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01-26-13 edition

01-26-13 edition

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01-26-13 edition

01-26-13 edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Jan 26, 2013
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Vol XII,Edition 139
(800) 308-0870
Fighting for victimsand their families
By Heather Murtagh
Arundel Elementary School teacherMarcy Corea asked her first grade classto remind her what made the gameroshambo unique.A number of little hands went in theair before a student answered,“It’s fair.”Corea agreed. The game — alsoknown as rock,paper,scissors — is fair.Anyone can do it,she said. It was theprecursor to a throwdown of sorts,onewhich required each of the students tobring their best roshambo abilities.The class tournament was one of manywhich was held throughout San Carlosschools this week in anticipation of thecity-wide roshambo finals,held Friday,Feb. 2 at Central Middle School. It’s oneof the events held during the annualWeek of the Family,which kicks off thisweekend.The week-long family celebration,which runs Saturday,Jan. 26 throughSaturday,Feb. 2,offers a variety of activities from game nights and scav-enger hunts to hikes and evenings“adoptinglocal grandparents. Oneevent takes a bit more planning — thecity-wide roshambo competition.Students at local schools can choose tohold tournaments the week before to findclassroom “champions”who will com-pete in the finals. Those contestants get abye during the first part of Friday’s com-petition,explained Jennifer Kula,Week of the Family chair.The competition is open to people of all ages; they don’t even have to be San
It’s on! Week of the Family kicks off 
School roshambo tournament begins week-long activities
Marcy Corea oversees the second round of the roshambopreliminary tournament in her first grade classroom atArundel Elementary School in San Carlos Friday.
Immigrationreform planset to launch
By Julie Pace and Erica Werner
WASHINGTON — Reviving anissue that has languished for years,President Barack Obama willlaunch a campaign next week aimedat overhauling the nation’s flawedimmigration system and creatinglegal status for millions,as a biparti-san Senate group nears agreementon achieving the same goals.The proposals from Obama andlawmakers will mark the start of what is expected to be a contentiousand emotional process with deeppolitical implica-tions. Latino vot-ers overwhelm-ingly backedObama in the2012 election,leavingRepublicansgrappling for away to regaintheir standingwith an increasingly powerful poolof voters.The president will press his case
Proposed federal overhaul wouldcreate legal status for millions
By Samantha Weigel
More than 100 health-consciousstudents,enthusiasts,locals andfarmers convened in Pescadero thisweek to learn more about sustain-able farming practices as part of the33rd annual EcoFarm conference inPacific Grove.A guided tour of several coastalfarms was the first in a line of semi-nars and events that kicked off Wednesday and ends Saturday.The Ecological FarmingAssociation is responsible for theevent that encourages education andadvocacy toward creating locallysustainable food practices. The firststop on the tour was the organicJacobs Farm; it’s hidden in the lushvalley on the outskirts of Pescaderoand yields some of the country’sfinest culinary herbs. More than 60varieties of herbs and edible flowersare grown on the large farm dili-gently maintained with the help of its residents.The surrounding area dates back to the late 1800s when a boom inflax seed production started the suc-cess found today. A wide array of edibles were once grown on theprosperous land; including wheat,potatoes,peas,corn,carrots,broc-coli and cattle. In the 1930s Gerbercontracted with the area’s propertyowners to create their now famous
Coastal farms offer taste of sustainability
Adriana Serrano explains the goat milking system at Harley Farms
Redwood City councilmembersmay delay a public hearing on let-ting Pete’s Harbor owner PaulaUccelli move forward with sale anddevelopment plans until it receivesmore information about her lease onthe outer marina area.City staff is recommending thecouncil continue the appeal of thePlanning Commission’s earlierapproval of permits to allow suffi-cient time to understand the StateLands Commission’s lease require-ments. The commission owns theouter marina leased by Uccelli whowants to transfer it to developerPauls Corp.The developer plans to build 411
City Council may delayappeal on Pete’s Harbor
Barack Obama
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Actress,comedianEllen DeGeneres is55.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
The first European settlers in Australia,led by Capt. Arthur Phillip,landed inpresent-day Sydney.
“Thinking is easy,acting is difficult,and to put one’s thoughts into actionis the most difficult thing in the world.” 
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,German poet,dramatist and author (1749-1832)
Rock singer,musician EddieVan Halen is 58.Hockey Hall-of-Famer WayneGretzky is 52.
Boys throw their friend into the air during a procession marking Eid-e-Milad-ul-Nabi,birthday celebrations of the ProphetMuhammad,in Karachi,Pakistan.
:Mostly cloudy. A slight chanceof showers. Highs in the upper 50s.Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Saturday night:
Mostly cloudy. A slightchance of showers. Lows in the upper 30s.West winds 10 to 20 mph.
:Mostly cloudy. A chance of show-ers in the morning... Then a slight chance of showers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 50s. Northwestwinds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of showers 30 percent.
Sunday night:
Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of showers inthe evening. Lows in the mid 30s. Northwest winds 10 to 15mph. Chance of showers 20 percent.
:Mostly cloudy. Highs in the mid 50s.
Monday night:
Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 30s.
Tuesday through Friday:
Mostly clear.
Local Weather ForecastLotto
 The Daily Derby race winners are Gold Rush,No.1,in first place;Solid Gold,No.10,in second place;and Eureka,No.7,in third place.The race timewas clocked at 1:43.61.
(Answers tomorrow)RIVER WEDGE STRAND ROCKETYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:After seeing how much the bank’s savingNow arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
©2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.All Rights Reserved.
   F   i  n   d  u  s  o  n   F  a  c  e   b  o  o   k   h   t   t  p  :   /   /  w  w  w .   f  a  c  e   b  o  o   k .  c  o  m   /   j  u  m   b   l  e
9 3 72 4 7 13 22
antasy Fi
y thre
e midd
286 1
y Fo
8 9 0
y thre
e ev
In 1784,
in a letter to his daughter Sally,Benjamin Franklinexpressed unhappiness over the choice of the eagle as the sym-bol of America,and stated his own preference:the turkey.
In 1837
,Michigan became the 26th state.
In 1870
,Virginia rejoined the Union.
In 1939,
during the Spanish Civil War,rebel forces led by Gen.Francisco Franco captured Barcelona.
In 1942,
the first American Expeditionary Force to go toEurope during World War II arrived in Belfast,NorthernIreland.
In 1950
,India officially proclaimed itself a republic asRajendra Prasad took the oath of office as president.
In 1962
,the United States launched Ranger 3 to land scientif-ic instruments on the moon — but the probe ended up missingits target by more than 22,000 miles. Charles “Lucky”Luciano,a leading Mafia figure in the U.S.,died in Naples,Italy,at age64.
In 1973
,actor Edward G. Robinson died in Los Angeles at age79.
In 1979,
former Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller died inNew York at age 70.
In 1988
,Australians celebrated the 200th anniversary of theircountry as a grand parade of tall ships re-enacted the voyage of the first European settlers. The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical“Phantom of the Opera”opened at Broadway’s MajesticTheater.
In 1993,
Vaclav Havel was elected president of the newlyformed Czech Republic.
In 1998,
President Bill Clinton forcefully denied having anaffair with a former White House intern,telling reporters,“Idid not have sexual relations with that woman,MissLewinsky.”Actress Anne Jeffreys is 90. Actress Joan Leslie is 88.Cartoonist Jules Feiffer is 84. Sportscaster-actor Bob Uecker is78. Actor Scott Glenn is 74. Singer Jean Knight is 70. ActivistAngela Davis is 69. Rock musician Corky Laing (Mountain) is65. Actor David Strathairn is 64. Alt-country singer-songwriterLucinda Williams is 60. Reggae musician Norman Hassan(UB40) is 55. Musician Andrew Ridgeley is 50. Rhythm-and-blues singer Jazzie B. (Soul II Soul) is 50. Actor Paul Johanssonis 49. Gospel singer Kirk Franklin is 43. Actress Jennifer Crystalis 40. Rock musician Chris Hesse (Hoobastank) is 39.After filming the 1960 movie “Ocean’s11”during the day,members of the“Rat Pack”Frank Sinatra,Dean Martinand Sammy Davis Jr. performed night-ly at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.***The term “Brat Pack”for a group of young actors in the 1980s came from awriter at New York Magazine whotitled a 1985 cover story “Hollywood’sBrat Pack.”***Frank Sinatra’s (1915-1998) careerwas launched when he won the “MajorBowes Amateur Hour”(1934-1946)radio contest at age 19.***Due to an ear infection in his infancy,actor Rob Lowe (born 1964) is deaf inhis right ear.***Sammy Davis Jr. (1925-1990) starredin Japanese commercials for SuntoryWhisky.***While his father Martin Sheen (born1940) was filming “Apocalypse Now,”(1979) Emilio Estevez (born 1962)traveled to the movie set in thePhilippines. He had a small role as amessenger boy,but his scene got cutfrom the movie.***British actor Peter Lawford (1923-1984) was married to Patricia Kennedy(born 1924). John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) was his brother-in law.***At age 12,Ally Sheedy (born 1962)wrote a best-selling children’s book.“She Was Nice to Mice”(1975) wasabout a mouse that lives inBuckingham Palace with QueenElizabeth I.***The epitaph on Dean Martin’s (1917-1995) tombstone at WestwoodMemorial Cemetery reads “EverybodyLoves Somebody Sometime.”It wasthe title of his 1964 hit song and thetheme song of “The Dean MartinShow(1965-1974).***Do you know which members of theBrat Pack starred in the followingmovies? “Short Circuit(1986),“Weekend at Bernie’s”(1989),“TheMighty Ducks”(1992),“Youngblood(1986),“Weird Science”(1985),“WarGames”(1983). See answer at end.***Molly Ringwald (born 1968) is theyoungest daughter of Bob Ringwald(born 1940),a blind jazz pianist.***Little Richard (born 1932),a singerand minister,performed the marriageceremony between Demi Moore (born1962) and Bruce Willis (born 1955) in1987. The wedding cost $875,000.They were married for 11 years.***In the movie “Sixteen Candles”(1984)sophomore Samantha Baker,played byMolly Ringwald,had a crush on seniorJake Ryan,played by MichaelSchoeffling (born 1960). They took independent study class together.***Joey Bishop (1918-2007) was a guesthost on “The Tonight Show”(1962-present) 177 times.***Claire “the princessditched class togo shopping. Brian “the brain”broughta gun to school. Bender “the criminal”pulled a false fire alarm. For their badbehavior,they all got detention,whichis the setting for the movie “TheBreakfast Club”(1985).***
:“Short CircuitAllySheedy,“Weekend at Bernie’s”—  Andrew McCarthy (born 1962),“The Mighty DucksEmilio Estevez,“Youngblood”Rob Lowe,“WeirScience— Anthony Michael Hall(born 1968),“War Games”— AllySheedy.
Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs inthe weekend and Wednesday editions of theDaily Journal. Questions? Comments?Email knowitall@smdailyjournal.com orcall 344-5200 ext. 114.
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 Jan.23 Su
r Lotto Pl
7 11 16 395413
an.22 Me
a Milli
. The driver of a red Mitsubishi Galantreported the driver side window of his vehiclewas smashed and two pieces of luggage and alaptop were stolen from the 1200 block of ElCamino Real before 5:25 p.m. on Tuesday,Jan.22.
. The landlord of an apartment com-plex reported BB holes shot into the rear win-dow of a building on the 100 block of EastburnCourt before 8:55 a.m. on Tuesday,Jan. 22.
. The hard top of a white Mazda Miata wasreportedly stolen from the 300 block of PoplarAvenue before 6:49 a.m. on Tuesday,Jan. 22.
Malicious mischief.
Three tires were slashed ona vehicle without license plates on the 100 block of San Luis Avenue before 1:53 p.m. Monday,Jan. 21.
. A brick was thrown through a vehi-cle windshield on the 700 block of San AnselmoAvenue before 8:53 a.m. Sunday,Jan. 20.
. A man was threatening andswinging at another man on the 400 block of San Mateo Avenue before 8:54 p.m. Monday,Jan. 14.
Police reports
It is a ‘rest’room
A women was seen sleeping in a bath-room on Veterans Boulevard in RedwoodCity before 9:38 p.m. on Sunday,Jan. 13.
An elderly San Mateo man’s former long-time prostitute — already on probation fortaking his money by intimidation —was sen-tenced Friday to more than 10 years in prisonfor beating him with a brick before making off with his cash,television and car.Lynette Evette Derouen,39,pleaded nocontest to charges including robbery,elderabuse,violating a court order,burglary andcarjacking. She also admitted her prior felonyconvictions and two felony probation viola-tions and pleaded no contest to drug posses-sion in a separate case. She waived a proba-tion report and was immediately sentenced to10 years and four months in prison.The outcome is “a healthy sentence,saidChief Deputy DistrictAttorney Karen Guidotti.Derouen and the 82-year-old victim had a sev-eral-year arrangement inwhich she would come tohis home to provide servic-es. The man ended thebusiness relationship butauthorities say Derouenstill came to his home.After pressuring him intogiving her money and write checks to herdaughter’s boyfriend,she was convicted inJuly 2011 of felony grand theft,placed on pro-bation and ordered to stay away from her for-mer client,according to the District Attorney’sOffice.But in April 2012,she allegedly beganreturning to the man’s home,entering it sever-al times again to threaten him and demandmoney. On May 11,2012,Derouen is accusedof entering the house where the man was mak-ing lunch and pushing him to the floor whileshe shouted “show me the money.”Afterallegedly hitting him with a brick she hadbrought with her,she reportedly grabbed cashand a brand-new television which she put inthe man’s car and fled. She also allegedlygrabbed two telephones to prevent the manfrom immediately calling police. A securitycamera at the San Mateo Medical Centeracross the street caught Derouen leaving thehouse holding the television and driving off.She remains in custody in lieu of $500,000bail pending a March 13 restitution hearing.
Prostitute imprisoned 10 years for beating elderly client
A 28-year-old Redwood City man accused of stabbing another at a baptismal party because hefelt his wife had been disrespected will be triedon assault and battery charges,a judge ruledafter a preliminary hearing on the evidence.Yasmani Moreno Ramirez has pleaded notguilty to the charges but was held to answerafter the hearing in which three prosecutionwitnesses testified but nonefor the defense. He returnsto court Feb. 8 to enter aSuperior Court plea andpossibly set a trial date.Ramirez was arrestedNov. 17 after RedwoodCity police responded tothe gathering at theHighland CommunityClub on Fernside Street.According to police,a fight broke outbetween several people,including Ramirez,inpart because the 24-year-old stabbing victimallegedly placed his hand on the back of Ramirez’s wife and asked her to dance.Ramirez allegedly stabbed the man once inthe abdomen and slashed his arms four times.Ramirez remains in custody on $25,000bail.
Man to trial for stabbing at baptism party
Yasmani Ramirez

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