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Violence Begets the Very Thing It Seeks to Destroy

Violence Begets the Very Thing It Seeks to Destroy

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Published by Horatio Green

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Published by: Horatio Green on Jan 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Violence Begets the Very Thing It Seeks To Destroy
With90 guns for every 100 Americans,the United States has the distinction of having more civilian owned guns than anywhere on earth. Our guns have killed119,079 children and teens from 1979 to 2010; more than Americans killed in action in all wars since World War II. And,ominously, gun related deaths will likely surpass motor vehicle traffic deathsby the year 2015.To address the problem, President Obama outlined his gun legislation proposal. The proposalwas a result of his task force lead by Vice President Joe Biden. The task force’srecommendations principally focused on restoring the ban of military-style semiautomaticweapons (assault rifles), limiting high-capacity magazines to 10 rounds or less, and improving background checks.Strict scrutiny on a gun purchaser’s background is undeniably necessary. Mass shootings,however, are rare events. Banning assault rifles and limiting magazine capacity, though animportant step in the right direction does not solve the overall greater problem of violence.President Obama addressed that issue with a memorandum directing the Centers for DiseaseControl (CDC) and scientific agencies to research the causes and prevention of gun violence,which is areversalof a 17-year congressional ban that previously prevented the CDC from usingfederal funds to conduct research on gun violence. However, it will be up to Congress to approvethe funding.Unsurprisingly, Republicans rejected Obama’s proposal. Pushback from both sides of the aisle issignificant. The consensus is that Obama’s proposal, with the possible exception of universal background checks, will not pass Congress.Americans across the United States are rallying againststricter gun control measures. Keeping those statistics in mind, in light of the recent massacre at Sandy Hook, our history of mass shootings, the gang gun violence plaguing our cities, the extent of commonplace gunviolence, and other overwhelming evidence that America has a gun problem, you would think support for stricter regulation over the purchasing and ownership of guns would be almostunanimous.But it’s not. Currently a little over half of Americans support greater gun controllegislation, but support is dwindling, and by this time next year we will be in the same place as

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