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Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

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Published by Vonne Monai

Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Jan 25, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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***Daddy Dearest****
warren and Daddy Dearest
white roman catholic, males who are so inferior they need evil black whores
to worship them.I don't have to share Jesus with Jezebels or Ahabs because God hates them.
I don't like them.
We have nothing in common.
We're complete opposites and God protected me and keeps his promises.
God's the only one who ever promised me anything and he keeps his promises.
 Four genes are involved in making the alpha hemoglobin chain. You get two from each of your  parents. If you inherit:
One mutated gene,
you'll have no signs or symptoms of thalassemia. But,you're a carrier of the disease and can pass it on to your children.
Two mutated genes,
your thalassemia signs and symptoms will be mild.This condition may be called alpha-thalassemia minor, or you may be told you have an alpha-thalassemia trait.
Three mutated genes,
your signs and symptoms will be moderate tosevere. This condition is also called hemoglobin H disease.
Four mutated genes,
the condition is called alpha-thalassemia major or hydrops fetalis. It usually causes a fetus to die before delivery oa newborn to die shortly after birth.
 Two genes are involved in making the beta hemoglobin chain. You get one from each of your  parents. If you inherit:
One mutated gene,
you'll have mild signs and symptoms. This conditionis called beta-thalassemia minor or referredto as a beta-thalassemia trait.
ISLAMABAD: Cultural taboos and cousin marriages are majorcauses of Thalassemiaspread in Pakistan and the government needs to launch anational campaign to createawareness about this fatal disease.
thalassemia patients come from poor and uneducated families,” 
he said, adding, expensivetreatment is beyond their reach, as each blood transfusion
require Rs 4,000. “The therapy of 
this silent killer is much costly which also needs more and more
contributions and donation of blood,” 
Supportive care for this disease is a huge economic burden on affectedfamilies, being higher than the average income.As a consequence, the majority of children do not live beyond adolescence,he said.The cost of bone marrow transplantation is equivalent to a few years of supportive therapy, but contrary to this, providesa definitive cure, returning to normal life over 80 percent of children whohave a compatible sibling.Sighting cousin marriages and cultural taboos as major causes, he said bothsexes hardly go for blood screeningbefore marriage to prevent a child with fatal diseases.
Dr. Faulkner said that in Italy every woman got under inductive screening
that’s why Italian nation remains successful
in overcoming this disease along other nations like Iran and Cyprus. InDecember 2010, C2C received a grant of Rs50 million for the Cure & Prevention of Thalassemia major as part of theinternational debt-swap agreement betweenItaly and Pakistan (PIDSA - Pakistan Italian Debt-for development SwapAgreement).
cousin marriages among immigrants are contributing to a surge of birth defects in the UK.
Inbreeding and risk of lateonset complex disease
Two mutated genes,
your signs and symptoms will be moderate tosevere. This condition is called beta-thalassemia major or Cooley'sanemia. Babies born with two defective beta hemoglobin genes usually arehealthy at birth, but develop signs and symptoms within the first two years of life.
Someone who inherits one or two has thalassemia alpha minor.
People with thalassemia beta minor have inherited one copy of thedefective gene.
Testing may be required before amarriage licensewill be issued in someregionsThe term
“thalassemia” actually describes a family of inherited blood conditions seen
primarily amongpeople of Mediterranean and Asian descent.
Thalassemiaminor is a genetic blood condition.

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