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Published by iloveu8
Second draft for writing class
Second draft for writing class

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Published by: iloveu8 on Feb 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kalsang ChhakpaProfessor VatesWriting 98Feb 10, 2009 The Life of A Real Estate Loan OfficerMiss Lin is one of the real estate loan officers of Bank of America. Her co-workers stated that she seems shy, since she's always at her desk and never talksto anyone. One of her co-workers stated with an eager look on her face lookingtowards Miss Lin, "She is a real hard worker. She sometimes stays at work until thesecurity guards kick her out since it's time for them to go home." She has theslender body with all the right curves, long elegant black hair, and someone whodresses very professional plus stylish. She has a tan figure with chinky eyes, it's safeto save she is from an asian ethnicity. She stated that her and family came fromLaos and she came to America when she was only 18 years old. She has beenworking for Bank of America for about 6 years now. “Freedom to work on my owntime and income,” she responds with a smile on her face explaining the reason whyshe became a real estate loan officer. However, Miss Lin works more than 80 hoursa week and states that she doesn't have a social life, with a sigh on her face. You can tell that Miss Lin is a very busy woman as she opens the door to letyou in with five different colored folders in her hand trying to figure out what foldershe needs. While she greets you, she will walking two steps in front so you don’t getlost also at the same time trying to keep an eye contact and a conversation. Eventhough Miss Lin is a busy person she never stops smiling, she stated that her way of going through life is taking one day at a time and fighting with all her might. Whenyou enter her small and narrow cubical, you can see the numerous children's

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