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Royal Canoe Club newsletter January 2013

Royal Canoe Club newsletter January 2013

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Published by guydresser
Quarterly newsletter of Royal Canoe Club in south-west London, England.
Quarterly newsletter of Royal Canoe Club in south-west London, England.

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Published by: guydresser on Jan 28, 2013
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I was hoping to kickoff this newsletter byhoping 2013 will seeyou all getting out onthe water even more...
Sadly, the weather and the riverconditions have conspired to keep manyof you in the gym of late. Let's hope for abetter spring and summer!
There's no doubt 2012 was agreat year for Royal Canoe Club
.We had two members in the Olympicteam, Tim Brabants and Jessica Walker,and several others in the coaching andmanagement set-up, not least Eric Farrell,who even got a speaking gig at theOpening Ceremony, Alan Williams andIan Wynne. Not to mention our manymembers who served as Games Makers!Ed McKeever, a former Royalmember who won the K1 200m inLondon, came to give out the prizes atour junior awards evening too.
The Paddling Challenge
wasarguably our main event of the year, aday after the Olympic Closing Ceremony.There’s a report inside this newsletter,check it out!Feedback after the event wasuniversally positive with manysaying they'd like to see a regularsummer party alongside thePaddling Challenge - we'llcertainly try to do that.The winter saw a number of changes at the club, not least thedeparture of 
. George was a coachat the club for decades andinstrumental in getting manypeople into the sport. We're grateful foreverything he did for the club and wishhim well in his well-earned retirement.Elsewhere, we're experiencing ashortage of 
thanks to thegrowing number of members. If youhave a 2nd boat at the club that you donot regularly use, please consider storing it elsewhere.We're also trying to
get membersqualified as coaches
and to involveparents in our activities. The mainlimitation on our growth at cadet and junior level is the lack of coaches andhelpers. All members, especially parents,can help here, either by getting qualifiedor by helping our existing coaches. Pleasespeak to Andy, Terry, Bob or Sue fordetails.
Fund raising 
remains a big issuetoo. We have dropped one of our racesbecause of organisational problems butare committed to replacing our fleet of club boats and other equipmentcontinues. We need funds and urge allmembers to help with this where theycan. Some employers, for instance, runfunding schemes for amateur sports clubs.
 My best wishes for the season ahead.
Guy Dresser, Club Commodore
A busy year ahead, if only it stops raining 
Royal Canoe Club
nside: o ou Olm pians did. nd a ound-u p o ou acin nes om he  pas e monhs 
Tim Brabants (r) at thestart of the Paddling Challenge (l) and Post Olympic Party in August 
Olympic selections for TimBrabants and Jess Walker
 Jess Walker lines up for her Olympic singles final - as photographed at  Eton Dorney by Royal Canoe Club member Rosie Hudson
News inBrief 
 Jon Boyton is club captain
International kayaker and long-standing member Jon Boyton is our new clubcaptain. Jon raced for GB in 2012 withpartner Ed Rutherford in K2 andnarrowly missed Olympic selection. It’sgreat to see him taking on the key role of club captain and to be building a racing group around him now he’s training atthe club rather than at Bisham Abbey.
U23 selection success
Congratulations to all our U23 and Junior paddlers who went to Portugalwith the GB Canoe Sprint Team: GuyStandeven, Matt Robinson, Rob Beerplus Dean Terry and Matt Welch (of Weybut who train at Royal) and, of course,three-time Olympian Paul Darby-Dowman who coaches them all and isresponsible for all this success.
Olympic hopefuls
A special mention to Jess Warrior andNicole Williams who were picked for the‘Olympic Hopefuls’ regatta in Hungaryat the end of the sprint season. Great tosee Royal canoeists coming up the ranks!
Check us out on the web
We’re producing an annual printednewsletter for those members who don’thave internet access. If you do go to ourwebsite,www.royalcanoeclub.com, you’llbe able to see masses of informationabout the club including times and detailsof training groups, who’s who and what’swhat. In addition to our blog. We’re alsoon Facebook and Twitter - just search forRoyal Canoe Club and, hey presto, you’llfind us.
The Olympic Gamesleft an indelible markon Royal in 2012 
Much has been written about the Games,the GB team’s performance and now,some five or six months later it’s starting to look like old news. Nevertheless, Idon’t think there was anyone at the clubwho wasn’t caught up in the excitementof watching our paddlers racing at EtonDorney in the canoe sprint events.We watched with great excitement as twoRoyal members, Tim Brabants and JessWalker took part. Tim was defending his1,000m title, won in Beijing when he ledfrom start to finish. Jess raced in K1 andK4. Both did brilliantly, Tim making thefinal and Jess making two finals.The atmosphere at the club was terrificwith stacks of members young and oldplus camera crews from Sky, BBC andITN doing interviews with Janet Evans,Dave Kelly and Sue Bovington.BBC reporter Chris Slegg, writing onTwitter said: “No medal for TimBrabants but everyone at Royal CanoeClub in Teddington proud of GB’sgreatest kayaker for all he has done forthe sport.”Many younger members, asked for their views of Jess Walker, who began hercanoeing career at Royal, said howinspiring her performances had been andhow they too wanted to progress. Janet said: “I am surprised you could nothear the noise at Dorney. Think the kidswill still be on a high this evening.
Theywere so excited, for them it will be a dayto remember for ever.”Tim Brabants wrote appreciatively onTwitter later that day about the hugereception he had when he turned up atRoyal, many of the junior paddlers stillthere from watching the events on TVearlier.
We enjoyed somereally great results in2012, there were somesurprises and many,many medals
The club did well in marathon, narrowlyfailing to qualify for the Hasler Final, butit was in sprint, particularly at the
National Championships regatta
inSeptember where we really exceededexpectations.A small team went to Nottingham andcame back with a bagful of medals acrossthe board.Particularly noteworthy were best-of-classperformances from Jess Warrior who wonsix medals in the six events she entered – including both crew boats and singles inthe Under 18 Girls category.Nicole Williams
was similarly successfulin both crew boats and singles, herhighlight was a 3rd place in U18 K11,000m, probably her best individualresult ever.Emily Dresser
scooped a medal in each of the three singles distances in the Under16 Girls and won her first national title inthe U16 K1 500m in a time of 2.15.Rebecca Vorley did particularly well,finishing 2nd in K1 200m, 3rd in K2200m (with Gemma Browne) and 3rd inK1 500m in the Under 18 Girls. As aresult she has been promoted to Girls A – congratulations! Another promotion wasthat of Issy Madden, who was moved upto Lightning A.Daniel Vorley
won bronze in K4. Andthe Royal K4 of Keira
Madden, Maia Wallman and Jessica
Hanchett was third in the GirlsU14 500m final (this was Jessica’s firstNottingham regatta too – a great start).A mixed K4 including Emily
Buchananand Charlotte
Pratt was placed 3rd in theGirls U16 K4 500m final and anothermixed K4, this time including NicoleWilliams and Emily Romainfinished 3rdin the K4 Girls U18 category.Another Royal K4 earned the rare andsomewhat ignominious distinction of acapsize in the same race and a ‘DNF’ inthe results – perhaps the less said aboutthat, the better!The minis class, meanwhile, saw gold forMaia
Wallman in the 500m ‘A’ categoryand another gold, this time for IssyMadden in the ‘B’ category…well doneboth!Special mentions should also go toSammy Medici, who made finals in theGirls U14 K2, and to Aisling Bradley,
 Josie Palmer, Phoebe Wallmanand Holly Blacksell all
in the Royal U16K4 that finished 4th
in the 500m final.Congratulations are due too to
MattRobinson, 2nd in Mens A K2 1,000mand K2 200m with Dean Terry of Wey.They were also 3rd in the K2 500m andMatt won Mens B K1 1,000m, wassecond in 500m and – Mens A was notbuzzing with entries this regatta but we’rehoping for great things next year fromMatt and some of our emerging seniorracing paddlers.Other great results over the weekendincluded: Gemma Ruff, 7th in the ‘A’Final of the U18 K1 1,000, 5th in K21,000m and 6th in K2 500m, both withEmily Romain.We owe a huge vote of thanks to all ourclub coaches who’ve made all this successpossible. It’s worth pointing out thatmany of our juniors have not beencanoeing long at all. For some of ourlightning and ‘Mini’ paddlers this wastheir first regatta. And in the U18 andU16 categories, Emily Buchanan, JessWarrior, Gemma Browne and EmilyDresser started paddling less than 24months ago – that’s less than two yearsfrom beginner to national championshipmedals.Major congratulations are also due to
Radka Felingerova
, on two counts -firstly (and more recently) on the birth of her son Jaroslav and secondly on herbronze medal in the classic 5km distanceat the World Downriver Racing Championships in the summer. Radkawas denied a bronze medal in the sprint -400m - distance by a narrow margin,finishing fourth.It was still a remarkable set of results.Radka is the first woman to represent GBin the new discipline of C1 wildwaterracing since its introduction into theWorld Championships programme two years ago. Despite racing for Royal formore than 10 years and representing GBin Wildwater Racing at WorldChampionships and World Cups for four years, Radka’s actually only beencompeting in Wildwater for five years.Radka was coached by Dave Kelly atRoyal for all of that time. (So congrats to you too, Dave!)
Race success for Royal paddlers at homeand abroad, and in all canoe disciplines

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