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D&d 4e Changeling Race

D&d 4e Changeling Race



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Published by Aaron Noll
The Changeling race from Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition with custom feats.
The Changeling race from Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition with custom feats.

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Published by: Aaron Noll on Jan 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anyone, anywhere, hidden in plain sight 
Racial TraitsAverage Height:
5' 7"- 6' 0"
 Average Weight:
120-160 lb
.Ability Scores:
Charisma, +2 Dexterity or +2 Intelligence.
 Skill Bonuses:
+2 Bluff. +2 Insight
You are a shapechanger you can alter your appearance.As such, you are subject to effects and conditions that affect shapechangers
.Mental Defense:
You have a +1 racial bonus to Will.
 Change Shape:
You have the
changeling disguise 
Changeling Trick:
You have the
changeling trick 
 Changeling Disguise
Changeling Racial Power
You alter your form to look like another person.
At-Will PolymorphMinor ActionTarget:
PersonalYou alter your physical form to take on the appearance of any Medium humanoid. Youretain your statistics
in your new form, and your clothing, armor, and possessions do notchange. The new form lasts until you change form again. Any creature that attempts tosee through your ruse makes an insight check opposed by your Bluff check, and yougain a +5 bonus to your check
Changeling Trick
Changeling Racial Power
Your feint tricks a foe into giving you an advantage.
EncounterMinor Action Melee
One CreatureYou make a Bluff check opposed by the target's passive insight. If your check succeeds,you gain combat advantage against the target until the end of your next turn.Changelings are shapechangers, a people able to assume the features of otherhumanoids. Known also as doppelgangers. Changelings' talents breed mistrust and fear,leading many changelings to hide their true nature from even
their closest companions.Many changelings seek only to avoid unwanted attention and to find a place in the world.
Play a changeling if you want ...To excel at deception, misdirection, and trickery.To fit in wherever you go.To be a member of a race that favors the bard, rogue, sorcerer, and warlockclasses.
Physical Qualities
Changelings wear many masks, concealing their true identities behind false faces. Asshapechangers, changelings can appear to be members of any humanoid race, playingthe part of a dwarf one day and a dragonborn the next. This propensity for disguiseleads people to distrust changelings, so most keep their true nature hidden. Althoughchangelings can adopt any persona, most rely on a few established guises, each with adeveloped history and a network of friends and acquaintances. These guises provide achangeling with backup identities should one persona become compromised. Achangeling who travels frequently might change identities from town to town, swappinggenders, appearances and voices to blend in within each new community. In true form, achangeling has a startling yet vague appearance. A changeling's skin is uniformly palewith white or light gray tones. Its oversized eyes are often sunken in dark rings, betweenwhich lies a subtle nose. Changelings are slender, bordering on frail. Their hair tends tohave light coloring with hints of blue, green, and even pink; pale silver is the mostcommon hair color, followed by platinum and blond. Aside from the hair on their heads,changelings have little or no hair. Changelings reach maturity at about fifteen years ofage and they live about as long as humans do.
Playing a Changeling
Lacking a culture or a civilization to call their own, changelings adopt other races'societies. They seek out communities that have values and interests that parallel theirown. Changelings prefer cities because they are ideal places to blend in with others or tovanish if necessary. Cities also contain people too interested in their own affairs to noticethe oddities of strangers. Changelings are inoffensive and peaceful by nature, and theyhave few concerns about political and social affairs. Their mercurial nature breedsdistrust and suspicion In other races. People are intent on seeing the worst inchangelings; they assume the race uses its shapechanging ability for malicious ends.Some changelings do use their talents for evil, but such individuals exist in no greaternumbers than among other races. In a way, changelings are parasitic in theirrelationships with other races. Rather than constructing grand civilizations and sweepingedifices devoted to their people, changelings are content to treat the works of otherraces as their own. Their willingness to identify with a variety of societal structures is vitalto maintaining their false identities. For most changelings, the arts, customs andpractices they uphold are more than tools to reinforce their identities. These aspects ofsociety and culture are a part of their beliefs and values, just as they are for othermembers of their adopted communities.
Changeling Characteristics:
Adaptable, compelling, cunning, devious, evasive,furtive, insightful, mysterious, prudent, sly, subtle.
Male and Female Names:
Bin, Dox, He, Hars, Jin, Lam, Nit, Ot, Palk, Ruz, Sim,Toox,
Changeling Feats
Heroic TierFavored MulticlassPrerequisite:
Changeling, Any Multiclass feat
Select a class that you are multiclassed into. When leveling up you can selectpowers from your selected class as well as your main class and you gain one classfeature from that selected class.
Changeling disguise 
When you select this feat, you must choose one race that you can imitate withyour
changeling disguise 
power. You learn one additional language known by the raceyou chose (if the race can choose any language so can you), and you gain a +2 racialbonus to one skill to which the chosen race gains a bonus (if you chose human you gainthe bonus to one skill of your choice). Additionally, when using
changeling disguise 
toimitate your chosen race, you gain an additional +5 bonus to avoid detection.
Shapeshifting ContortionistPrerequisite:
You can use the escape action as a minor action instead of a move action.In addition, you do not grant combat advantage or take a penalty to attack rolls whilesqueezing.
Arcane ResizingPrerequisite:
Changeling Disguise 
Power, Trained in Arcana
Whenever you use your
Changeling Disguise 
racial power, your clothes alsoresize to fit your new form, maintaining their previous scale and if they are removed fromyou they resize to their normal size.
Man of Many FacesPrerequisite:
Changeling, Any multiclass feat
You can take up to Three Multiclass feats to gain benefits from other classesapart from your own and any others you may have.
Adept IncognitoPrerequisite:
Changeling, 5
level, Man of Many Faces
When you select a Multiclass feat to Dabble in another class you gain one At-Will power from that class. If any of the classes you multiclass into give you the option toselect an At-Will power but you can only use it once per encounter, instead of selectinganother At-will power as well, you can use that power as a regular At-will power, but notAt-will powers granted by class features such as a Paladins
Divine Challenge 
Light AdaptationPrerequisite:
Changeling, Trained in Perception
You gain Darkvision

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