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Published by Vaibhav Agrawal
Google Web Toolkit
Google Web Toolkit

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Vaibhav Agrawal on Jan 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is anopen sourceset of toolsthat allowsweb developersto create and maintain complex JavaScriptfront-endapplicationsin Java. Other than a few native libraries,everything is Java source that can be built on anysupported platform with the included GWTAnt build files. It is licensed under the Apache Licenseversion 2.0.GWT emphasizesreusable, efficient solutions torecurringAjaxchallenges, namelyasynchronous  remote procedure calls, history management,bookmarking,internationalizationand cross- browserportability.
does not revolve only arounduser interface programming; it is a general set of tools for building any sort of high-performanceclient-side JavaScript functionality. In livepresentations, the developers of GWT emphasizethat "GWT is not its libraries" and that it onlyincludes a library but is not fundamentally yetanother AJAX library. This open-ended philosophysometimes surprises developers new to GWT whoexpect it to provide an end-to-end "on r
ails"application framework.
 The GWT mission statement
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clarifies the philosophical breakdown of GWT's roleversus the developer's role.
GWT version 1.0 RC 1 (build 1.0.20) was releasedon May 16, 2006. Google announced GWT at the JavaOneconference, 2006.Release history:
GWT 1.0 May 17, 2006
GWT 1.1 August 11, 2006
GWT 1.2 November 16, 2006
GWT 1.3 February 5, 2007
GWT 1.4 August 28, 2007
GWT 1.5 August 27, 2008
GWT 1.6 April 07, 2009
GWT 1.7 July 13, 2009
GWT 2.0 December 08, 2009
GWT 2.0.1 February 02, 2010
GWT 2.0.2 February 12, 2010
GWT 2.0.3 February 19, 2010
GWT 2.0.4 July 02, 2010
GWT 2.1.0 October 19, 2010
GWT 2.1.1 December 16, 2010
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GWT 2.2.0 February 11, 2011
GWT 2.3.0 May 3, 2011 (Latest)
Development with GWT
Using GWT, developers can rapidly develop anddebugAJAXapplications in the Java language usingthe Java development tools of their choice. Whenthe application is deployed, the GWT cross-compiler translates the Java application tostandalone JavaScriptfiles that are optionallyobfuscatedand deeply optimized.GWT does not revolve only around user interfaceprogramming; it is a general set of tools forbuilding any sort of high-performance client-side JavaScript functionality. In live presentations, thedevelopers of GWT emphasize that "GWT is not itslibraries" and that it only includes a library but isnot fundamentally yet another AJAX library. Thisopen-ended philosophy sometimes surprisesdevelopers new to GWT who expect it to providean end-to-end "on rails" application framework.Indeed, many key architectural decisions are leftcompletely to the developer. The GWT mission statementclarifies the philosophical breakdown of 
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