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Internet Business Manifesto

Internet Business Manifesto

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Published by Haidir Aulia

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Published by: Haidir Aulia on Jan 22, 2013
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© 2012 Strategic Profits
Can 31 Pages Transform Your Financial Destiny?
It seems rather remarkable. That you can sit down for the next 30 minutes or so, and yourentire financial destiny could shift because of it.In fact I would have been reluctant to make that claim when I first released this report backin 2006. But that’s exactly what’s happened for more entrepreneurs than I could’ve everimagined. And that’s a fact.The success stories alone could fill a volume ten times the size of this report. And thesuccess stories it’s launched are a matter of public record.With this new 2012 update, I am certain the number of new millionaires created will onlyaccelerate. And you’ve got your own personal copy. Congratulations.So print this report out (if you haven’t already), sit back and relax in your favorite chair, andcarefully read what follows. It’s changed more entrepreneurs’ fortunes than any singledocument on record.
The Million Dollar Dilemma
When my team at Strategic Profits asked me to sit down and write a new introduction to thislegendary document I'm sure they didn’t know how I would react.In fact I wasn't sure how to react either. In the years since its release, not a single word hasbeen altered. Why would it be? It’s the most cited report in Internet Marketing as the singlebiggest factor in multi-million dollar success stories.Little did I know when I first wrote it how profoundly and permanently it would alter not onlythe Internet marketing community, but online entrepreneurs in every country with aninternet connection the world over.So that’s why I wasn’t sure how to react. In one way I was excited at the chance to revisitand improve something that was so transformational to myself and over a millionentrepreneurs. Yet, it’s delivered such amazing results, I was nervous that any attempt toimprove it could somehow takeaway the magic contained in its pages.Here’s the solution I came up with. I’ve kept the original document intact. Even thetestimonials (which would now show substantially larger profit increases from the sameclients). I didn’t add or remove a single word, graphic, or reference.Instead I’ve sandwiched the original in between the added content. That stated let mequickly tell you what I’ve added up front and at the very end. Plus, the reason why.
© 2012 Strategic Profits
What’s New In The 2012 Version
In the section you’re reading right now, before the original, I was cautious not to reveal anyof the secrets or strategies of what’s to follow.My primary goal is to give you a sense of the history surrounding this now legendary report.Remember, when I wrote it, I had no idea it would have the impact it did, change the numberof lives it did, and become the most downloaded internet marketing report in the history of online marketing.My reason for sharing its history is quite simple. Once you realize the impact it’s had... youcan’t help but to read it more closely, think through each implication, and pick out the partsthat will be the catalyst to creating your own business success story.Then at the end of the report I’ve got a real surprise for you.First, I’m going to clearly spell out the single over-arching idea you should take away fromwhat you’re about to read. Original readers were never told overtly. But now, in this revisededition, I’ve decided to spell it out. Because it’s the one concept every multi-million dollarsuccessful entrepreneur I’ve personally spoken to has told me made all the difference.Now, you might be tempted right now to turn to the back and read it. But I strongly adviseagainst it. Your revelation of it will always be more powerful than my explanation of it. So, myhope for you is you get the same epiphany before you get to the end. This way you’ll enjoyboth the same experience reading it... and, more importantly... the same stratospheric levelsof success as the original readers.Once I spell out the critical concept for you, I will also take it further. By giving you a betterperspective and more detailed description of why it’s so important and how you can apply it.And the second special treat I’ve got for you are two incredible resources you can access forfree that will take everything you’re about to discover in The Manifesto and drill down evendeeper into all the nuts and bolts of how to apply what you will learn quickly and easily. Soyou achieve your business goals even faster than was ever possible.
The Most Valuable Report You’ll Ever Own
Please remember -- I’m not being hyperbolic, making any false promises, or simply sharing my opinion.This single report you now have in your possession is responsible for more Internetmarketing millionaires than any other free or paid report that has ever been published.That’s why it's been downloaded over one million times.... It’s why it has been read, reread,studied, and written about each and every day since it’s been released by entrepreneurs allover the world. It’s why right now when I do a search in Google (with quotes) it pulls up

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