shit SuperviserMoses Banga was already appointed by the PIO as Act-ing OIC until urther notice.It meant that OIC Loughma-ni was replaced in that posi-tion.Loughmani recalls, “I wasshocked and conused andpersonally queried about theappointment at the Immigra-tion Head Oce, only to betold by the Deputy PIO thathe was not aware o suchan appointment but that he would consult the PIO on itand get back to me”.Without getting any satis-actory answers to his que-ries, Loughmani applied totake his outstanding annu-al leave. His application wasnot responded to and he per-sonally queried about it and was told it was not approvedbut that he could take 19days o.Meanwhile the PIOappointed ‘B’ Shit Supervi-sor Christopher Reynolds toreplace Banga while he wason leave last December.This is the dilemma ac-ing the original OIC o Air-port Border Control, EsromNamka Loughmani as he goesto and ro to nd out whereexactly he is supposed to beemployed in the workplaceamong his work mates. Asked i he is on a hal salary, Loughmani says hecontinues to get his ull sal-ary. “As my last resort, I havealready gone to seek legaladvice with my lawyer andhe says we have a case topresent in court. I I do notget any satisactory answerto my queries then I wouldhave no choice but to startlegal proceedings against thePIO,” he says.Sources rom within Immi-gration have said Border Con-trol Oicer Godwin Jacob who was one o the signa-tories o the damning reporton the PIO has already beensacked.The PIO has made it clearhe won’t react to our story.
By Glenda Shing
Charlot Salwai, also the act-ing Minister o Education hasocially opened the Heads o schools conerence this week  which gathers together Headso Schools, Principal Educa-tion Oicers (PEOs), ZoneCurriculum Advisors (ZCAs)and senior ranking oicers within the Ministry o Edu-cation.In his address to these key people within the educa-tion sector, Director General,Jesse Dick highlighted someo the outcomes they expect-ed to understand and possessat the end o the conerence.He pointed out that eitheras a school principal, a ZCA or a PEO, each one must beable to identiy or themselves what roles they are supposedto play within the institutionthey are looking ater, andshould be able to learn howto master these roles.“You must learn to under-stand the skills and attributesthat you as leader in an edu-cation institution shouldrequire. You must also learnto be an empowering andresponsible leader in yourinstitution,” the DG said.He even reminded themo the practical techniquesthat they should use, andeven though some o themare experienced principalsin school, the DG said they should learn to delegate theirpowers to their colleagues.“How to run meetings inschools, provincial or nation-al level and how to resolveconfict whenever they ariseunder your discretion and you should be able to tacklethem.”It was revealed during theopening o the conerencethat according to a survey carried out by the Ministry o Education, lack o stand-ard and leadership valuesin schools contributes to thepoor perormances o stu-dents in schools.DG Dick thereore point-ed out that having a positiveleadership status in schoolsis one o the positive actorsthat should contribute eec-tively on the improvement o the perormances o students,and that the Heads o educa-tion should consider serious-ly.Meanwhile, minister Sal- wai called upon all the headso schools to identiy andtackle issues that are aect-ing the learning capacity andquality education o studentsthroughout the country.
By Len Garae
 proposed candidates haveagreed to contest the SheaProvincial Government Coun-cil polls next month pm Feb-ruary 12.Secretary General MichelKalworai has described thestatistics as a positive step inthe right direction towardsgetting voters especially  women voters to start hav-ing aith in their own womencandidates to vote or them.Unlike other Provinces where their councils give thepublic the reedom to decide who to elect to the Coun-cils, Shea Provincial Coun-cil has reserved 25% on the18-council seat on the Coun-cil or women. The numbero seats reserved or womenis ve.The Shea ProvincialCouncil has been a staunchsupporter o CEDAW espe-cially to empower women totake active part in the eco-nomic development as wellas political decision mak-ing in the Governance o thecountry.Shea’s decision to set upmarkets throughout the Prov-ince and leave the manage-ment o the markets entirely in the hands o all womencommittees relect its com-mitment to promote womenup the ladder o economicand political success.
By Elton Barley
 Oce will ocus only on someo its prioritised strategies inthis year’s plan.The province’s TourismDevelopment Oicer, MsKathy Stephens says the rea-son or this is that her ocehas a tight budget and sothey will ocus mainly onsome high priority strategiesthis year.Some strategies whichShea Tourism DevelopmentOce plans to target this yearare “undertake a review aterthe rst quarter, and each sixmonths thereater, to ensuretimeliness are on track andreview i necessary,” conductmeetings on a regular basis,include other key agenciesas required, encourage land-owners or representatives o involved areas to orm a net- work aimed at cooperativeapproaches to tourism expe-rience development, issuesmanagement and establishairport inormation serviceand booking centre on site. Also on the list o their ‘thingsto do’ this year, is they will con-tinue to conduct tourism aware-ness workshops in the province,keep providing advice to exist-ing operators, conduct tourismawareness in Shea high schools,support Vanuatu Tourism Oce(VTO) in regional trade showsand promote website througharticles, inormation distribu-tion, trade shows and mediaand trade amiliarisation pro-grams.Ms. Stephens says ocusingon these priorities does notmean they will stop work-ing on other pointers on theirlist.
Report on PIO then Border Control Boss in dilemma
Shefa targets priorities this year
Heads of schools conferencetargets leadership valueswithin educational institutions
Ten women to contest ShefaProvincial Council elections
>>From Front Page
“There is no private polit-ical matter being discussed.It is to do with our nation-al interest abroad and I amsimply doing my duty as aForeign Minister,” he con-cluded.“I there allegationsagainst the Sakens, becauseo the clearance and registra-tion o Phocea or o the char-tered aircrat to Port Moresby,then it is a technical matterthat requires eective com-pliance by them. But undernormal international diplo-matic custom, once a Stategives a diplomatic appoint-ment to a person, then ithas an obligation to ensurethey are given the supportnecessary to do their work and even to travel withease. This is normal.“It is unortunate thatthere are elements in Vanuatu who are demoniz-ing such missions as privateand personal. And the alle-gations rom the media havebeen enormously corruptedand poisoned by personaland political motives.”He assured the MOFA willcontinue to execute anddeend Government policies with the aim o promotingthe national interest and hemet the Prime Minister yes-terday to discuss the achieve-ments o the mission.
Minister Carlot refutes Phocea allegations
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Tuesday January 22,2013
organising an Implementa-tion Support Clinic and theLaunch or the IncreasingResilience to Climate Changeand the Mainstreaming Disas-ter Risk Reduction in Vanuatutoday.Starting January 22-24 andFebruary 2 -13 the Clinic andProject launch aims to providethe implementing Ministries,agencies and Project Man-agement Units (PMU) s withan overview o Bank Opera-tions and hands-on assistanceon current project issues toacilitate implementation o both at ongoing projects andprojects in the pipeline.The clinic will includeexpertise rom Washingtonand the Sydney Hub and willocus on all aspects o projectimplementation including abrie overview o the projectcycle as well as legal pro-curement, disbursementand inancial managementrequirements at dierentstages o the project.The success o the clinic will depend on active involve-ment by the participants who, we expect will come prepared with problems and issuesaced during project prepara-tion and implementation sothe team can jointly resolvethem during these sessions.
By Elton Barley
 rom the Food Technolo-gy Development Centre and Analytical Unit (FTDC- AU)rom the Ministry o Trades,Commerce, Tourism andIndustries are currently run-ning test on our or iron. Acting on a request romthe Department o Customs,the technicians are checkingi imported our are ortifedor simply, contain the rightamount o Iron as it should.The FTDC- AU manageress,Mrs. Ruth Amos, explains thataccording to Health Laws alllour and rice that enters thecountry must be ortiied orhave the right amount o Iron.“The purpose o the iron isto strengthen our blood, butplenty mothers and childrendon’t have Iron so are get-ting Anaemia, or as we say in Bislama, nogat ina blad,”says Mrs AmosMrs Amos says they arealso testing or Iodine or saltin all imported oods ensur-ing that they contain it asrequired by the Health regu-lations.
By Jonas Cullwick
 City, Reuben Olul, hasappealed to the Minister o Internal Aairs, Daniel Toara,to reinstate the privileges o the councilors o the munic-ipality. He made the request while welcoming the ministerduring his visit to the TownHall Monday midday as parto the Minister’s visit that alsotook in the Departments o Labour and Immigration.Mayor Olul alleged pol-itics was the reason or thesuspension o his council oralmost a year during 2011and 2012 adding that thecouncil has been reinstated,but he would like MinisterToara to re-instate the priv-ileges o the councilors. Healso complained to the min-ister about what he saw as aserious break down in coop-eration between the coun-cilors and the administrationsta headed by those in Pub-lic Service posts such as theTown Clerk and the Account-ant.“I wish to thank you or your visit and I would like usto work together to advancethe aairs and services o thePort Vila Municipal Council,”Mayor Oul said.The Minister respondedsaying the decision by theGovernment to make theTown Clerk and the Account-ant positions public serviceposts was to lessen the fnan-cial pressure on the coun-cils. And that in uture it isplanned to also make theTown Planner a Governmentpaid position.“I understand the council was suspended or issues that were not directly yours, suchas the outstanding bills o the council totaling over Vt1billion, which I know began with the previous mayors andcouncilors,” Mr Toara said.He agreed his ministry andthe municipal council neededto work together to keep Port Vila the doorway it deservedto the twice voted happiestplace on earth.The minister then metthe councilors and the sta o the various departmentsand units o the municipality beore ending his visit.Beore that, in the morn-ing the Minister o Internal Aairs visited the ofces andmet the sta o the Depart-ment o Labour, headed by the Commissioner o Labor,Lionel Kaluat, and the Depart-ment o Immigration, wherehe was shown around by the Assistant Principal Immi-gration Oicer, James Nar- wayeng, and the PrincipalPassports Ofcer, Henry Tam-ashiro.It was the minister’s irst visit to these departmentsand ofces under his respon-sibility since being appointedMinister o Internal Aairs inDecember.
World Bank organises Clinic andProject launch to tackle ClimateChange resilience implementation
Minister Toara Daniel Kalo (l) listens to the appeals of Port Vila Mayor Olul
Port Vila Mayor Olul calls on Ministerto reinstate councilors’ privileges
Mrs. Ruth Amos showing the experiment in FTDC-AU lab
Lab technicians testing our for iron
 parents and teachers o theprestigious Malapoa Second-ary College have welcomedthe long awaited afrmationrom Prime Minister Sato Kil-man that the Vanuatu gov-ernment will address therun-down Malapoa collegebuildings with assistancerom the Chinese govern-ment.PM Kilman ormally revealed this when he signedo three important docu-ments with China’s vice Min-ister o Commerce ZhongShan prior the ground break-ing ceremony on the con-struction site o the NationalConvention Centre early this week.The economic and tech-nical cooperation agree-ment committed the Peoples’Republic o China to (I) Vt900 million assistance tothe Vanuatu Government(II) a package to extend theoice o the Prime ministerto cater or more sta and;(III) An agreement or Chi-nese technicians to under-take a easibility study which will pave the way or a Chi-nese aid unded renovationo Malapoa college.“We all know the currentrun down state o the build-ings,” he said.“We have approached theChinese government andthey have generously agreedto assist.”
Chinese technicians to conduct feasibilitystudy on Malapoa College: PM Kilman
By Gorethy Kenneth
PaPua n
 in Belgium, Brussels, only senta letter to the PNG ofcials onJanuary 11, advising o thelight details carrying Van-uatu’s diplomats all the way rom Mali. A Mr Kapi Maro, rom thePNG ofce in Brussels, wrote aletter on January 11, 2013 andsent it to Samuel Pulup, Direc-tor-General PST – Division.Mr Maro advised that theofce received a request romthe Vanuatu ofce in Brussels,detailing the travel arrange-ments o two diplomats andor the oice to check andapprove the request or theSekan brothers who travelledon UN diplomatic passportsissued in Vanuatu.Their visit was rom Janu-ary 17-20. No urther inor-mation was given, accordingto a brie obtained by the Post-Courier.This is where the trip allbegan. On Thursday, January 17, the private plane, call-signNIIIVM, with the two Sekanbrothers, three crew mem-bers, including a emale andthe pilot, travelled 22 hours toget to Port Moresby’s Jackson’sinternational airport, landingat 8:15pm. According to inormationsupplied to the Post-Courier,the plane belongs to the Inter-national Jet Club Limited, aUK-based company, but theight originated in Dallas, thenover Cape Verde to Mali, thenGan in Maldives and fnally toPort Moresby.The Post-Courier was alert-ed an hour ater the planelanded – basically because the Airport Operation crew (Cus-toms and Immigration) werecaught o guard. They hadpacked and were about toleave when the plane landedand taxied to the parking bay. According to inormationsupplied by Jackson’s airportoperation personnel, one body guard and the advance teamarrived on Wednesday romHong Kong on a commercialight. Vanuatu Foreign Minis-ter Alred Carlot and the For-eign Aairs Secretary arrivedon Thursday morning via Bris-bane. On the same ight withthem were PNG’s Foreign Min-ister Rimbink Pato and State-owned Enterprise Minister BenMicah.The plane arrived on Thurs-day night. And on Friday morning two more Vanuatuofcials arrived in Port Mores-by.The crew members stayedat Airways Hotel while the twopassengers – the Sekan broth-ers – joined the Vanuatu For-eign Aairs team at Holiday Inn. Airport operations ofcialstold the Post-Courier on Fri-day morning that police werealready alerted about themystery plane by their intel-ligence sources.Police picked up everyoneon board the plane or inter- views that took place all day on Friday.
PNG Post Courier 
PNG was sent letter from Brussels about details of ight
The Minister o Agriculture's ofcial vehicle in an accident, Minister Kalau Moli was not in the vehicle as it was driven byanother person while the minister was reportedly on Santo..
Pic Malz Namak

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