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He Doth Protest Too Much

He Doth Protest Too Much

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Published by Vonne Monai
Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes
Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Jan 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vonne MonaiMar 1, 2012 (edited) - +1'd on www.youtube.com - Public
This is my Ex-Fiance (3:57 Moon Walking on Skates).
He is such a great dancer!
He, like I, trained with the best.
His Father played for The 49ers.
Just see if you can find him because the Zionist thugs tried to erase and replace himlike they try and erase and replace me.
I'll put some of the gory details in my blog along with names (photos if I can find them)because it is such a long story.
He was an heir, but for the thieving, jealous Zionist and Papist thug Gang StalkingZeros!
Remember LaToya Jackson and her kidnapping story?
Americans are targeted for Genocide by Zionist and Papist, Homcidal, Africanized,Thugs!
March 1, 2012
Further clarification about this post :
My Ex-Fiance's name is Adrain Morris (spelled correctly, pronounced Adrian).
We were engaged to be married and resided together in Vernon, Ct.
He's from Coventry, Ct.
We met through a friend on an uneventful errand she was on for a relative of hers.
I did not know that he had been in this video until I looked at it on YouTube.
I am familiar with some of his other work, the performances he told me about.
Everyone was and probably still are jealous of him, also.
The Gang Stalkers were already working on his family because his father was asuccessful NFL Player, who was heading a corporation when we met.
Adrain introduced me to his former ballet instructor (N.Y.C.)
I went with him to his ballet lessons with a local instructor (Ct.).He is a gifted tap dancer, also.
I have seen none better.
My point is that he is the victim of Organized Gang Stalking.
They have deliberately marginalized him and set him up to appear as if he is a failurebecause he is a Genuine American.
When I get the time I'll continue as much of this as possible because it seems to havesparked some interest.
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Michael Jackson-I'm bad Video
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David BilliotFeb 29, 2012+1
Why do you keep using the word "papist"? What did the Pope in Rome have to do withyour fantasies? Do you even know who was Pope when you were a little kid? If anyonehere is brain washed it is you.Let me guess, you saw someone in the video and figured it would be hard to find outwho that person is in real life so no one would be able to fact check your story and sonow you say had a relationship with them. Well, if that is true, then prove it. Don't askme to prove you are a liar, we've already established that. You need to prove that thisperson in a famous music video is actually in a relationship with you. If you can't prove itthen don't expect anyone to believe it.
And on an aside, wasn't it the protestants who erased seven whole books from the bibleleaving you with the very unlucky number of 66. Still, I bet you don't even know why 66is an unlucky number.
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Vonne MonaiFeb 29, 2012 (edited)Edit+1
I don't have to lie to impress you jealous apes!
I can prove everything I say and write.
You are jealous because you are a nobody and a Papal slave.
I wrote that I would write about him in my blog and this alone will prove to be true due toit's content.
I think you need to find someone else to brow beat about your religion.
I can't help it because your life isn't as interesting as mine is and always has been.
You should blame your parents and possibly your religion for you being such a drag(American slang for Dullard).
You are not my equal and you never will be!
Why don't you and your religion find someone to share your envious delusions with?
No one would try and replace you because you are a Zero!
It's notable, the facts you chose to refute, Hmmmm?
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David BilliotFeb 29, 2012+1

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