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Textile Fibers.

Textile Fibers.

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Published by knowldge
General List of Spinable fibers mostly are used
in Textile Industries.
General List of Spinable fibers mostly are used
in Textile Industries.

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Published by: knowldge on Jan 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Textile Fibers:
 List of all natural fibers
   N  a   t  u  r  a   l
Vegetable from seeds
Cotton. COKapok. KP
 from bast or stem
Flax, Linen LIHemp HAJute JURamie RAKenaf KEStrawPaper yarn PAPBananaPineappleAlfagras (esparto) ALGFique (Mauritiusfiber) FISunn hemp SNUrena (Congo Jute) JR
 from leaf 
Sisal SIAbaca (Manila) ABHenequen HEPhormium (New Zealand fiber) NFRosella (Karkade) JS
 from fruit
Coir (coconut) CC
 from plant juice
Rubber elastodiene EDAnimal
Wool WO
Camel WKVikuna WGAlpaca WPLlama WLMohair (Angora goat) WMCashmere WSHorse hair HSPig's bristleGoat hair HZRabbithair WNAngora rabbit WAYak WYKashgora WSACow hair HR
Silk SE
Wild silk (tussah) ST
from rocks Asbestos ASfrom metal Metallic MTF
 List of all synthetic fibers
   S  y  n   t   h  e   t   i  c
   O  r  g  a  n   i  c
of regeneratedcelluloseViscose CVcelluloseCupro CUPorigin Modal CMDby transfo- of cellulose origin. Lyocell CLYrmation of cellulose ester Acetate CAnaturalpolymer. Tri-acitate CTAPeanutfrom Soyaof plants Cornprotein Soyabean SPForigin Alginate ALGfrom Caseinanimals Polylactic Acid PLAPolyamide 4.6 PA 4.6Polyamide 6 PA 6Polyamide 6.6 PA 6.6Polyamide Polyamide 6.10 PA 6.10Polyamide 6.12 PA 6.12Polyamide 11 PA 11Polyamide 12 PA 12Polyamide-imide PAIPolyester PETCo-polyester Co-PETPolyester Polytrimethylene terephthalate PTTPolybutylene terephthalate PBTPolybeta hydroxybutyrate PHBPolyester or Polyetherurethane PUPolyurethane Elasthane ELElastodiene EDAcrylic PANPolyvinyl chloride CLFPolyvinyl idenfluoride PVDFPolyvinyl Polyvinyl idenchloride PVDC
compound Polyvinyl alcohol PVAL

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