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The Spared Little Tree

The Spared Little Tree

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Published by Frank Nic. Bazsika
The story of a seedling I spared....
The story of a seedling I spared....

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Published by: Frank Nic. Bazsika on Jan 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Spared Little Tree
Author Frank Nic. Bazsika 2011
 Dedicated to Fifi and Debs my buddies
This cool of the day Sabbath morning during mid summer I went out into my yard. Todaythere is relief from the heat and a pleasant breeze. One of those beautiful mornings that inspires meto think and reflect. Here is my beloved basset hound named Loopy, - happy to greet me or is it thesnack I carry? I look at my small garden. It isn¶t very big at all but provides me that outlet innatesince I was a boy on our farm. I always enjoy working a bit with the soil and planting somethingwith the anticipation of its growth.And there near the corner of my garden is a tree. I smile and have an inward sense of joy onthinking back at the start of that tree. It seems but just a few years ago that I found this tendersapling one spring day growing at the edge of where I always plant my garden.Now how that little tree happened to start growing just there I don¶t know. Maybe a birddropped its seed or the wind blew it there. But it sprouted beneath the soil and pushed itself 
upwards to reach the light of the sun. Its roots in good soil and drinking from the spring rains gaveit sustenance and now it was perhaps a foot tall.I beheld that little tree and thought I would spare it and allow it to grow and see what itwould turn out to be. It grew that summer. I turned the soil about it and staked it to grow straightas can be. By start of fall it had grown perhaps another few feet. I pruned it some to give strength tothe trunk and have the branches trained to grow straight reaching upwards.The third year it was a bit higher than me and spreading out its branches in a lovelycanopy. I pruned the top a bit that fall making sure that the center was straight and strong. Thatwould be the last time I pruned it.The following spring I placed a lovely bird house taken from my mom¶s after she had diedin its branches. That summer a little song bird gathered small little twigs all day and placed theminside the bird house. After a few days his work was done. Then all day and early evening he wouldbe in the tree singing his beautiful song inviting a female of his species to check out the home heoffered her! His song was so delightful and amusing,-very beautiful indeed. And then one day afemale bird came and flew in and out of the house. She must have approved and moved in.Within a short time I heard the little chirps of the new born brood. Mom and dad flyinghome with food throughout the day. So here now my little tree has provided shelter and home to thebirds! I bet my little tree felt proud of itself,-that is if a tree could feel? Eventually the young birdsflew to begin their own quest. But my little tree was never lonely because all the birds of the wildcame to rest and sing upon its branches. Sometimes a squirrel would sit and eat some snack as wellin its branches. Yes a good tree!Now allow me to get back to the present time. I cannot recall exactly how old my little treeis, - have 10 years or 12 gone by since I discovered it? We all get so busy sometimes with our livesand before you know it even years fly by. But today while Loopy and I stood in its shade I looked atmy little tree more closely than I have for the past few years. With awe and amazement I perceivedmy little tree was now a big tree!It trunk at its base was at least 12 inches in circumference and looking skyward I beheld itsheight to be at least 5o feet high! Its canopy at the top was full and spread out ever so beautifully.Yes indeed it had become a very splendid thing. It was a good tree that provides shade from theheat, a place for birds to rest and nest. I smiled and thought that I was happy to recall the day Ispared that little seed sapling of a tree. I guess you could say I had faith in that little tree that itwould turn out to be good. My faith was rewarded.Also today was a learning experience for me. I recall so many passages from the Biblewhere God portrays Himself as being the Husbandman and us as the vines or trees of His orchard.He prunes back the crooked or dead growth and causes us to become strong in out base (trunk) andput forth branches bearing good fruits and shade and shelter while growing straight and tall! Eventhe Kingdom of God is portrayed as starting out as the tiny mustard seed that grows up to spreadall over the earth.

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