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Free DnD

Free DnD

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Published by William Mead
Play this free Dnd Game!
Play this free Dnd Game!

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Published by: William Mead on Jan 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Keith Baker 
 Khyber’s Harvest™
, the PCs battle an ancient evilthreatening a remote village in the Shadow Marches. Thedark power of the planes has grown strong in this place.Depraved cultists and twisted aberrant creatures are-dragging innocents down into ancient caverns to undergoa horrific transformation. To save these helpless villagers,the PCs must overcome the terrors of Khyber—a quest thatbrings them to the attention of the dreadful elashyrra,the Lord of yes.
 Khyber’s Harvest 
is a short adventure for 2nd-levelcharacters, who should reach 3rd level by the end. Although it has been created as an introduction to theBERRON
campaign setting, this adventure can be easily altered and expanded to fit into any ongoing campaign.
When madness and night align And innocent blood waters the dark treeThe noble soul must claim the Coat of Eyes And bear this burden for the good of all.
—From the
Talash Siberys
 Thousands of years ago, the fearsome daelkyr came toberron from the Far ealm of Xoriat. After a long andbitter struggle, an order of druids known as the Gate-keepers used ancient primal magic to bind the lords of madness in the depths of Khyber, the underworld of ber-ron. However, the influence of the daelkyr can still be feltin the world today. Mind flayers, beholders, and lesseraberrant monsters continue to do the bidding of theirmalevolent daelkyr masters, and in those places wherethe borders between Xoriat and berron are weak, mor-tals embrace dark dreams and fall prey to the voice of madness.Tucked into the wild frontier of the Shadow Marches,the village of lackroot is located on a manifest zone—anexus point between berron and the planes of Xoriat andMabar, the ndless ight. ne of the Cults of the Dragonelow has long flourished in this place, its members swornto the service of elashyrra, a daelkyr known as the Lordof yes. Partaking of elashyrra’s foul gifts, those whoserve him become something less than human. The PCs come to lackroot at a critical time—a rarealignment with both Mabar and Xoriat. When the powersof night and madness are at their height, a gate opensallowing the cultists to descend into the underworld of Khyber. They call this the Harvest—a time when inno-cent villagers are kidnapped and taken below, their soulsbound to the cult and their bodies branded with the livingeyes of elashyrra. Can the PCs save these unfortunatesbefore they become the newest servants of the Lord of yes?
 As the adventure begins, the PCs have come to the vil-lage of lackroot in the savage Shadow Marches, only todiscover that their contact there has gone missing. venas they search for clues to what might have happened, thecharacters’ suspicions are dismissed by the village reeve Toraash. However, the PCs soon find clear evidence of trouble.
Keith Baker 
Scott Fitzgerald Gray 
 Jon Schindehette
& enior rt irector
Kieran Yanner 
Cover llustration
Ultizen Games, Dan Panosian, Jim Pavelec, Zak Plucinski,Ron Spencer, Ben Wootten
nterior llustrations
Liz Schuh, Scott Rouse, Kierin Chase, Sara Girard, Martin Durham
& rand eam
 Jason A. Engle
Christopher Tardiff 
Publishing Production pecialist
Donna Woodcock 
Production ManagerUNGEONS & RAGONS, &, WIZARDS OF THE COAST,
Player’sHandbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual, Khyber’sHarvest,
BERRON, all other Wizards o the Coast product names,and their respective logos are trademarks o Wizards o the CoastLLC in the ... and other countries. ll Wizards characters,character names, and the distinctive likenesses thereo areproperty o Wizards o the Coast LLC. his material is protectedunder the copyright laws o the nited tates o merica. nyreproduction or unauthorized use o the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express writtenpermission o Wizards o the Coast LLC. ny similarity to actualpeople, organizations, places, or events included herein is purelycoincidental. Printed in the ... ©2009 Wizards300-8134-001-9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1irst Printing: June 2009

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