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The Bloody Red Eyes of The Rodeo Clown is Israel.

The Bloody Red Eyes of The Rodeo Clown is Israel.

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Published by AJ Weberman
Translation of John Cougar Mellencamp song suggests John hates Jews and Israel.
Translation of John Cougar Mellencamp song suggests John hates Jews and Israel.

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: AJ Weberman on Jan 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Well there's blood on the handsOf the rich politiciansRed is the color of the sand and the seaBlood on the hands of an arrogant nationWho start all the bleedingOver their policies"Well there's blood on the hands of the rich politicians" the American politicians who allowed themselves to be bribed byspecial interest groups who support Israel and by people like Abramoff are responsible for the bloodshed in the Middle East,"Red" bloody, filled with death "is the color" influence "of thesand" the history of Israel, 'the sands of time' "and the sea" itspeople, also the Red Sea. "Blood on the hands" death on theconscience, the responsibility "of an arrogant nation" Jews haveoften been called arrogant "Who start all the bleeding" who startthe bloodshed in the Middle East "over 
policies" their policyof oppression of the Palestinians, apartheid; note the word"their." This is the key to the fact that this poem is about acountry OTHER THAN the United States.So she blamed it all on whispering secretsShe blamed it on the moon and the skyShe thought she broke the back of the cityShe thought she thought she knew she had lied"So she blamed it all on whispering" libelous as in a whisper campaignsecrets not openly made known, anti-Semitism, shades of the movie "AGentleman's Agreement" that dealt with anti-Semitism "She blamed iton the moon" reaching for something unattainable "and the sky" andtrying to preserve the future of the Jews "She thought she broke" haddivided with violence "the back of the city" the Arab part of Jerusalemwhich is in back of the Old City "She thought" she thought Israel tried toconvince itself "she knew she had lied" but when the Arabs startedrioting during the intifada Israelis realized it was not that easy to breakthe Palestinian spirit.She changed direction with the gas fires burningRacing for protection what could she possibly findChildren with no legs out on the highways crawlingLooking for an angel but they ran out of time

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