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Published by: api-60533829 on Jan 22, 2013
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Write an essay describing the most significant problem in the world today and what can be done to solve it.The essay must include a description of the problem itself and how the problem affects mankind. The essay mustalso explain the problem’s causes and explore possible solutions to the problem. The essay must cite at least sevensources (one source must be a primary source and at least two sources must be from print material). The essay mustalso include a Works Cited page using MLA notation.
Focused Learning TargetEvidence
I can describe the problem with insight and clarity. Indicate where your description begins and ends in the left margin of your essay. Underline portions of the description that are particularly insightful.I can describe who is most significantly
by a problemwith insight and clarity.I can describe the problems
with insight and clarity.I can describe potential
to the problem with insight andclarity.I can include information from a
primary source
in my essay.In the right margin, indicate where primary source information isincluded.I can include information from
two print sources
in my essay. In the right margin, indicate where print source information is included.I can
correctly cite sources
within my essay in accordance withMLA guidelines.Draw a line from reference to the author to page citation.I can correctly identify my sources with a
Works Cited page
inaccordance with MLA guidelines.List any errors in the top left of the Works Cited page.
Title: Works Cited appears at top center of page.
Sources: Sources are in alphabetical order.
line of the citations indented.
Spacing: Works Cited is double spaced.I can
carefully choose words
and sentence structures that insurethe reader understands my insights and explanationsBox five examples of word choices that you feel were particularlyskillful in terms of expressing a subtle shade of meaning.I can use
standard English conventions
so the reader understands my insights and explanations.Have another student read your essay and circle spelling, punctuationand grammar errors. Write their name at the end of the essay.I can
organize my writing
so the reader can understand mydescription of a problem and its potential solutions and useskillful transitions to that same end.In the top margin of your essay, map out how you structured your response using the following symbols, if other symbols areneeded be sure to define them:O=OverviewP=Description of the problem.A=Description of who is affected by the problem.C=Description of what causes the problem.S=Description of potential solutions to the problemI can include information from a
diverse array of resources
inmy essay.At the end of a fact presented in your paper, give a short name for thetype of source. Use each source only once. Count the number of different sources and write that number to the left of your name inthe heading of the essay.
Research Essay Scoring Guide 
Focus Points
Insightful DescriptionsComprehensive (x2)Primary Source (1)Print Source (2)Parenthetical Citations (x2)Works Cited (x2)Word Choice / CoherenceOrganization / TransitionsStandard EnglishSource Diversity (7)
Grade Scale
 No ProblemsA+1 ProblemA2 ProblemsB3 ProblemsC4 ProblemsD5. Problems F
 Notable Strengths
Insightful Descriptions.
Comprehensive Detail.
Diverse Research Sources.
Artful syntax resulting in emphasis of key ideas.
Artful word choice that extends meaning.
Fluid transitions from one fact to the next.
 Notable Issues
Unclear Descriptions.
Weak, limited or poorly explained detail.
Limited Research Sources.
Confusing or ungrammatical syntax.
Incorrect or vague word choice.
Incorrect or confusing transitions.
Confusing organization.
Common Citation ExamplesAuthor not named in fact. Author named in fact. Website
(Smith 71).
Parents generally feel agreater sense of responsibility for their children (Smith 71).
 According to researcher James Smith, Parentsgenerally feel a greater sense of responsibility for their children (71).
(Jones). or (Cia.org).
Socialists generally feel a greater sense of responsibility for countrymen (Cia.org).
Two or three authorsMore than three authorsNo author
(Gesell and Ilg 68).or (Gesell, Dilbert and Ilg 68).
Parents generally feel a higher sense of longterm financial responsibility for their children (Gesell, Dilbert and Ilg 68).
(Gisell et al. 14).
Parents generally feel a higher sense of longterm financial responsibility for their children (Gisell et al. 14).
Use the last name or wordthat begins the source on theworks cited: (“Steroids”).
Parents generally feel a higher sense of longterm financial responsibility for their children (“Steroids”).
2. Cite the original sources of the information you are providing with a Works Cited pagefollowing your report.Set up your Works Cited page by writing Works Cited centered at the top of the page.Going source by source, write your Works Cited refer to the MLA handout.
Remember list sources in alphabetical order for the evaluation draft.
Remember to indent the
line of the citation.
Remember to double space.
Works Cited
Dawes, Tim. Tech Time. Flemington, NJ: Central Press, 1997.Deed, Patricia, and Marc Southern. Software Basics. New York: May Press, 2002.Dew, John, et al. Myths Revisited. New York: The Viking Press, 1992.Dundes, Alan. “Myth: Myths of the Beginning and of the End.” Encyclopaedia Britannica. 15th ed. 1970.“Shakespeare’s Best Lines.” Bob’s Shakespeare Page. 1998. 2 April 2002 <http://www.bobrocks.com>.Sherman, Amy. "All about Chutney." Cooking with Amy: A Food Blog. 30 Mar. 2005. 3 Aug. 2005<http://cookingwithamy.blogspot.com/2005_03_01_cookingwithamy_archive.html>.
Book, one author.Book, twoauthors.Book, threeauthors.EncyclopediaWebsite/Blog noauthor Website/Blogw/author 
2. Research. Using the research report format provide the information below.Describe the problem in detail.Describe whom is significantly affected by the problem.Identify the problem’s causes.Identify potential solutions to the problem.
Complete the following activities to in preparation for writing your essay.1.Subject Statement. In one paragraph, describe in detail the problem your research essay will be about and whyyou chose that problem. Then, write out everything you know about the problem.2.With your group, list several research questions you will focus on finding the answer to and writing about inyour essay.3. Choose Sources & Make MLA Works Cited list (Use MLA Handout).4. Make Research Report listing the significant facts / important information discovered during your research. Listthe facts in complete sentences including parenthetical (MLA) citations.
Common CitationsAuthor not named in fact. Author named in fact. Website
(Smith 71).(71).(Jones). or (Cia.org).
Two or three authorsMore than three authorsNo author
(Gesell and Ilg 68).or (Gesell, Dilbert and Ilg 68).(Gisell et al. 14).Use the last name or word that begins the source on your workscited list:(“Steroids”).

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