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Blister Fixing Article

Blister Fixing Article



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Published by Michael Gillan
whatever sport you do blisters can be a problem for performance and safety-it is hoped that the ultra marathon repair system may help other sports people
whatever sport you do blisters can be a problem for performance and safety-it is hoped that the ultra marathon repair system may help other sports people

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Michael Gillan on Feb 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blisters-how I fix them-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistCopyright 2009 Michael Gillan ultra marathon recovery specialisthttp://aching-legs-relief.com 1
Blisters and how I fix them
Since I work with long distance runners and walkers I am often ask how I fix them-this is a relevantquestion for many runners and walkers-and my experience of them in totally unhygienic conditionsmakes conventional ways of working with them difficult to use without opening the wound up toinfectionBlisters can be debilitating, fatiguing, painful, and performance affecting and in an ideal world, theperson who develops one should deal with it using the accepted and recommended methods.In my world, of course we can be a long way from any medical care so we have to be moreindependent and deal with things in our own waysThere are many schools of thought when it comes to blisters, so you have to find the way which is mostsuitable to use in your circumstances, but always keep an eye on what everyone else is using-if thatworks better than the one you are using change over to that oneWith a blister most of the pain comes from the area where the dead stretched skin meets the healthyskin; pressure on the fluid filled sac forces outwards to the join and causes pain.Fluid filled bubble protecting the tissue underneathPressure applied to this area as the fluid is compressed makes things uncomfortable
My runners and walkers do not have time for doing things the conventional way; they cannot suddenlydrop out just because a blister has formed; so they usually keep going and stop when they feel it isconvenient to them
Shoe pollution
The skin acts as a barrier to protect the body and associated tissues from harmful bacteria, if there is anopening such as a broken blister; germs can enter the body and cause infectionShoes are notorious germ and bacteria breeders, and the oldest, most comfortable ones have the mostbacteria in them-the only shoes free of bacteria are new ones; and they are the ones most likely to causeblisters in the first place.While the blister is forming and when it has formed, the biomechanics or the way the body moves isbeing altered; unless it is dealt with quickly it will cause muscular problems as the body has tocontinually adjust to a new way of moving.It affects the balance placing stress on parts of the body that are not used to it resulting in more stiffnessand soreness in muscles that are little used, the resulting stiffness this interferes with performance.
It means that there is more need for the first aid effects of the
Blisters-how I fix them-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistCopyright 2009 Michael Gillan ultra marathon recovery specialisthttp://aching-legs-relief.com 2
World Run Recovery System
Blisters - how I approach them
Because of legal problems and the fact that I am not able to check on other people’s hygiene, this iswhere I issue a disclaimer to the effect of;
 I do not recommend treating blisters this way when there ismedical help available.
I do know the authorized ways of dealing with them, and I am all for this when dealing with them in anon-competitive sphere; if there are medical people available, they are always given priority even if Iknow the conventional way of fixing themAt some of the runs, I attend, medical treatment may not always be available, and good hygieneconditions do not exist; I have seen every method there is around the tracks for blister management andseen problems with every one of them.They range from padding only to removing some fluid from the blister and replacing it with Betadeneto just bursting it, using Second Skin and other skin repair systems.Band aids are fine for a temporary basis but the pad can press into the center of the blister and increasepain; the edges can also ride up and roll over until they are causing more irritation to the areasurrounding it.Moist padding also acts as a conductor for bacteria to pass into the freshly opened area increasing therisk of infection.
What do I do with them?
In many years and 1000’s of miles I have found that a stabilized protected blister gives less pain whileallowing the damaged area to heal quickly.
Theory of the approach to blisters-even a little blister is a bad master
A blister normally takes control of the person who owns it, as they run or walk all the pain anddiscomfort becomes theirs alone and it is very difficult to focus the mind on anything else.
Taking control of the blister
Blister control is deciding to deal with it on the athlete’s terms instead of letting the blister do what itwants; by taking control of the blister, a faster healing can take place.Control comes about when the pressure on the bubble is released and the area around it stabilized sothat it is unable to move and rub raw tissue-this prevents infection, protects the area and reduces thepain levels.
The theory of taking control
First bursting the blister by using a sterilized needle, at the same time leaving a length of cottonhanging out each side to allow the fluid to drain and release the pressure to ease the pain.The fluid can drain away and stay clear by using the thread as a wick to drain the blister-because of theone-way drainage no infection can go back up into the blister, as the traffic is all one way.
Putting on a layer of protective coating to help dry out the dead skin so that it protects the
Blisters-how I fix them-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistCopyright 2009 Michael Gillan ultra marathon recovery specialisthttp://aching-legs-relief.com 3underlying tissues while new skin forms
Overlaying the whole area with protective tape so that the loose skin is stabilized
Blisters – first aid kit
While this appears to be many materials, it actually does not take up much room in a kit and many of the materials have other uses.
Methylated spirits
Cotton wool balls
Black cotton thread
Rubber gloves for hygiene
Sigma Friars Balsam or iodine
Woolfat or lanolin
A new packet of sewing needles
A small bowl
Smith and Nephew Hypafix tape or Bayer Fixomul tape
A packet of jelly beans-preferably pharmacy or drug store type rather than the cheapervariety)
My approach/method: -
Put the needle already threaded into the dish of methylated spirits to sterilize it.
Wash off the hands with methylated spirits and allow to air dry (do the same for the sufferer asthey are going to have to insert the needle).
Put on the rubber gloves.
Using a cotton wool ball, wash off the foot with methylated spirits to sterilize the area, this alsogives a better grip for the tape.
Take the needle out of the methylated spirits and give it to the sufferer
Get them to insert the needle so that the point goes into one side of the blister and out the otherwithout touching the flesh under it.

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