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Published by Costea Tarlapan
Radio Moldova International
Radio Moldova International

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Costea Tarlapan on Jan 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear friends, thank you for your reactions to the news about the liquidation of our radiostation. We got your messages of backing wherein you come with convincing proofs tomaintain such a station, necessary for each state. As well, we thank you for appreciatingour job. All your messages were sent to decision makers which will solve our problem.Thank you for being with us in this difficult period.Here are some extracts from your letters:
A web page with just texts and photos in English and Russian means a step backward. I prefer to listento a voice and in French. We need a radio with information, reports and music. I have been a devotedlistener of RMI for about 20 years and if the future of RMI is a web page with texts, I will no access it.The liquidation so RMI is a serious error from another viewpoint as well: currently, many shortwaveprograms are always broadcast from Tiraspol - a pro-Russian propaganda in many languages. I knowsome persons who listen to the radio of Tiraspol and I believe that this radio station (radio PMR) is theofficial voice of Moldova. If RMI ends its activity, Moldova closes its lifeline to the world. Don t doit, keep RMI in current format!
I have been a listener to RMI’s programs for about 10 years now. I would be very grateful if youwould keep RMI in existence and if you could, lengthen the RMI program, perhaps to 1 hour a day.Also, the archive of past programs is very helpful. The RMI staff do a fine job and I would again bevery grateful if you would continue the RMI service.
"RMI needs Moldova. Moldova needs RMI" - a founder member of the station once said that and it isstill true. Moldova needs RMI to spread and promote the country in the international communty. A lotof people already don't know where Moldova is if they're asked to signal it on a map, and if the stationis closed, maybe only your neighbours will know where Moldova is! Even Radio Transnistria, thestation of the rebel Moldovan region is broadcasting to the world in English, German and French. Itsshort-wave signal is strong and clear (using former Radio Moldova's transmitters in Grigoriopol,stolen after the Moldova-Transnistria war) and their website is always updated with the scripts of thedaily news bulletins - I say this because I have heard and read it! They are present on short-wave andon the Internet and RMI is only present on the web and do you want to silence it!? Are you trying toshout down the official voice of Moldova to allow a rebel region to be recognized as an independentstate? I can't believe it!Radio Moldova International was born and raised along with the independent Moldovan state. It's notfair to kill this broadcaster that has always promoted Moldova's image around the world. It's not fair toshut down Moldova's voice! Why do you want to shut down RMI, the only open window to foreigners-in our own languages- to know more about your country, mine by adoption? Why do you want tosilence a friendly voice coming from Basarabia?
For me Radio Moldova Inernational is practically the only source of information about the Republic of Moldova and the only relyable source of information about the situation in the Transnistrian issue.There is almost no information at all about your part of the world here in my country Germany.Though RMI information programs I learned a lot about Moldova. Many people in my country don't
2even know about the existence of the Republic of Moldova - nor have they ever heard aboutTransnistria. All people I ever discussed Moldovan topics with were listeners of RMI. If this windowwill be closed once it will never be opened again. Yes, I am convinced that such a great service isneeded. It would be a great loss and a big mistake to shut down RMI. Please take a chance and dothink about your decision once again. We listeners like Radio Moldova International.A heart-broken listener from India,
 My association with RMI dates back to 1992 when the young republic was trying to find its feet afteryears of exploitation and neglect. The friendly voice of the station in typical Moldovan accent dolingout interesting programmes attracted my attention. RMI introduced me to the rich Moldovan culture,its music and literature. My association with the station since those happy days have strengthenedwith time. In fact, I grew up with RMI. My mind and views on South European culture was mouldedby RMI so was my improvement of the English language. While participating in RMI's annualknowledge contests helped me to broaden my views on this tiny south-eastern European country.With democracy restored, the Moldovan Republic is now marching on to peace and progress with truedynamism and determination. It is cooperating closely with the EU and deserves to be a member of this Union. We Indians have a special corner in our hearts for the heroic people of Moldova. Weeagerly wait for the day when the Moldovan Republic will take its rightful and duly deserved place inthe comity of nations. RMI has been a true partner in Moldova's historic nation-building efforts. Thusthe sudden demise of RMI broadcasts would be unjust and unfair to its global listeners who have beenlistening to the voice of truth which began its journey in 1992 to inform the world on the truthful basicfacts of the Transnistrian conflict. On behalf of thousands of devoted RMI's worldwide listeners, I takethis opportunity to request the authorities of the Public Broadcaster "Teleradio Moldova" to once againreconsider their decision on winding up the RMI broadcasting section.
It is important to know your traditions and customs and your opinion about the world in Europe. WhenI see that Radio China International takes over all abandoned shortwave programs, I believe it is worththinking about it. The French listeners are scandalized by the interest you show to them.
As I have been a listener of the English Service of Radio Moldova International for 15 years, I amvery sad about plans to stop all of its radio programmes in the near future. In German media you find alot of information about the European Union, the United States of America and Russia - but you willhardly find any reports about Moldovan affairs. So I think publishing a few articles in English on yourwebsite will not be sufficient for people abroad who are interested in your country.I do not only want to read texts, I also want to listen to interviews, people's voices and Moldovanmusic. Instead of discontinuing RMI's programmes, you should rather extend them. Otherwise, Iguess, I am supposed to get my information about the Republic of Moldova by listening to theExternal Service of Radio PMR from Pridnestrovje?!
From where people interested in Moldova abroad should get their information after closing down thestation? Talking about myself I will try to get some information by foreign language radiostation fromneigbouring countries of Moldova. Romania, the Ukraine, Russia and even the Transdniestrian regionhave programmes not only in English and other languages Radio Moldova International provided but

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