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EDU663 Week 5 Discussion 4-13-12

EDU663 Week 5 Discussion 4-13-12

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Published by bkimmy25

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Published by: bkimmy25 on Jan 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reporting Performance Results
After reviewing Table 7.5 of your textbook, locate your state’s current 2008 progress at the U.S.Department of Education website. Summarize your state’s status for your peers and reflect on any
significant findings. Reflect on at least two of your pee
rs’ postings.
In the state of Florida the Department of Education website only displayed 2009-10 demographics. Thetotal number of students Florida public school had at this time was 2,634,522. 53.5% of these studentswere low income students, and 13.2% of these students who attended public school were students witha disability. (Department of Education 2012).Florida had a total of 3,423 schools during 2009-10 school year. Of those 3,423 schools, 471 schoolsmade adequate yearly progress, while 1,159 schools needed improvement, and 793 schools neededrestructuring. (Department of Education, 2012). Another significant finding was the fact that Caucasianstudents represented almost half of the student population in Florida school at 44.3%, while Hispanics at26.3% were almost equal with African American at 23.1%. Also in Florida record of reading and mathachievement tests, Caucasian students scored the highest on both State proficiency and Basic NAEP,while African American students scored the lowest.These scores show the achievement gap that still exist between students, and how differentiatinginstructions is very important for teachers. At the same times, many teachers may have to plan lessonsthat are more engaging for students who cannot seem to relate to the regular lessons they have beendoing. Hispanic and African American students may need lessons that relate to their cultural differences.
I can’t tell you how hard it is to find many reading books in schools with multicultural stories in it.
 ReferencesDepartment of Education, (2012). ED Data Express: Data about Elementary & Secondary Schools in theU.S. Retrieved Electronically on April 12, 2012 from http://www.eddataexpress.ed.gov/state-report.cfm?state=FL&submit.x=17&submit.y=8 Effective Reporting Indicators
On p. 49 of the article, Reporting Indicators: What Do They Indicate (2002), it was concluded that “all
too often [higher education institutions] adopt or accept performance measures without carefullyconsidering critical issues such as th
eir types, concerns, policy values, or models of excellence.” What

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