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"Perfect Vision" by Icky Blossoms | Music Video Script

"Perfect Vision" by Icky Blossoms | Music Video Script

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Published by Michael Todd

courtesy of Nik Fackler

courtesy of Nik Fackler

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Published by: Michael Todd on Jan 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SONG - INTROEXT. ABANDONED STREET - DAY - B CAM11CAMERA moves past an overgrown Midwest town. Throughabandoned streets and haunts.INT. ABANDONED HOUSE - DAY - B CAM22A dust covered, wrecked, fucked up abandoned house. Remnantsof previous owners still broken and scattered about.Pictures on the walls, tables, an chairs, empty cupboards.CAMERA moves through the house HANDHELD viewing thesurroundings.SONG - CHORUS 1INT. BEDROOM 1 - DAY - A CAM33
: Striking beautiful CU of a BOY and GIRL making out.Their tongues in each other’s mouths. CAMERA moves aroundthem.SONG - VERSE 1INT. BEDROOM 1 - DAY - B CAM44A young GIRL’s eyes open. She lies on busted
, alone in adestroyed old room. A s
tand up mirror
leans in the corner.Her things spattered about on the floor.Her mouth is covered by DUST MASK with a SIGIL emblem paintedon it. She is dressed like a runaway. She's wearing a medical bracelet. Her hair is purple. She is about 15.CAMERA CUTS around to her hanging out in the room. She readsa book. Looks at a map on the floor as she smokes a cig.She is bored but at peace. Crystals and amethyst line the window sill. An IPAD sits next to the map with weird imageryon it. She tries on different clothes in the mirror. Sheputs on old make up she has found around.As she hangs out she freely fucks the room up. Kickingthings around. Throwing things. Painting the wall above thebed. She picks up a STRANGE CHROME OBJECT and looks at it.The song builds up. She looks at the mirror and sees herselfholding the object. She throws it at the mirror.SONG - CHORUS 2
: Mirror explodes slowly. The chrome object hitsdirectly in the middle and shatters the mirror outwards.CAMERA CUTS around to different SM shots of shards and dust.SM shots of the Girl dancing as the mirror shatters. WE SEEHER REFLECTION in a broken shard. Soft, beautiful, euphoric within the violence.
: A BOY, 16, dressed like a thug, walks up as shedances and and grabs her. They look at each other. TheyBoth wear
dust masks
.SONG - VERSE 2INT. KITCHEN - DAY - B CAM66The two kids hang out in the kitchen. The boy has a RIFLEstrapped around his back. The boy takes things out of hisbackpack and places them on a wobbly
kitchen table.
Withinhis bag are come a jug of wine, rolling tobacco, fruit, cangoods, old wine glasses, spray paint, candy, batteries,needles and medicine.The Boy takes out some fresh cut flowers tied with shoestringand gives them to the girl. A momentThe boy takes some medicine. He fills a syringe and injectsboth and he and the girls arms.The two wearing masks staring at each other. A moment. Theyremove each other’s masks and stare at each other.INT. LIVING ROOM - DAY - B CAM77CAMERA JUMP CUTS around with the two young lovers hangingout. Quick shots of them hanging out drinking, dancing,smoking. Showing the crawl of a lazy afternoon. The flowersin a vase filled with wine. The boy skate boards around untilhe falls and the board goes flying into something, breakingit. The kids laugh. She grabs the board, throws her glassup in the air and swings the board sending shattered glassand wine across the room. The two continue breaking shit.Pushing each other, until the girl finally picks up a chairand throws it through a window.SONG - CHORUS 22.
: Chair goes smashing through the window.
: SM shot of the girl smashing a lamp with the boy’sskateboard.INT. KITCHEN - DAY - B CAM99The kids thrash the kitchen. Tearing it apart. Platesagainst the wall, can foods being juggled, a dead pottedplant across the room, skateboard against a light fixture,exploding lightbulbs, the boy jumping on the kitchen table,it spits in half, smashing kitchen chairs, spray painting the walls, running through a wall. They're fucking shit up andit's playful. They chase each other around.
INT. DINING ROOM - DAY - B CAM1010The kids jokingly set the dining room table. Fill cups with wine and then dance and skate on top of the table. Breakingeverything. They laugh.INT. BEDROOM 2 - DAY - B CAM1111The kids looking through an old bedroom. Trying on clothesfrom the closet. They find an old box in the closet. Itcontains a Rosary, old mecidine, photographs from anothertime in the 80s and 90s. Someone else’s 90s past. They seeand
old Wedding Dress
and folded
Military uniform 
.The Girl coaxes the boy to take off his clothes and put anold ugly church dress. The boy dances around jokingly.The Girl has on the oversized military uniform and is spraypainting a bulls eye on the wall.SONG - VERSE 3INT. BEDROOM 2 - DAY - A CAM1212
: The girl lifts the rifle up into frame. She isaiming at something.
: The boy stands with his shirt off in front of htebulls eye. The vase filled with wine and flowers on hishead. He stands nervous, bracing for the Vase to be shot ofhis head.
: The Girl’s trigger finger, almost ready to pull.3.

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