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Documentos Científicos y Articulos : La Sabana Santa de Turín

Documentos Científicos y Articulos : La Sabana Santa de Turín

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Bibliografía : La Sabana Santa de Turín

Bibliografía : La Sabana Santa de Turín

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Juan Herrera Salazar on Jan 28, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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Documentos Científicos y Artículos.Scientific Papers and Articles
Esta colección recopilada aparece en el sitio webShroud of TurinWebsite de
Barrie M. Schwortz.
 Estos trabajos permiten ponernos al tanto de las investigaciones sobre laSábana Santa de Turín.This page allows you to review previous and ongoing Shroud research. Hereyou will find, in their entirety whenever possible, links to papers and articleswritten about the Shroud of Turin.
Los trabajos aparecen en orden alfabético , por título.
The papers are listed below alphabetically by title.
by Isabel Piczek
This article clearly addresses many of the questionable theories raised byrecent books and articles in the popular press.
The article includes
and may take a few minutes to load. Isabel Piczek is a notedmonumental artist and theoretical physicist and a highly respected Shroudresearcher. This presentation was originally delivered at the
1996 EsopusConference
[18 July 2011]This article is so specialized and technical, no one on our editorial reviewcommittee felt qualified to review it! Thus, we are including it with the caveatthat it has not really been vetted and invite any qualified viewers to send ustheir own reviews.
 Provides references to Pliny the Elder and ancient bleaching techniques.Originally posted to the Online Shroud Science Group [October 2010]
by Richard B.Sorensen
(.pdf format)
[June 2005]In this well researched article, Richard compiles and presents all the evidence regardingthe infamous "Leonardo Theory" proposed by some researchers, and includes links toall of his references.
Antioch and the Shroud by Jack Markwardt
(.pdf format)
 A new theory of the cloth's history prior to the 6th century, illustrated with colortransparencies.(From the 1999 Richmond Conference)
 Ian Wilson's overview of the current state of Shroud research and his plea forcooperation within the Shroud research community. This paper was originally presentedat the
1998 Turin Symposium.
Ariel Agemian Biography by Annig Agemian Raley
[15 July 2011]Without doubt, the painting created by Armenian artist
Ariel Agemian
and based on theimage of the Shroud, is world famous and has become one of the most beloved andiconic portrayals of Jesus of the 20th century. Although the image itself is well known,very few of us know much about the artist himself. I was fortunate to be contacted byhis daughter,
Annig Agemian Raley
, who was kind enough to write a detailedbiography of him that she has kindly allowed me to share here with you.
More On Ariel Agemianby Annig Agemian Raley
[1 Nov 2011]Further insights into the fascinating life of her father.
 Reprinted from the June 1983 edition of 
, this articlenot only makes an interesting argument for the authenticity of the Shroud, circa 1983,but also provides us with excellent insight into the workings of Shroud science.Included after the article itself is a Comments section, with a variety of critiques frommany noted Shroud researchers. This includes a rather heated debate by experts on bothsides of the authenticity argument, followed by the author's direct and often pointedreply to their comments. However, it provides a great perspective on the nature of Shroud science itself and I am pleased to be able to make it available to you. It isillustrated and
includes eleven images.
A special word of thanks to the
University of 
Chicago Press
for giving me permission to reprint it on this website and
for digitizing the text and images.
Autopsy on the Man of the Shroud, An by Robert Bucklin, M.D., J.D.
 This paper was first presented at the
May 1997 Nice Symposium
in Nice, France, andcan also be reached via the 
 page of this website.The author was a world renown forensic pathologist and medical examiner, andformerly Deputy Coronor of Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. He wasan avid Shroud researcher for over 50 years and provided a clear and expert medicalinterpretation of the man depicted on the cloth. In 1978, Dr. Bucklin was a member of STURP, the team that performed the first ever in-depth examination of the Shroud. Hedied on September 19, 2001. I was very proud that he allowed me to include hisimportant work on this website.
[August 2012]Well known in the Shroud world, Joe Marino provides another carefully researchedreference article for those interested in studying the C-14 dating and the eventssurrounding it.
[August 2012]Relatively new in the Shroud world, Kelly Kearse is a blood expert who has taken avery strong interest in the Shroud and has studied and evaluated the existing bloodevidence very carefully. He has written articles on the subject on theonline
ShroudScience Group
and the blogs. This excellent article is a comprehensivereview of his recent blood studies.
(.pdf format)
[September 2005] (From the 3rd International Dallas Conference)This paper details Giulio's controversial theory that the Shroud's image was formed viacoronal discharge. Additionally, here is a link to the presentation slides Giulio showedat the conference:
 This article is from the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, March/April 2010,Volume 54, Issue 2, pp. 020508-(11) (Abstract Only)

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