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ICTJ World Report: January 2013

ICTJ World Report: January 2013

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Published by impunitywatch
report from the ICTJ
report from the ICTJ

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Published by: impunitywatch on Jan 23, 2013
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1/23/13 5:45 PMICTJ World ReportPage 1 of 4http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=1d074ab001e1717ab129127f6&id=d7cfe31dba&e=134c21ea25
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ICTJ World Report
January 2013
In Focus
ICTJ Forum: January 2013
The latest episode of ICTJ Forumfeatures ICTJ's Marcie Mersky, who joins host and CommunicationsDirector Refik Hodzic for an in-depth analysis of news inGuatemala and Nepal, and looks ahead to the next year of transitional justice developments around the world.
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 World Report
The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court hasformally openedan investigation into alleged crimes committed on theterritory of 
since January 2012. French troopsarrivedin Malimidst a rapid escalation of efforts to intervene in fighting between Islamists and the government. Authorities in
Ivory Coast
 chargedCharles Ble Goude with war crimes over his alleged role in violencelinked to the country's disputed presidential election two years ago.Peace talksbetween the
andthe M23 rebels have resumed, and will consider whether amnestywill be issued to the rebels. Violence has continued to grip
, with arecent clashbetween rival tribesmen in the Tana River district left32 people dead, including women and children. Years after the Truth and Reconciliation Commissionissued its final recommendations, victims of apartheid-era crimes in
South Africa
arestill fightingfor adequate reparation and rehabilitation. The army of 
 reportsits soldiers have killed at least 30members of the Justice and Equality Movement rebel group in North Darfur.
says former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre willgo on trialnext month for alleged crimes against humanity. Thetrial will take place in a special tribunal authorized under the African Union. In a major effort to promote
1/23/13 5:45 PMICTJ World ReportPage 2 of 4http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=1d074ab001e1717ab129127f6&id=d7cfe31dba&e=134c21ea25
accountability for serious crimes in Africa, ICTJ joined hundreds of human rights groups and transitional justice partners to ask the African Union toprioritize justice. The letter warns that strained relationshipsbetween the AU and the International Criminal Court (ICC) may put justice at risk.
has reopened a preliminarycriminal investigationagainst former President Alvaro Uribe. Heis accused of involvement with far-right paramilitary groups while he was a state governor in the 1990s. According to the Colombian government, 157,013victimsof violence were compensated in 2012,allegedly exceeding the year's target by 47%. The government of 
passed an agreementthat wouldnot recognizerulings from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for cases that tookplace before 1987, but after the president held consultations human rights activists, it was soonrepealed. In
, eight former army officers were charged with themurder of a popular songwriter,Víctor Jara, who was tortured and killed days after the 1973 military coup. In 2012,
’s courtstried nearly400 suspectsof committing crimes against humanity during the “Dirty War.”
courtsfreedtwo members of the death squad Grupo Colina, who allegedly kidnapped, tortured andkilled an intelligence agent in 1997.
Questions surrounding transitional justice in
have dominated the headlines after Scotland YarddetectivesarrestedColonel Lama of Nepal on allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses. Thearrest has led toreactionsfrom rights groups, who have criticized the government of Nepal over itsunwillingness to form a transitional justice mechanism to address the past. In a joint op-ed, ICTJ andthe International Commission of Jurists called for Nepal to establish a full transitional justice program,including an official truth mechanism that complies with international standards. As air strikes andheavy violencecontinues to hit
Kachin state, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonhas called for reconciliation and protection of civilians. The government of 
isfacingpressurefrom opposition parties and human-rights groups over alleged political interference at itsInternational Crimes Tribunal. The United Nationsendedits 13-year peacekeeping mission in
has created a specialtask forceto track suspected war criminals. Prosecutors haveopened a number of cases linked to Switzerland, including the case of Khaled Nezzar, former Algeriandefense minister, and ex-Guatemalan police chief Erwin Sperisen. In the final hearing of a decade-longcase before the Supreme Court of the
, the Dutch state wasaccusedof bearing
1/23/13 5:45 PMICTJ World ReportPage 3 of 4http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=1d074ab001e1717ab129127f6&id=d7cfe31dba&e=134c21ea25
responsibility for sending a Bosnian Muslim family to their deaths in Srebrenica.
 chargedeightformer members of Muslim armed and police forces with committing war crimes against ethnic Serbcivilians during the country's 1990s conflict. A Bosnian Serb ex-policeman was jailed for 20 years for committingcrimes against humanityduring the massacres at Srebrenica.
ICTJ signed acooperation agreementwith
Ministry of Human Rights and Transitional Justiceto provide further technical assistance in establishing transitional justice mechanisms.
highest courtupheldprison sentences of 13 leaders of a 2011 uprising in a ruling that stirred further unrest in the country. An
fact-finding commissiondeterminedthat Former President HosniMubarak watched the uprising against him unfold through a live TV feed at his palace. Meanwhile,President Muhammad Mursi asked the commission to send its report to the chief prosecutor toinvestigate new evidence.
parliament and the United Nations Development Program(UNDP)launchedthe National Action Plan for Human Rights which covers a comprehensive raft of legislation, from judicial reform to the rights of women and children as well as enforced disappearance.In
, almost 6,000 fightersbegan trainingto be police officers under a drive to disarm militiashindering the country’s democratic transition.
President Mahmud Abbas and exiled Hamaschief Khaled Meshaalagreedto expedite a stalled reconciliation deal between the two rival factions. UNOffice of the High Commissioner for Human Rights datashowedthat more than 60,000 people werekilled in
in nearly two years of conflict. Earlier in December, the UN independent panelinvestigating human rights violations in Syria hadreleasedan update on the situation in the countrynoting that violations continue unabated and reiterating the need for a political solution to the conflictthere.
Seeking Options for the Right to Truth in Nepal
This briefing paper sets out the obligations of the state andinternational best practice with respect to the right to truth, bothas a key element of a transitional justice strategy and as a criticalcomponent of providing effective remedy to victims of grossviolations of human rights and grave breaches of humanitarianlaw.
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