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The Brain Eating Surgeon (Script)

The Brain Eating Surgeon (Script)

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Published by kinblob
Zack, Lisa and Damien in the Brain Eating Suregeon
Zack, Lisa and Damien in the Brain Eating Suregeon

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Published by: kinblob on Jan 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Brain Eating SurgeonWritten By Akinbiyi Babarinde
1FADE ININT. APARTMENT ROOM - NIGHT A worn out poster sits in the cold dark room of ZackWithers, light shimmering on the surface reveals Lisa Greyto headline a weekend of Jazz Music at the Aeolian ConcertHall tomorrow.FADE OUTFADE ININT. AEOLIAN CONCERT HALL - THE NEXT DAYZack gives his ticket in, it's accepted and ripped apartINT. AEOLIAN CONCERT HALL - CONTINUOUS A packed up hall sits listening to Lisa as she performs onstage, in the crowd sits an attentive Zack, anxious waitingfor his moment with LisaFADE OUTFADE ININT. BACKSTAGE AEOLIAN - LATERZack enters the scene very nervous, walking toward Lisa'sdressing room he gets stopped by a security guard but Lisarecognizes him and allows a quick visit, he composes himselfand presents Lisa with flowers...she accepts them placesthem into a vase, she looks back up at Zack waiting for himto say something, he tries on lean on a wall and slips, hestumbles forward, his glasses begin to steam, he's sweatingso he removes his glasses, in the act of wiping his glasseshe causes the flower in the vase to fall, water's everywhereand the flowers are on the floor, apologizing; Zack startspicking up the flowers and Lisa begins to laugh, as he getsup to attempts to ask her out on a date, Damien walks in.Damien is approaching both of them and before Zack could sayanything, Lisa apologizes and walks toward Damien. Zack'sleft holding a single flower, watching Lisa hug Damienbefore they both leave holding hands. Zack looks down andthere's a drop of tearFADE OUT
2FADE INOut of spite and jealousy, Zack decides to go after Damien'sbrain, he's now taken on his brain stalking/eating persona -Grundy, he's a very different person and is almostunrecognizable, right now he's tailing Lisa and Damien totheir date...EXT. BEAVER STRT - LATERZack spots Lisa and Damien eating inside Uncle Tom's Diner,picking up a newspaper, he enters the diner. INT. UNCLE TOM'S DINER - CONTINUOUSTaking in seat unnoticed, Zack (Grundy) orders tea and opensup a Newspaper, he spies on the couple through to cut outholes in his newspaper. As the couple leave, Zack ready'shimself, he notices they hug and parts ways, he heads outthe door with the intention to follow Damien.FADE OUTFADE INEXT. STREETS - EVENING After very carefully trailing Damien , Zack (Grundy) passesan alley, and sees this as an opportunity to lure Damien, hecalls out and gestures as though someone's in need of helpin the alley opposite him, Damien unaware of what's going onrushes back to Zack (Grundy) and follows him to alley,Damien walks forward and gets hit on the back of the head.FADE OUTEXT. ALLEY - EVENINGProjected shadows on the wall, displayes Zack (Grundy) atwork, he seems to be wearing "surgery gear", pulling hisgloves tight he begins, he unscrew the top half of Damien'shead like a screw nail to a wall, with a screw driver...hethen scoops out his brain and throws its contents into ablender, he also adds other liquid substances into the mixand blends...In one full gulp he drinks the content of theblender, screwing Damien's head back on, he walks awaycuddling his blender. The scene ends with a shot of Damiensat on the cold wet floor, with a violated look on his face.FADE OUTINT. AEOLIAN CONCERT HALL - MORNING

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