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What is it about FEAR that captivates...It can control us, It can paralyse us. It is apart of each of our lives. How do we combat it, What does it really look like, and How can we be SET FREE from it's talons?
What is it about FEAR that captivates...It can control us, It can paralyse us. It is apart of each of our lives. How do we combat it, What does it really look like, and How can we be SET FREE from it's talons?

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Joanna Fruhauf of Gracious Vine Ministry on Jan 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When caught disobeying, “I Was afraid because i was Naked”
Gen 3:10
in Pharoah’s territory, “Tell them you’re my sister, lest I die”
in front of His Own People, “What if they don’t believe me”
Ex 4:1
Children of Israel
going into Promised land, “Theres Giants.”
Num 14:1-4
after the death of Moses, ‘FEAR NOT’ -
Josh 1-5
in the storm tossed boat, ‘Lord if its You...”,
Matt 14: 22-32
I’d like to talk about something today that 99% of us can associatewith...FEAR - People wrestle with FEAR pretty regularly. It is one of thefew strongholds that is fairly universal.Not talking about REVERENCE, Like the NATURAL -Fear of Fire, or Fear of Heights, Fear of Water., etc...or even the FEAR OF GOD,THOSE are NATURAL, WISDOM - REVERENCE for somethingsPOWER, AUTHORITY, ABILITY to BRING DESTRUCTION. That It mustbe respected, there are boundaries of man’s ability to control....and sowe keep distant - FEAR of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom...WHY,because I recognize His Power, Authority, Respect it and Reverence it,realizing I cannot CONTROL Him, and could should He desire, destroyme.This is HEALTHY - GOOD and BRINGS WISDOMTHE FEAR I am discussing today, is not at all based in healthyreverence, but in unhealthy, imagined and nonsensical evenOVERWHELMING terror!PANIC - god PAN, Caesarea Philippi - Shepherd god, Cave at entrancehell. Cave 800 ft deep, sacrifices thrown in, people overcome by fear inwoods, terrified of mountain cave - Entrance to the netherlands. -
FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real - Overwhelmingfear - PANIC -You were PAN AttackedFEAR - Is MISPLACED FAITH!
People wrestle with FEAR
-Unknown/ future/ failurePain/Suffering/Deathlosing freedom/rights/positiontrials/tribulationsPersecution/ridicule/rejectiondisappointment/lonelinessloss of loved onesIts time to
our FAITHand appropriate it in CHRIST! As a KID I was overwhelmed byFEAR in different areas, I was Afraid of -
Loud Noises
, rumbles -toilet-
- slept w/lights on-
to dream
- evil, horrifying-From a young age, FEAR wassomething I was subject to...Itliteral was a taskmaster in mylife.My earliest experience-
seeingdevils face in dream
Terrified of the picture in theGolden Children’s Bible of theDevil tempting Jesus and beingfear struck by it.I Remember reading
slamming it shut
terrified everytime came across work - evil,devil, hell, witchcraft etc. (Ithappened alot) As years progressed, It
intensified, night terrors
for years into adulthood became aregular occurrence to the pointwhere I was afraid of the dark,noises, and being alone.I remember rushing out of thebathroom, because I hatedflushing due to the rumblingsound...I remember sleeping constantlywith my light on...(parentscharged me for) I fearedMonsters under EVEN TV- Remember 
. Abbott & Costello - meet themummy, frankenstein,monsters....I’d PLUG my EARS& walk backward to turn off thetv, then frantically run out of theroom.HOW did this happen....I can’ttell you...natural fears,compounded by our OWNactions. - open door for Fear toget a foothold and eventually afull gripHow did I ALLOW, GIVEOPENING? Certainly as a kid,remember playing with magic 8ball, seances, levitations andouija board games....that allBEFORE I accepted Christ in5th grade....IT STARTEDYOUNG...Friend told me I was Too fearfuland needed to get
..so we’d have
Fear fights
...jump out of bushes, refrigerators, fromunder beds....and she told me Ishould watch more
- Poltergeist, Amityville Horror - -
American Werewolf inLondon,
- funny....coming home from work - dogcrossed path....envisioned itattacking through my windsheild-
- then once campingwith my mother...sitting on thebanks of a river, fog rolled in..Iwas petrified and ran to thetrailer Instead of 
 myself to fear -
IT!!!1. As a KID - CHICK Tracts,Comic Books - full color,Christian - intrigued by demons2. played with ouija boards, didseances, levitation3. Even Christian Books thatwere about occult deliveranceIt even affected the way I raisedmy kids... At one point I was involved inseveral ministries and wasinundated from several angles -- I became FEARFUL of theschools ability to destroy mychildren....PULLED SON OUTOF Public School...put in aCHRISTIAN one...But IT WASHORRIBLE experience. WHY?God does not bless anythingdone in fear...not even goodworks....Heb 11:6I OPERATED IN FEAR notFAITH...token CHRISTIAN thingto do....BUT NOT FAITH....asexperience got worse...Godrebuked and corrected MYheart! He gave me scripture tosecure me as I put them back inpublic school...DOING CHRISTIAN THINGS -DOES NOT hinder fear - that’s just CONFORMING ..BUTTHAT is NOT BEINGTRANSFORMED AND SETFREE...
Years passed by and thingsseem to intensify as I was ayoung mom....to the point whereevery
as thecommercials were of FreddyCRUEGER and JASON andhorror for TV - I literally feltattacked and my flesh. pouncedon by the out of the TV..demonsleapingThen - My husband had to worka night shift project in East NYfor 18months....I hated it....ALONE - DARK -Lights on in whole house...BEACON in the NIGHT - for theWRONG REASONS...Got cornered me...heard in spirit- NEED to Deal a DEATH BLOWto SPIRIT OF FEAR....I remember have dreams weredemons, chased, caught anddevoured me.....1.
through & in
rebuking demons - 1stfew times - laughed -demonschased, eventually they ranaway - NEVER AGAIN2.GROUNDED my prayers on
- SWEET SLEEP -proverbs, Psalm - Daniel3.
slowly startedshutting off lights....children inown beds.... Sleeping alone inDARK! YAY!I was SUCCEEDING - thingswere changing....THEN WHEN ALL the LIGHTSwere finally OUT - door closed....I woke and needed togo to the bathroom...Suddenly Iwas TERRIFIED - I had to GOsooo bad....started praying....grabbed for thedoor...COULD HEAR a DEMONTaunt - ‘GO AHEAD -I”M ready to POUNCE YOU’....I Grabbed the door & shouted:JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!POOF! (it was - GONE) Never again!!!!DO YOU KNOW - a few yearslater....One night during a terriblespring Thunderstorm, My boyswoke up afraid - John went to thecouch...boys stayed in my bed...heard some scratching on theopen screens....DARN CAT - tootired....- no MEOW...Heard the LORD it’s not thecat...Got up, hallway - kid inbaseball cap...breaking in...POUNDED FLOOR AND WALLS- HOW DARE YOU - GET OUTOF HERE!!!!GOD SET ME UP - to prove tome I’ve been set free!I am continually having toactivate my FAITH in the face of FEAR -YOU SEE, WHEN We start toGrasp WHO GOD IS, incomparison to our FEARS theyare conquered, dispersed,shatteredFEAR Separates us from HIM -From TRUTH - From LIGHT - ITis darkness -BLINDING, PARALYZING,DESTROYING US
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