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textile gate 1989 question paper

textile gate 1989 question paper

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Published by vasik

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: vasik on Jan 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Give the chemical structure of the following fibre forming polymers and the names of the monomer from where they are prepared.a.Nylon 6 b.Nylon 66 c.Polypropylene d.PET e.PAN2.Arrange the following in ascending/descending order.i.Ascending order of crystallinitya.Nylon 6 b. Polypropylene c.Viscose rayon d.Polyesterii.Descending order of tensilestrengtha.Cotton b.Viscose c.Wool d.Ramieiii.Increasing order of moisture regain at 65% RH and 20
Ca.Cotton b.PET C.Nylon 6 d.Viscoseiv.Ascending order of static charge generated under standard conditionsa.Wool b.Silk c.Polyester d.Cottonv..Descending order of densitya.Cotton b.Polyprolyene c.Nylon d.Polyester3.Average molecular orientation can be measured by :a.X-ray diffraction bInfrared spectra c.Scanning electron microscopyd.Birefringence4.Typical length of a molecule for fibre:a.10 b.1000 c.1 mm d.100 mm5.Which of the following fibre is closest to wool likea.PET b.Nylon66 c.Acrylic d.Polyprolyene6.Fibrial reversal in cotton accurs at intervals of a.10 b.100 c..1 mm d.1 mm7.Typical elongation of polyester staple fibre isa.20% b.15% c.25% d.50%
Draw texturising gives:a. superior degree of setting and poorer crimp resilienceb. inferior degree of setting and better crimp resiliencec. superior degree of setting and better crimp resilience2.The increase in pro-comber draft;a. reduces the waste at comberb. increases the waste at comberc. does not change the comber waste
3.For synthetic fibre:a. heavier laps are preferred for finer denier fibreb. higher laps are preferred for coarse denier fibrec. lighter laps are preferred for finer denier fibre4.Bigger rotor diametera. reduces the yarn strength and improves the yarn uniformityb. increases the yarn strength and reduces the yarn uniformityc. increases the yarn strength and improves the yarn uniformity5.Murata Air-jet spinninga. first nozzles twist the fibre bundle and second nozzle wraps the fibreb. first nozzles wrap the fibre bundle and second nozzle twist the fibrec. Both the nozzles twist the fibre bundle in opposite direction6.Strength of rotor spun yarn is higher thana. ring spun yarn b. Air-jet yarn c. DREF yarn7.Assembly winder is based ona. True twisting systems b. False twisting systems c. wrapping system8.Packing density of ring spun yarn isa. low at yarn surface and more at yarn coreb. more at yarn surface and low at yarn corec. uniform from yarn surface to core9.Cerifil spinning system is used fora. Cotton fibre b. Synthetic fibre c. Wool fibre10.Two for one twister is economical fora. Finer yarn plying b. Coarse yarn plying c. Blended yarn plying11.Caustic soda mercerization of cotton is carried out for improvement a of a. Strength and luster b. Whiteness c. Wetting12.Scouring of cotton is carried out undera. Alkaline conditions b. Acidic conditions c. Neutral conditions

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