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CEH v7.2

CEH v7.2

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Published by Dheeraj Chopra

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Published by: Dheeraj Chopra on Jan 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C|EH v7.2
( Study Guide )
. What is Footprinting ?
. Objectives of Footprinting
. Footprinting Threats
. Footprinting Methodology
. Internet Footprinting
. Competitive Intelligence
. WHOIS Footprinting
. People Searching
. DNS Footprinting
. Network Footprinting. Email Footprinting
. Google Hacking
.Additional Footprinting Tools
. Footprinting Countermeasures. Footprinting Penetration Testing
What is Footprinting
Footprinting is the term used for collecting information about a target. This is thefirst step of fully
identifying a target in order to begin planning an attack. Footprinting refers t ofinding the digital and
material footprint of information made by a targets existence.The objective of Footprinting is to find as much information as possible about a
target from as many
sources as you can secure. In malicious hacking and black box ethical hacking, i tis important to keep
this information gathering secret as well.
Relevant target information includes:
Domain Name
User and Group NamesNetwork Blocks
System Names
IP Addresses
Employee Details
Networking Protocols
Company Directory
VPN points
News Articles/Press releases
Intrusion Detection system running
System Banners
Footprinting Threats
The threat of Footprinting is that a hac er will find out sensitiveinformation
about a target from a
publicly accessible source. From the targets perspective it is important tonow
what information is
available to the general public
Footprinting Methodology
Footprinting begins with finding the targets main URL. Any search engine will us uallydisclose this
website. From this main website you can begin searching for other internal URL s s
uch as
intranet.*.com or mail.*.com
Internet Footprinting
Our practice uses robtex.com and archive.org for finding information that has be en,or is currently
loaded on websites. Archive.org s Waybac Machine eeps a database of when websites
changed their content organized by date so that you can view the website as it h
asprogressed over the
years. Robtex.com lists connections between websites that share a domain.
Competitive Intelligence
For business intelligence, any financial website will have information on public
allytraded companies.
Job hunting websites such as monster.com and dice.com allow for searching by com
pany,which can be
used to find out what technical s ills they are currently loo ing for. This allo
wsfor an intelligent hac er 
to have an idea where a company may be wea , or if they are loo ing to expand in
to anew technology.
WHOIS Footprinting
The regional internet registries such as ARIN for North America eep a database of information aboutdomain names and who owns them. This information can be used to find a target bl ocof external IP

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