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Axles And Alloys 2

Axles And Alloys 2

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Published by Umroth

Axles and Alloys is a FREE miniatures game about futuristic vehicular combat

Axles and Alloys is a FREE miniatures game about futuristic vehicular combat

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Published by: Umroth on Jan 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Axles and Alloys II is a game of stupid automotive combat using Matchbox and Hot Wheels carsconverted into post-apocalyptic, crudely armoured gun-toting wagons. Which then proceed tochase each other around a radioactive desert landscape attempting to destroy each other forabsolutely no bloody good reason
. It's main influence is the toy car conversionscene that sprang up around Games Workshop's Dark Future in the 1980s along with myfeeling that Dark Future was never a very good game in the first place and that Car Wars wastoo large and cumbersome to be worth playing. The original Axles and Alloys, way before it ever got written up for web distribution back around2001 or so was little more than a homebrew adaptation of Full Thrust with Hot Wheels carsrather than Spacecraft. Axles and Alloys was the form the game took when dragged around thewargames convention scene in the English Midlands. It turned out to be surprisingly popularwhen released onto the intertubes for reasons I can't really grok but I suspect that it was a hitbecause it didn't take itself very seriously, offered a great outlet for the sort of creative urgesthat enjoy converting Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars into post-apocalyptic, crudely armouredgun-toting wagons
and that previous attempts at this sort of thing (like the aforementionedcommercial games) weren't actually very playable.So this is 2010's version and it's called
Axles and Alloys II
. As is the modern fashion it alsohas a subtitle –
Dork Future
.It's still fundamentally the same game, but with new, better movement rules and a load of stuff written down for your convenience that wasn't actually written down before. It's also stillcompletely free.It's important to remember when reading the rules and playing the game my thoughts onBattletech. For me Battletech is an excellent little game of Giant Robots Kicking The Shit Out Of One Another. And games that revolve around Giant Robots Kicking The Shit Out Of One Anotherwork best when they limit themselves to being games that revolve around Giant Robots Kicking The Shit Out of One Another. Honestly it has Giant Robots Kicking The Shit Out Of One Anotherand that's all it needs. Once games like Battletech drift off into possessing fan scenes that takegreat pains to remain canon with the background and worry about whether their camo paintingis accurate for a universe that doesn't exist and making sure that their vision of the world of Giant Robots Kicking The Shit Out Of One Another matches the game designer's one 100%... itgets stupid.Axles and Alloys II is a game of Converted Hot Wheels And Matchbox Cars Driving Around AndAround And Around and Trying To Shoot The Shit Out of One Another. It doesn't deserve a gametreatment any more involved than this one. Do you want something on a par with AdvancedSquad Leader when all you are doing is Converting Hot Wheels And Matchbox Cars And ThenDriving Around And Around And Around and Trying To Shoot The Shit Out of One Another?No? Good. Read on.
Required Toys and Equipment
Each player will require a toy car, preferably of Matchbox/Hot Wheels size (but notes on scalingfor larger cars can be found in Appendix II) referred to in the rules as a Vehicle. See Appendix Ifor notes on converting these cars. Cars don't need to be based but assuming you are usingcars of the Matchbox/Hot Wheels size nearly all of them will fit neatly into a 3” x 1.5” base.Some players prefer to leave the cars unbased so that they can continue to enjoy the tactilefeel of “whizzing” cars across the tabletop. Some players prefer to leave the cars unbased butglue the axles up to prevent them rolling off slopes. Some players like the look of a model on aproper base with groundworking. YMMV.
Dice are all standard d6 but you will need access to a Games Workshop Scatter Die or similar. If you don't have one, paint out the dots on an old d6 and paint a little arrow-head on each face.Mines, Oil Slicks and Spikes counters are all 3” x 1.5” in size. You'll need these if any vehicle isusing Dropped Weapon systems.Cotton Wool for marking fires/destroyed vehicles (or just ready-made wrecks) and a selection of counters to mark moved vehicles and vehicles that have already attacked. Terrain. We traditionally use a desert cloth (either one of the no-longer-available GamesWorkshop “1970s vinyl tablecloth mats” or some camel-covered bedsheets sprayed up withaerosol paints. On top of this we add assorted desert terrain such as sand-coloured hills,swamps, outcrops of rock and wrecked vehicles.Pens and scrap paper for plotting speeds. Tape Measures. Axles and Alloys II uses Imperial measurements (aka “English” measurements).If you live in a country where Imperial tape measures aren't easily available you can makemeasuring sticks by marking off every 25mm and calling it an inch. (It's actually 25.4mm butwho cares?). Alternatively you can play in centimetres by doubling all measurements in thisgame and reading them as centimetres instead, so that a 12” move actually becomes 24cm. This is a shorter than a proper inch-to-centimetre conversion but frankly doesn't matter verymuch so long as everyone is doing the same thing.
We always measure from centre of roof to centre of roof. We don’t allow pre-measuring beforean order has been written.
We divide Vehicles into three classes by Weight.Light Vehicles are small superminis (sub-compacts – Mini, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris
), smallsports cars (MX-5/Miata, Lotus Elise, MGB
), hot-rods with minimal bodywork and dunebuggy type cars.Heavy Vehicles are vans, ambulances, stretch limos, hearses, armoured cars
Virtually everything else is a Medium Vehicle. Nearly all saloon (sedan) cars and muscle carsare Medium Vehicles.Each Vehicle has four ratings for it's speed and handling. These are MAX (Maximum Speed),ACC (Maximum Acceleration), DEC (Maximum Deceleration) and TURN (Number of turnspermitted per game turn).Light Vehicles typically have MAX 24, ACC 6, DEC 6, TURN 3Medium Vehicles typically have MAX 22, ACC 5, DEC 5, TURN 2Heavy Vehicles typically have MAX 20, ACC 4, DEC 4, TURN 2 These figures can be tweaked to more closely represent the models you have available butthey are recommended figures for pick-up games.
Optional Rule
- You can randomly create cars by taking the typical values above andthrowing a d6 for each of MAX, ACC and DEC. Do not adjust the TURN rating.On a 1 subtract 2 from the valueOn a 2 subtract 1 from the valueOn a 5 add 1 to the valueOn a 6 add 2 to the valueHit Points record the damage that a vehicle can take. On a vehicle sheet, the HitPoints will consist of three lines of circles, each of equal length, in the following manner.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOnce a line of circles has been crossed out, the vehicle driver tests for the loss of Componentsas detailed in the damage section below.Light vehicles have 3 lines of 4 circles, and therefore have 12 hit points.Medium vehicles have 3 lines of 5 circles, and therefore have 15 hit points.Heavy vehicles have 3 lines of 6 circles, and therefore have 18 hit points.Vehicles can be equipped with a number of weapons and items of equipment dependent upontheir weight class. We refer to this weapons and pieces of equipment as Components and theamount that a specific vehicle can carry as its Capacity.Light Vehicles have a Capacity of 3 points.Medium Vehicles have a Capacity of 4 points.Heavy Vehicles have a Capacity of 5 points.Each point of Capacity can be filled either with 1 Light Weapon or 1 item of Equipment. AMedium Weapon requires 2 points of Capacity, a Turret costs an extra 1 point of Capacity foreach weapon within it. Heavy Ramplates require 2 points of Capacity. A Dropped Weaponsystem costs 1 point of Capacity. Heavy Weapons cannot be fitted to vehicles.Flamethrowers cost 2 points of Capacity as they include both the weapon itself and its fuel

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