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Sandy Lake Metis who Left Treaty

Sandy Lake Metis who Left Treaty

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A case study of some of the Sandy Lake Reserve Metis who left treaty. The Chatelain family is profiled.
A case study of some of the Sandy Lake Reserve Metis who left treaty. The Chatelain family is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jan 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sandy Lake Metis Who Left Treaty:A Family Case Study
Compiled and edited by Lawrence J. BarkwellLouis Riel InstituteAntoine Chatelain was born circa 1780/90. He married Okimawinotook (Metis) and theyhad five sons in Saskatchewan. Their second son Ahtukakoop (John StarblanketChatelain) became the Chief of the Sandy Lake Indian reserve "Ahtukakoop"
Masuskapoe (Sitting on Land) Chatelain born circa 1813.
Ahtahkakoop (John Starblanket) Chatelain born circa 1815.
Ahasiw-akohp dit Ahenakew (Crowskin David) Chatelain born circa 1816, died1879 at Sandy Lake.
Sasakwamoose (One who Adheres) Jacob Chatelain born circa 1819.
 Napesis (Little Man) Chatelain born circa 1820.
Masuskapoe Chatelain
(b.c. 1813)
Masuskapoe had two children
Macohow “Bad Owl”, born 1839 and
John Peter 
Masuskapoe.Ahtahkakoop (John Starblanket) Chatelain (b. 1815)Ahtahkakoop married Mary born 1820. They had the following children:
Marie Okwetchitim Chatelain born circa 1855 at Prince Albert. Marie marriedEdouard Genereux (b. 1850).
Antoine Kamiyoahcahkwcw “Good Spirit” dit “Menowachatiswo” AhtahkakoopStarblanketborn circa 1837 at Carlton. He married Judique Belanger (b. 1843).She was the daughter of Chief Mistawasis (Pierre Belanger).
Mary Starblanket Ahtahkakoop born circa 1840.
Isabella Ahtahkakoop Starblanketborn in 1842. Isabella married GabrielWeyatkowapew Belanger (b.c. 1835). He was the son of Chief Mistawasis (PierreBelanger) and his first wife Anne Iskwesis.
Philomene Emma Ahtahkakoop Starblanketborn circa 1847 in Sandy Lake.Philomene married John Katchichit.
 Nancy Okwetchitim Ahtahkakoop Starblanket born circa 1847 in Sandy Lake.
Unknown daughter Ahtahkakoop Starblanketborn circa 1848. She married JohnCardinal (b.c. 1840)
Catherine Ahtahkakoop Starblanketborn 1850 in Carlton. Catherine marriedDaniel Villebrun (b.c. 1845).
Basil Kamiyoastotin Ahtahkakoop Starblanket born 1852 in Sandy Lake. Basilmarried Maria Wolf (b. 1899). Also married Janet (Eliza Wawiyes) Erminskin (b.1856).1
 Nancy Okwechitchit Ka-Miyo-Ahcahkwcw Ahtahkakoop Starblanket. Nancymarried John Gabriel Weyahtekawpayo Belanger. He was the son of Chief Mistawasis (Pierre Belanger) and his third wife Sitipinatowe. .
Emma Ahtahkakoop Starblanketborn circa 1855. Emma married John Cardinal(b.c. 1855).
Joseph Ahtahkakoop Starblanketborn 1857 in Sandy Lake. Joseph married MaryJoyful (b. c. 1863).
 born 1862 in Carlton. Michel married Mary JaneOkemasis Akamasiniy (b.c. 1865)
David Ahenakew Chatelain
(1816 - 1879)Born in 1816 to
. David Ahenakew married
. Mary was born on in 1832 at Red Pheasant Reserve. Theymarried on December 17, 1876 in Sandy Lake. He passed away on June 2. 1879 inSandy Lake. Mary died in the spring of 1903. Their son John Ahenakew was born inApril of 1875.
Sasakwamoose (One who Adheres) Jacob Chatelain
(b.c. 1819)Sasakwamoose was first married to Mary (b.c. 1825) then married Margaret (b.c. 1825).
Napesis (Little Man) Chatelain
(b. c. 1820) Napesis did not marry.
Chatelain Family Metis Scrip Claims
Belanger, Caroline
; address: Snake Plain, Prince Albert P.O. [Post Office]; claim no.1049; born: 1865 near Carlton; father: Gabriel Belanger (Métis); mother: NancyChatelain (Métis); married: 1882 at Snake Plains to Edward Johnston; children living: 2;children deceased: 1; scrip for $240.00
Belanger, Victoria
; address: Sandy Lake via Prince Albert; claim no. 1058; born: 1837on Saskatchewan River; father: ..... Belanger (Métis); mother: Métis; married: 1853 atFort à la Corne to George Robertson; children living: 5; children deceased 8; scrip for $160.00
Chatelain, Albert
; heir to his son, Napesis Chatelain; claim no. 2306; address: SandyLake Indian Reserve; born: Fall, 1869 at Sandy Hills; father: Albert Chatelain (Métis anddeponent); mother: Maggie Iiawash Kamekaw (Métis); scrip for $240.00.
Chatelain, Catherine
- Maria Villebrun, concerning the claim of her deceased mother,Catherine Chatelaine, a Métis head of family - Address, Battleford - Born, 1850 atCarlton - Father, Ahakakoup Cathelain, (Métis) - Mother, Indian woman - Married, MariaVillebrun was married in 1868 at Carlton to Daniel Villebrun - Died, Catherine Chatelaindied in August, 1870 - Heir, her daughter, Maria Villebrun - Scrip for $160 - Claim 12532
Chatelain, Catherine
; wife of Louis Nappessis; applies on behalf of her deceasedhusband Pierre Desjarlais; claim no. 374; born: 1843 at Lac la Biche; died: November,1870 at Victoria; address: St. Albert; father: Appetahpeness Desjarlais (Métis); mother:Iippettakkonakkoos (Métis); married: 1864 at Edmonton to Catherine Chatelain; childrendeceased: 2; heir: Catherine Chatelain (widow); Other heirs died subsequent to claim;scrip for $240.00
Chatelain, Henry
; for his deceased brother, William; claim no. 2299 1/2; NapoleonChatelain; born: 1853 near Carlton; address: Sandy Lake Indian Reserve; father: DavidChatelain (Métis); mother: Mary (Cree Indian); married: Fall, 1869 at Carlton to Kootam;children living: Willie; born: Fall, 1872; heirs: Kootam Chatelain, $80.00 and WillieChatelain, $80.00Scrip affidavit for 
Chatelain, Louis
; born: March 1847; father: Nicholas Chatelain(Métis); mother: Nanette Cartier (Métis); claim no.: 3132; date of issue: June 1, 1882
Chatelain, Margaret
; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1050; born: 1 April, 1869 atBattleford; father: Jacob Chatelain (Métis); mother: Mary Kakeke Okima (Métis);married: 28 June, 1885 to John Cameron at Sandy Lake; children living: 1; scrip for $240.00
Chatelain, Marie Anne
; for her deceased brother, Baptist; claim no. 117; ChatelainJunior; address: Calgary; born: 1858 at Turtle Lake; father: Baptiste Chatelain Senior (Métis); mother: Koitit (Indian); died: Fall, 1870 at Turtle Lake; heirs: WapashoosChatelain; Marie Anne Chatelain (deponent), wife of Abraham Bruneau; scrip for $120.00
Chatelain, Marie Anne
; for her deceased father, Baptist; claim no. 116; ChatelainSenior born: 1830 at Fort Pitt; died: Fall, 1870 at Battle River; address: Calgary; father:Antoine Chatelain (Métis); mother: Okimawinotook (Métis); married: 1850 to Koitit, anIndian woman, at Fort Pitt; children living: Baptiste, born: 1855, died: Fall, 1870; scripfor $160.00
Chatelain, Marie
; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1725; born: 1866 near Carlton;father: John Meshaskepip Chatelain (Métis); mother: Emma (Métis); married: Summer,1876 at St. Laurent; to Gabriel Vandal; children living: 5; children deceased: 1; scrip for $240.00Scrip affidavit for 
Chatelain, Jr., Narcisse
; born: October 1884; father: NarcisseChatelain (Métis); mother: Nancy Finlayson (Métis); claim no.: 2918; scrip no.: 12429;date of issue: March 22, 1879; amount: $160.00
Chatelain, Wappasoos
; for his deceased brother, Wappasoosi; claim no. 2301;Chatelain; address: Sandy Lake Indian Reserve; born: 1860 near Carlton; father:Mehoawasis Chatelain (Métis); mother: Susanne (Indian); died: Fall, 1870 at Battleford;heirs: Kameowewishk Chatelain (daughter); Lawapeskekapow Chatelain (son); Marie3

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