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SoB v Blood Angels 6th ed

SoB v Blood Angels 6th ed

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Published by davemcmillan5259
SoB v Blood Angels 6th ed
SoB v Blood Angels 6th ed

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: davemcmillan5259 on Jan 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Played Jons Blood Angels last night., I t
hought I’d write a quick batrep.
Libby epistolary jump pack10 jump pack asm meltagun, flamer, fist sarge10 jump pack asm meltagun, flamer, fist sarge10 Death co. 2 power axeStormraven5 asm in a lazerback5 scoutsSanguine priestPred, AC, hvy bolters
Sisters/ marine allies
Celestine10 sisters10 sistersAegis line + quadgun7 seraphim, 2 inferno pistols7 seraphim, 2 hand flamersExorcist10 tac marines in a drop pod5 termies, ML, chainfistLibby jump pack
 We rolled the hammer and anvil deployment (my favourite) and [I think] the emperors will (1 objectiveeach, with the usual secondaries). Jon won the roll to go first. This battle tyook place on a frozenwasteland (reserves in the white band at the top):
Our warlord traits didn’t hugely influence anything. My psyker rolled on the biomancy table and got thefeel no pain power (score!). Jon took 2 BA powers one to give his guys a 5+ cover save and another one…
preferred enemy? SO the BA libby unit was looking strong as it also had a sanguine priest (FNP) androlled furious charge on the blood lust table! We got night fighting on turn 1.In Jons turn 1 the Death Co ran into cover, BA beta started a flank move and the pred tried (and failed)to take out the aegis-mounted quad gun.
In my turn the marine pod scattered off on to a flank. I concentrated my fire on the DC as they werereally the only thing in range. I killed around5 of them (exorcist rolled 6 missiles!), reducing them to half strength:In jons turn 2 his raven failed to come on
lucky for me. Since night fighting was gone, his lazerback had
a pop at my quad gun… and missed –
twin linked, eh?! The pred did the same and took a wound off. TheDC marched up to the sisters and..
not much else moved. Interestingly, Jon hadn’t moved his alpha unit
up, as he was using them as his insurance against my deep strike.In my turn 2 both my reserves turned up. I tried to get celestines flamer unit on BA beta.. but scatteredto mid table-just in range of the DC. The inferno sisters did better, and appeared behind the pred. Thelibby cast FNP on the tacs again, and jumped over to lead them. Shooting went pretty well
I wiped theDC and got first blood
they had 2 units of sisters, termies, seraphim flamers and and an exorcistshooting at them! I decided to try and whittle down squad beta rather than melt the pred
and killed 3

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