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Flight of the Medusa 1.4

Flight of the Medusa 1.4

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Published by Randal Snyder
A portal has opened sending through a host of trouble.

An Adventure Starter for use with the Sundered Epoch: Generations role-playing game. For more information visit www.SunderedEpoch.org
A portal has opened sending through a host of trouble.

An Adventure Starter for use with the Sundered Epoch: Generations role-playing game. For more information visit www.SunderedEpoch.org

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Published by: Randal Snyder on Jan 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Free Downloadable Content www.SunderedEpoch.org
No Man’s Land Adventure Starter
1 | Page by Randal Snyder sunderedepoch@hotmail.com
Flight of the Medusa 1.4
The following is an
Adventure Starter
 for use with the
Sundered Epoch: Generations
 role-playing game in the
No Man’s
 setting. Adventure Starters are only intended to introduce ideas, characters, and encounters to assist Narrators on fleshing out their own games. You will need to decide the best way to use the ideas in this book and tailor them to your game.
This is a free document which includes images found freely about the internet. No claims of ownership or rights are claimed in the reproduction of these images or use of
the trademarked names. The author and our affiliates’ use
of these items are for entertainment purposes only under the fair-use clause. Please notify us at sunderedepoch@hotmail.com if you wish to report any infringement on your copyright or trademark.
In Dimension 19, Prescidia, a pregnant gorgon, was being hunted by Morgan Moriarti when she fled into a cave. In the darkness she saw light and stumbled into a nest of Dimensional Spiders that had created a bridge to our dimension. The spiders attacked her and she fled through the portal into our dimension. However, the hunter was not far behind her. He too was attacked by the spiders and killed a number of them, but was poisoned in the process. He was found in an alleyway and taken to the hospital. When he recovered a few days later he escaped and resumed his search for the gorgon. During his escape, Moriarti assaulted several hospital staff so the police and local authorities are also on the hunt for him. However, he is obsessed with killing the gorgon before she gives birth.
This starter should be introduced during the final moments of another adventure. Ideally, the adventure should begin in a city with a large immigrant population. While walking down the street or exiting their car at night, a woman dressed in white gowns stumbles into the Player Characters. She is in a panic and cries for help. Her speech is heavily accented though difficult to identify. Her true nature should not be revealed until Morarti makes his appearance and she will attempt to petrify him. Moriarti will attack her without regard to innocents.
Free Downloadable Content www.SunderedEpoch.org
No Man’s Land Adventure Starter
2 | Page by Randal Snyder sunderedepoch@hotmail.com
Portal to Dimension 19
The portal to Dimension 19 is the result of Dimensional Spiders. They have slowly been building the portal to make it large enough to transport human sized prey through. The portal is extremely fragile and can only take 20 points of Physical Damage before being destroyed. Fire will cause double normal damage to the portal. The portal is 2 meters tall and shrinks by 10 centimeters for each point of damage that it takes. The spiders can pass through the portal even if it only has 1 point remaining, but humans can only crawl through if it has 5 points or more. This portal was created in a cave where approximately ten adult spiders were nesting. The spiders were searching for more prey and a possible new home.
Dimension 19
Dimension 19 is an Earth-like world not dissimilar to our own. However, rather than discovering black powder they turned to mechanical solutions. Their mechanical creations are most often powered by springs and clockwork gears so precise and efficient that our modern machinery would have a difficult time reproducing them. Humanity is by far the most populous species, but other intelligent creatures exist. The humans fear and distrust non-human creatures to the point of hunting them to extinction. Most of their weaponry is based on spring-loaded machinations. They also employ weaponry based on steam-power and alchemy. Steam-powered ships and tanks utilize a special chemical component that enhances the efficiency of steam without the soot and grime of coal. While horses and beasts of burden are common, the world is beginning an industrial revolution. Alchemically powered steam engines run machines such as the unicycle (a steam-powered motorcycle with a single large drive wheel. The operator rides inside the wheel and is supported by a smaller wheel for steering), autokinetic-wagon (a primitive car or truck), and even giant steam-ships. However, since the steam is powered by alchemy they do not suffer from the soot and pollution seen on Earth during the Industrial Revolution. But, the alchemy is affecting the environment in other ways (feel free to elaborate).
Dimension 19’s culture seems similar to European
Elizabethan era on Earth. Men wear high heeled and buckled shoes, wigs, and long tailed jackets while women wear multi-layered dresses. Ruffled cloth is in high fashion. While there are many distinct languages they have similar roots with old versions of Earth languages such as Old English, Old French, etc. Any character that knows the modern equivalents may be able to understand and speak their language at a -2 penalty. A majority of the population follows a form of Zoroastrianism, a mystical pagan religion that was widespread on Earth throughout much of the Middle East before the spread of Islam. However, the dominant church, the Holy Church of Zoroaster, has begun a holy crusade to wipe out creatures that they deem unholy. Any character that crosses over into Dimension 19 from another dimension will be treated as an abomination, hunted, and killed. While the church holds true power, the local governments operate much like they did in late medieval Europe. Kingdoms divide the land into various territories and each one is divided into principalities, baronies, shires, and counties. Feudalism is common, but some of the kingdoms have become parliamentary. Only one nation claims to be a republic.
Free Downloadable Content www.SunderedEpoch.org
No Man’s Land Adventure Starter
3 | Page by Randal Snyder sunderedepoch@hotmail.com
Prescidia (Legendary Gorgon)
Character Points:
Merit Points:
1.6 m
60 kg
Attributes: Sub-Attributes:
Optional Attributes: Optional Sub-Atts:
Artistic Ability
 6/12 (18)
Resist Magic
Magical Abilities/Powers:
Stone Gaze
Combat Variables:
Initiative Mod
Stun Number
 10 (3)
 Dodge SA
x2 SN
 20 (6)
 Target Number
x3 SN
 30 (9)
x4 SN
 40 (12)
Max Damage
Over x4 SN
 41+ (15)
Resist Magic
 Land* 8
Natural Hide
 4 AR
Bite SA:
 1d5 +0
 1d5 +0
Natural Armor 4 (40cp)
 Gorgons have thick scaly skin.
Reptilian Vocalization, Sickly Glowing Yellow Aura focused on her eyes.
Stone Gaze
 Spell Rank 8, Effect: 3d5 + Magic SA Petrify, Effect Rank: 3, Range: Visual (+2), Target Area: 2 Targets (+1), Type: Physical, Defense: Resist Magic, Duration: 10 Minutes (+2), Description: Gorgons have the ability to turn a target creature to stone. Characters that are turned to stone will age and take damage normally, but they do not heal. Injuries accumulate over time.
Venom (40cp)
 If a gorgon bite causes damage it will inject venom. Resist Poison T# 14, Dose +2, Speed 1 Min, Duration 50 days, Symptom (-1 Strength, Severe swelling), Poisoned (-2 Strength, Dizziness, Blurred vision), Overdose (Unconsciousness, Seizures, Death)
Physical Appearance:
Prescidia appears to be a pregnant human woman of middle-eastern descent with long wild black hair that seems to move even without a breeze. She is between 6-9 months pregnant, which hampers her movement. However, she only looks human as a result of her necklace (see below).
Gorgon 6 (Dimension 19), Greek Variant 6 (Dimension 19), Latin Variant 4 (Dimension 19), English Variant 4 (Dimension 19)
Sympathetic, Bold, Charming
Survival, Family, Peace
 In her home dimension, Precidia was a scout in charge of keeping the tribe safe.
: Dimension 19
 Capable, Loving, Charming
Alliances & Factions:
Gorgon Tribe (Dimension 19)
 The gorgon tribe treats its members as family.

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