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Songs on Yolmo Snow Mountains

Songs on Yolmo Snow Mountains

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Published by Alessandro Boesi
A chapter from the collected songs of Milarepa,
A chapter from the collected songs of Milarepa,

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Alessandro Boesi on Jan 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Songs onYolmo Snow-Mountain
From the songs of Milarepacommentated on by KhenchenThrangu Rinpoche
I have chosen this chapter from the
collected songs of Milarepa
becauseYolmo mountain is very near to Kathmandu, and there are persons here (inKathmandu, where Thrangu Rinpoche was delivering this seminar) whofeel a strong connection Yolmo.
Marpa had told Milarepa what places he should practice in. One of thesewas the Yolmo snow-mountain, and so Milarepa came to Yolmo and stayedin a cave called
Tapuk Senge Dzong
(Tiger Cave) in the forest of Singaling.While he was there local deities caused him no obstacles; they manifestedthemselves in peaceful forms, and took an oath to serve and honor him.Milarepa’s meditation progressed well.
One day five young men and women came to see him and asked him toteach them the Dharma. They said, “This is such a terrifying place, thequality of someone’s practice would be bound to be very unstable. Has thishappened to you?” In answer to their question, he sang them a spiritualsong in which he said:
Yolmo has pastures, flowers, trees, forests,monkeys, birds, bees, in summer and winter,autumn and spring.
Here I meditate on emptiness. Sometimes manythoughts arise, and these aid my meditation.This is very good.I do not accumulate bad karma, and therefore Ihave good health. I will have thoughts which willdisturb my body and make me uncomfortable.Nevertheless, that is beneficial for mymeditation experience and so this is very good. Iam therefore free from the defilements and freefrom birth and death, and this is good.Though deities and spirits are malevolent andcreate illusions, it only increases my realization.This is very good.I am free from sickness, but if suffering occurs,it appears as bliss, which is very good.I have the pleasure of different kinds ofmeditation experiences, but sometimes when Ijump, run or dance, I am even more blissful.
The five pupils felt great faith on hearing Milarepa’s song. He then gavethem instructions, they meditated and attained good qualities whichpleased Milarepa. He sang them a song about the kind of conduct theyshould have, in which he said:
There are many Dharma practitioners, but youare very fortunate to meditate upon this path.You are practicing to attain Buddhahood withinone lifetime using one body. Therefore do not
have attachment to this life. Many good and badactions are done for the sake of this life, andthis prevents you from properly following thepath of the Dharma.In serving the guru, if you should feel proud thatyou have done so well this prevents theaccomplishment of the goal.In keeping your commitments, you should notassociate with ordinary people, which brings thedanger of your breaking your commitments.When you are studying you should not feelproud that you have understood the meaning ofthe words, as this will cause the disturbingemotions to blaze up like fire and ruin your goodactivities.When you meditate with your companions in theDharma, you should not have many tasks toperform, as they will cause distraction and be anobstacle to the Dharma.
After those general instructions, Milarepa gave specific instructions on howhis students were to conduct themselves on the path of means by beinginvolved practices such as the
Six Yogas of Naropa.
He then gave themthe profound instructions of the oral transmission:
In doing these meditations, you should not usethe powers developed from of the oraltransmission for the subjugation of demons or

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