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Transparency in City Spending

Transparency in City Spending

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Published by samtlevin

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Published by: samtlevin on Jan 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rating the Availability of Online Government Datain America’s Largest Cities
Written by:Benjamin Davis, Frontier GroupPhineas Baxandall and Ryan Pierannunzi,U.S. PIRG Education Fund
January 2013
Rating the Availability o OnlineGovernment Data in America’sLargest Cities
 The authors would like to thank the ollowing individuals or providing analysis, editorialassistance, and review or the report: Mark Funkhouser, Director, at the Governing Insti-tute; Genee Unger, Project Manager, at Pew Center on the States; Deirdre Cummings,Legislative Director, at MASSPIRG; Ben Berkowitz, CEO, and Kevin Donohue, Com-munity Manager, at SeeClickFix; and Laurenellen McCann, National Policy Manager,at Sunlight Foundation. Additionally, we wish to thank the public ocials rom the 25cities who took time to provide eedback on our initial inventory o their online spendingand service request transparency. Thanks also to Hailey Witt, Field Director, at IllinoisPIRG or contributing to the content o this report, and to Tony Dutzik and ElizabethRidlington at Frontier Group or their editorial assistance. This report is made possible through the generous support o the Ford Foundation. The authors bear any responsibility or actual errors. The recommendations are those o U.S. PIRG Education Fund. The views expressed in this report are those o the authorsand do not necessarily refect the views o our unders or those who provided review.2013 U.S. PIRG Education Fund. Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed undera Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 3.0 unported License. To view the terms o this license, visit creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us. You are ree to display, reproduce, and distribute this work in its entirety or non-com-mercial purposes, with proper attribution. To attribute this work, please credit U.S. PIRG Education Fund and provide a link to www.uspirgedund.org. With public debate around important issues oten dominated by special interests pursuingtheir own narrow agendas, U.S. PIRG Education Fund oers an independent voice that  works on behal o the public interest. U.S. PIRG Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, works to protect consumers and promote good government. We investigate problems,crat solutions, educate the public, and oer Americans meaningul opportunities or civicengagement. For more inormation, please visit our website at www.uspirgedund.org.Frontier Group conducts research and policy analysis to support a cleaner, healthier andmore democratic society. Our mission is to inject accurate inormation and compellingideas into public policy debates at the local, state and ederal levels. For more inormationabout Frontier Group, please visit our website at www.rontiergroup.org.
Cover Photos: rom let to right, top to bottom, New York: Eva Abreu, Flickr; Chicago: Dori, WikimediaCommons; San Francisco: Selena N. B. H., Flickr; Baltimore: Steelplug, Wikimedia Commons: Cincinnati:Wikimedia Commons; Denver: Jerey Beall, Flickr; San Antonio: Ken Kinder, Wikimedia Commons;Washington, DC: JamesDeMers, Pixabay; Orlando: Scott Akerman, Flickr; Pittsburgh: Jim Orsini, Flickr;Seattle: David Herrera, Flickr; Miami: John Spade, Flickr; Houston: little black spot on the sun today, Flickr; Kansas City (MO): Stuart Seeger, Flickr; Philadelphia: Joe Mazzola, Flickr; San Diego: Tomcio77, Flickr; Los Angeles: Todd Jones, Flickr; Dallas: David Herrera, Flickr; Phoenix: Bravo1, WikimediaCommons; Las Vegas: Dour Kerr, Flickr; Tampa: a200/a77Wells, Flickr; Minneapolis: Doug Kerr, Flickr; Riverside: Qwerty510, Wikimedia Commons; Boston: Nelson48, Wikimedia Commons; Portland (OR):Stuart Seeger, Flickr; Atlanta: Payton Chung, Flickr; Detroit: Bernt Rostad, Flickr; St. Louis: cooper. gary, Flickr, www.fickr.com/photos/gtcooper25/7561943614 (link to photo provided under photographer’request); Sacramento: Nick Ares, Flickr; Cleveland: Wikimedia Commons. Layout: To the Point Publications, www.tothepointpublications.com

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