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'Roped In' Script

'Roped In' Script

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Published by Emily Clarkson
The first draft of a script for a minute long animatic about a Clown, Lasso and a Restaurant. Part of our Storytelling and Commission Project
The first draft of a script for a minute long animatic about a Clown, Lasso and a Restaurant. Part of our Storytelling and Commission Project

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Published by: Emily Clarkson on Jan 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Roped InWritten ByEmily Clarkson AddressPhone Number
1EXT. A BAR AND RESTAURANT - AFTERNOONBeginning with a WIDE SHOT of a warm day. ZOOMING INTO thefront of a restaurant, the double doors open and another setof dissatisfied customers leave the premises. The doorsswing shut behind them. Through the expansive windows it isclear to see the restaurant is not busy.INT. OUTSIDE THE MANAGERS OFFICE/KICHENSWIDE SHOT of a dilapidated corridor with two chairs satoutside the Managers door. A clown sits, in cowboy boots,wearing a suit and a boot lace tie, fiddling nervously withhis attire which PEEPS and SQUEAKS with gags. The CLATTERINGof utensil's and BEAST-LIKE roars of the kitchen are LOUD.ZOOMING IN to the Clowns face, a high pitch WHISTLE from acoffee machine sounds.EXT. THE RANCH CIRCUS- OVERCAST (FLASHBACK)The clown blends into a new background. The WHISTLE evolvesinto the SQUEAK of a large iron gate as it is closed. PITCHUPWARD to reveal the title of the land above the gate. 'THERANCH CIRCUS', across which is printed 'CLOSED DOWN'BeatThere is a SMASH sound.INT. OUTSIDE THE MANAGERS OFFICE/KICHENS- AFTERNOONClown jerks back to the present in CLOSE UP in PROFILE,surprised. Camera PANS AROUND into an OVER THE SHOULDER ofthe clown. In the kitchen opposite, a waiter stands in shocklooking down at the many smashed plates. Fragments are stillquiveringWIDE SHOT of the clown shows the managers door fly open witha BANG and the man stalk into the kitchen.MANAGER(Barks and shouts) OUT! Out, out,out of my restaurant! You clumsyOAF!!View remains on Clown reaction. All is QUIET.BeatThe Manager reappears holding an apron and approaches theclown. The clown stands opposite, the pair in profile,SILENT. The Manager thrusts the apron out to the clown whotentatively takes it. The manager turns and continues backinto his office. SLAMMING the door behind him.
2Beatthe clown jumps for joy.INT. BAR- AFTERNOONCLOSE UP of the white apron being tied up. ZOOM OUT to along shot of the clown in a Waiters uniform, admiringhimself.INT KICHENS/BAR/RESTAURANTLONG SHOT from the kitchen sideboard, the clown turns,balancing seven filled plates on his arms, shoulders andhead. He confidently walks up to camera filling the screen.FADE TO BLACK ZOOM OUT of clown's back to reveal him at one end of the barin a WIDE SHOT. He holds a Syphon, accidentally squirtinghimself before filling the glasses at the other end of thebar. A waiter obscures the foreground.LONG SHOT of clown beside a table, across the room from thebar. He lasso's a drink from the edge of the bar to thetable.INT MANAGERS OFFICEMEDIUM SHOT of manager looking at a chart of profit on hisdesk. He looks up displeased. A WIDE SHOT, OVER THE HEAD of the manager through the opendoor, frames the kitchen. The clown can be seen bumbling inand out. The manager stands and walks over SLAMMMING thedoor. A poster of a critic FLAPS in the breezeINT KITCHENS/RESAURANTZOOM through the closed door into the kitchen. Fix on aCLOSE UP of an identical poster on the wall. The clown turnsaway from the Kitchen sideboard.Beat.The poster FLAPS with the opening restaurant door. The doorhits the clown in the face before he walks through. CAMERATRACKS the clown and evolves into an OVER THE SHOULDER as hepasses tables. He stops in front of the critic to take herorder.INT RESTAURANT- CRITICS TABLELONG SHOT encompasses the clown and critic at her table.

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