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R&J Homework Assignments.docx

R&J Homework Assignments.docx

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Published by TeachingStuff
R&J Homework Assignments.docx
R&J Homework Assignments.docx

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Published by: TeachingStuff on Jan 23, 2013
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Romeo + Juliet Homework Assignments
R&J Homework #1:
 Write a new scene or a new ending to the play. Be sure to use IambicPentameter and Rhyming Couplets throughout the entire scene.
 A New Ending to Romeo & Juliet(This takes place right after Romeo has killed Tybalt.)Scene 1- A Street in Verona
 (Romeo and Benvolio enter)ROMEO:Alas, yond Tybalt's blood hath spilled by me.Now, to escape my death, I'll have to flee.BENVOLIO:You're right my cuz- you are doomed if you stay.What can I do to help thee on thy way?ROMEO:Oh, thoughtful Ben, I need not anything.But wait- no, you could not my lady bring.Fair cuz, I'd fain you bring food for my flight.I'll wait for you inside the woods tonight. (exits)BENVOLIO:What's this? My cuz does want his lady, too?If Rosaline will consent, then I'll come through.Why, I won't be the one to bring his food,His lady Rosaline can go be wooed. (exits)
Scene 2- Verona- Outside Rosaline's House
 (Rosaline enters)ROSALINE:Alas, it is too late to tell my loveHe's brighter than the shining stars above.When I'm with him, my heart begins to soar,But now he's gone away forever more.His swordsmanship won favor all around,But now he's gone away, Mantua bound!I'll think of him by minute, day, and year...
 (Benvolio enters as the nurse happens to walk by; He begins speaking)BENVOLIO:I have good news that you'll be glad to hear!Before thy dear love Romeo did flee,He did request that I would bring him thee.ROSALINE:Oh pains now not of sorrow but of joy!Henceforth, now's not the time I shall be coy!NURSE:(to audience)Ay me! That awful Rosaline! How rude!My lady's husband she hath now pursued!Go now must I and tell my lady this:That never will she find eternal bliss! (exits)
Scene 3- Verona- Capulet's House
 (Juliet is onstage, Nurse enters and begins speaking)NURSE:Poor Juliet, thy Romeo hast flown,A girl with him for he is not alone!This Rosaline loves Romeo and so,Away to find thy Romeo thee must go!JULIET:I've lost my love- and now she's gone with him?!That foul girl- I'll tear her limb from limb!I bid thee, Nurse, farewell, for I must goTo find and rescue my dear Romeo. (begins to leave)NURSE:He's fled into the forest like a hare-He crouches nervously within his lair!
Scene 4- Woods
 (a rabbit hops by Romeo onstage; Rosaline enters)ROMEO:Poor girl! I swear I didn't call for thee!It's Juliet I want to be with me!
ROSALINE:Alas! Ay me! You said you loved me true.
Don’t you see that
I want to be with you.(Juliet enters)JULIET:Back, fiendish girl! I've seen thine evil plan!I saw thee as the tried to steal my man.ROSALINE:What's this? Oh I did nothing of the sort!My Juliet, you are a jealous sport.Fair Romeo did love me much before he first saw you-JULIET:But he loves you no more! For I love him and he loves only me!We'll be together for eternity.ROMEO:Dost thou now see why I must tell thee nay?Juliet and I were married yesterday!JULIET:So there! And now will you listen to me?This group should be a twosome, not of three.ROSALINE:Oh woe is me! My heart's first love-JULIET:is mine! (Paris enters)PARIS:Oh, Juliet! I'm glad you're safe and fine!What's this you say of Romeo and thee?You're to be married on Thursday to me!ROSALINE:Romeo, I'll kill myself if I'm not yours!

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