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Published by Mickey Brown

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Published by: Mickey Brown on Jan 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CNS Pharmacology
Sedatives & Hypnotics
1.Hypnotic drugs are used to treat:
a)Sleep disordersb)Parkinsonian disordersc)Narcolepsyd)Psychosis
2.Hypnotic drugs should:
a)Prevent mood swings in patients with bipolar affective disordersb)Produce drowsiness, encourage the onset and maintenance of sleepc)Induce absence of sensationd)Reduce anxiety and exert a calming effect
3.Which of these hypnotic drugs is an imidazopyridine derivative?
a)Pentobarbitalb)Temazepamc)Zolpidemd)Chloral hydrate4.
The hypnotic drug which is slowly absorbed is :
5.The ultra - short acting barbiturate is :
6.The following barbiturate has 8 - 24 hours half - life :
The hypnotic benzodiazepine, which has the shortest half-life is :
CYT p450 induction leads to:
a)Barbiturate toleranceb)Cumulative effectsc)Development of physical dependenced)“hangovereffects9.
The hypnotic which is preferred for elderly patients is :1
CNS Pharmacology
Sedatives & Hypnotics
The mechanism of barbiturate action (at hypnotic doses):
a)Increasing the duration of the GABA-induced Cl
channel openingsb)Directly activating the chloride channelsc)Increasing the frequency of Cl
channel opening eventsd)d)None of the above
11.Imidazopyridines are:
a)Partial agonists at brain 5-TH1A receptorsb)Selective agonists of the BZ1 (omega1) subtype of BZ receptorsc)Competitive antagonists of BZ receptorsd)Nonselective agonists of both BZ1 and BZ2 receptor subtypes12.
The competitive antagonist of BZ receptors is :
Flumazenil blocks the actions of:
14.Which of the following agents is preferred in the treatment of insomnia?
15.Barbiturates are being replaced by hypnotic benzodiazepines becauseof:
a)Low therapeutic indexb)More hang overc)High potential of physical dependence and withdrawal syndromed)All of the above16.
The ideal hypnotic agent must has :
a)Rapid onset and sufficient duration of actionb)Minor effects on sleep patternsc)Minimal “hangover” effectsd)All of the above17.
During slow wave sleep (stage 3 & 4):2
CNS Pharmacology
Sedatives & Hypnotics
a)Dreams occurb)The secretion of adrenal steroids is at its highest levelc)Somnambulism (sleepwalking) and nightmares occurd)The secretion of somatotropin is at its lowest18.
Hypnotic agents induce:
a)Increase the duration of REM sleepb)Decrease the duration of REM sleepc)Decrease the duration of Non-REM sleep ( mainly stage 2 )d)Increase the duration of slow wave sleep
19.Which of the following hypnotic drugs causes least suppression of REMsleep?
20.Although the benzodiazepines continue to be the agents of choice forinsomnia, they have:
a)The possibility of psychological and physiological dependenceb)Synergistic depression of CNS with other drugs (especially alcohol)c)Residual drowsiness and daytime sedationd)All of the above21.
Hypnotic benzodiazepines can cause:
a)A dose-dependent increase in both REM and slow wave sleepb)Do not change sleep patternsc)A dose-dependent decrease in both REM and slow wave sleepd)A dose-dependent increase in REM sleep and decrease in slow wave sleep
22.Which one of the following hypnotic benzodiazepines is more likely tocause rebound insomnia?
a)Triazolamb)Flurazepamc)Temazepamd)All of the above
23.The following hypnotic drugs which is used intravenously as anestheticis :
24.The usual cause of death due to overdose of hypnotics:
a)Depression of the medullar respiratory center

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