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Castaneda Overview

Castaneda Overview

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Published by annoyingspore

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exceprts from books

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: annoyingspore on Jan 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Carlos Castaneda Overview=========================Version: 0.6 (under construction)Last-Updated: Mon Jan 22 22:27:21 CST 1996Email additions or changes to <sanders@earth.com>The Path of a Man of Knowledge------------------------------Source: ``The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge''; pages82-87.A man of knowledge is one who has followed truthfully the hardshipsof learning. A man who has, without rushing or without faltering,gone as far as he can in unraveling the secrets of power andknowledge. To become a man of knowledge one must challenge anddefeat the four natural enemies.The first enemy of a man of knowledge is Fear. A terribleenemy--treacherous, and difficult to overcome. It remainsconcealed at every turn of the way, prowling, waiting. And ifthe man, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy willhave put an end to his quest. Once a man has vanquished fear,he is free from it for the rest of his life because, instead offear, he has acquired clarity of mind which erases fear.And thus he has encountered his second enemy; Clarity. Thatclarity of mind, which is so hard to obtain, dispels fear, butalso blinds. If the man yields to this make-believe power, hehas succumbed to his second enemy and will be patient when heshould rush. And he will fumble with learning until he winds upincapable of learing anything more.He must defy his clarity and use it only to see, and wait patientlyand measure carefully before taking new steps; he must think,above all, that his clarity is almost a mistake. And a momentwill come when he will understand that his clarity was only apoint before his eyes. And thus he will have overcome his secondenemy, and will arrive at a position where nothing can harm himanymore. It will be true power; the third enemy of a man ofknowledge.A man at this stage hardly notices his third enemy closing in onhim. And suddenly, without knowing, he will certainly have lostthe battle. His enemy will have turned him into a cruel, capriciousman. The man must defy his power, deliberately. He has to cometo realize the power he has seemingly conquered is in realitynever his. He will reach a point where everything is held incheck. He will know then when and how to use his power. Andthus he will have defeated his third enemy.The man will be, by then, at the end of his journey of learning,and almost without warning he will come upon the last of hisenemies: Old age. This enemy is the cruelest of all, the one hewon't be able to defeat completely, but only fight away. His
desire to retreat will overrule all his clarity, his power, andhis knowledge. But if the man sloughs off his tiredness, andlives his fate through, he can then be called a man of knowledge,if only for the brief moment when he succeeds in fighting offhis last, invincible enemy. That moment of clarity, power, andknowledge is enough.The Sorcerers' Explanation--------------------------Summerized from ``Tales of Power''.The secret of the luminous beings is that we are perceivers, weare an awareness without solidity or bounds. The world we thinkwe see is only a description of world told to us by our internaldialog, a description that has been taught to us by others. Weare trapped inside that bubble of perception and what we witnesson its walls is a reflection of our world view, our description.As luminous beings, our perception is controlled by the positionof our Assemblage Point (the point where our luminous beingfocuses its awareness on the energy fibers of the universe).There are infinite worlds outside our daily perceptions. Bystopping the internal dialog you break through this barrier tothe totality of oneself.To this end sorcerers use "the right way of walking" as a practicaltask; it saturates the tonal and without the one-to-one relationwith the elements of its description the tonal becomes silent.Also used are acting without believing or expecting rewards;erasing personal history; and "dreaming". To help erase personalhistory the techniques of losing self-importance, assumingresponsibility, and using death as an adviser are applied. Toaide in "dreaming" the three techniques of disrupting the routinesof life, the gait of power, and not-doing are used. Thesetechniques are bound together by living like a warrior, to givetemperance and strength to withstand the path of knowledge.pgs 272-278The nagual is the unspeakable. All the possible feelings andbeings and selves float in it like barges, peaceful, unaltered,forever. Then the glue of life binds some of them together anda being is created. That being loses the sense of its true natureand becomes blinded by the glare and clamor of the tonal, whereall unified organizations exist. That cluster is the bubble ofperception. The secret of the double is in the bubble ofperception. Through the nagual, the cluster of feelings can berearranged to any form and made to assemble instantly anywhere.In other words, one can perceive the here and the there at once.The nagual is witnessed by "will", and the tonal by "reason".The tonal is but a reflection of that indescribable unknown filledwith order; the nagual is but a reflection of that indescribablevoid that contains everything.
The Seven Gates of Dreaming---------------------------Summerized from ``The Art of Dreaming''.First Gate:You reach the first gate when you become aware you are fallingasleep or have a gigantically real dream. You cross the firstgate when you are able to sustain the sight of any item in yourdream.In order to offset the evanescent quality of dreams, sorcerershave devised the use of the starting point item. Every timeyou isolate it and look at it, you get a surge of energy.The most convient thing to use is your hands (which followsnaturally from looking for your hands in your dreams).Second Gate:You cross the second gate when you are able to change fromdream to dream. For example, you wake up from a dream inanother dream or use an item of your dream to trigger anotherdream.Third Gate:You reach the third gate when you dream yourself asleep. Youcross the third gate by moving your engery body after havingdone so. At the third gate you begin to merge your dreamingreality with the reality of the daily world.Fourth Gate:At the fourth gate, the energy body travels to specific, concreteplaces either in this world, out of this world, or places thatexist only in the intent of others.Go to sleep in a certain position, then in dreaming, dream thatyou lie down in the same position and fall asleep again. Thisis called the twin positions and it solidifies your dreamingattention. The second dream is intending in the second attention:the only way to cross the fourth gate of dreaming.Glossary--------The Eight Points+---Seeing----+/ \Nagual Will-----Feeling-----Talking---Reason Tonal\ /+---Dreaming--+Stopping the Internal DialogStopping our description of the world; breaking the barrierof perception. Stopping the internal dialog is the key tothe sorcerers' world. The rest of the activities are onlyprops to accelerate the effect.The Right Way of WalkingTales of Power, WSP Paperback edition, page 236, don Juan says:

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