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Corfe Castle - Gap fill

Corfe Castle - Gap fill

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Published by Unidentified name
For dilligent upper-intermediate to advanced students of English: fill the gaps with ONE word only.
For dilligent upper-intermediate to advanced students of English: fill the gaps with ONE word only.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Unidentified name on Jan 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adapted from an article by S. White and C. Hannay in the DorsetLife in August 2011.
Gap filll
Sir Frederic Treves was famous __________ (1) the British Empire by the time he toured Dorset _________ (2) his pedal cycle during1904/5 collecting information for his book 
Highways and Byways in Dorset 
. He describes Corfe Castle in his typical prose:
“The village is ancient _________ (3) grey,
a dim, mumbling place of tales and gossip. ________ (4) has changedbut little in the last century __________ (5) so, and has remained unspoiled, __________ (6) the canker
(disease, evil)
has begun to gnaw
(chew, bite)
__________ (7) its vitals.”
In many respects Corfe Castle could still claim __________ (8) have changed but little since Treves' time; most of the buildings that he __________ (9) have seen still exist and the core of Corfe Castle remains as it has __________ (10) centuries. Whilst _________ (11)has been significant development along the Swanage Road south of the village this seems to have taken __________ (12)predominately during the middle of the last century. Otherwise, the biggest change is the manifold
increase _________ (13)traffic which has blighted
Corfe Castle and the lives of ________ (14) residents. This is a mixed blessing as much of thistraffic brings tourists..Treves' despised 'canker of red brick' mentioned throughout his book would be more conspicuous
in Corfe Castle; stonebeing easily sourced, it is essentially ________ (15) stone village. A house of red brick built in the centre of Corfe would stick ________ (16) like the 'sore thumb'. In apparent deference
_________ (17) this concept Church Villas in East Street, built in________ (18) early 1900s, are rendered in _________ (19) a way that only from the back of the properties can any exposedbrickwork __________ (20) seen; the front and sides being pebbledash
or stone work. This is also evident in West Street. Treves continues:
“It is a wrinkled old place in the winter of its age, lying _________ (21) the foot of its Castle like a faithful
hound. Its three little streets lead humbly ________ (22) the castle gate. The keep
(the central tower of the castle)
riseshigh above the village, and looks down _______ (23) it as a sacred image would regard ________ (24) adoringworshipper. The small town has ever been dependent upon the castle, and is dependent _______ (25) it still,for it brings to the place hungry tourists in charabancs
(sightseeing wagons with benches)
, with their holiday moneyin their pockets.Even the humblest cottage may boast a strong buttress
(support for a wall)
or an ancient outhouse of goodmasonry. Stone-mullioned
(with stone dividers decorated windows)
windows are common, while gables and flagged
(paved with stones)
courts __________ (26) never been démodé in Corfe. Opposite _________ (27) the village cross isthe Town House, _________ (28) an especially fine bow window, capped by a roof of rugged
(strong, with irregularsurface)
stone.The inn has a porch with a small room over it, _________ (29) a miniature house. This chamber is held up,with no little dignity, _______ (30) three stone pillars, which have their time afforded comforting support tothe backs of many carters (
who operate a cart)
while they drank their cider.The glory of Corfe is the ancient castle, now a picturesque ruin. Its position is most imposing
Pictures of Corfe Castle, Dorset, taken from the Internet.JuFa

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