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The Impact of Global Warming on the Earth and Body

The Impact of Global Warming on the Earth and Body



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Published by Stacey T Pollock
What will be the things that we will be confronted with in the coming years in relation to the heating up of our earth?
What will be the things that we will be confronted with in the coming years in relation to the heating up of our earth?

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Published by: Stacey T Pollock on Feb 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The impact of global warming on the earth and body
What will be the things that we will be confronted with in thecoming years in relation to the heating up of our earth?
Part 1: Earth changes and the importance of water and salt.
There are certain things that we consider when we hear of global warming and earth changes,things surrounding natural disasters and global catastrophes, all that we visualize outwardly.We always leap to the highest end of fear when it comes to change and automatically onlyfocusing on the worst case scenarios, without taking into consideration the small changes thatwill also be seen in a gradual fashion. These isolated cases of catastrophic global changes areonly but part of the process we are going to go through in the times ahead and this is only justthe beginning. This year we will begin to see the real effects of these dramatic changes, notonly happening on our earth around us but in our bodies as well.Most people consider global warming only to affect the earth, but do not realize the fullimpact that it will have on our bodies as well as our focus on life and our perception of reality.I suppose the best place to start is to explain what happens in the process of heating when itcomes to all forms of life and then lead on to discussing how this will impact the earth, the body and the mind.Firstly to understand the heating process, I want to look at the effects that it has on a cell of the body which needs to be explored in its chemical nature. Most of the cells of the bodycontain a high level of water and already we know what happens to water when we heat it upon the stove. The water turns into steam and rises up into the air and floats around in the air attached to oxygen until it either falls to the earth or is heated up even more and taken up intothe atmosphere. The body when we heat it up sweats out water in order to regulate thetemperature of our skin. When the temperature of the earth is heating up, we will begin tofeel the effects of overheating in the body, with more cases of dehydration than ever before.Most will not realize that they are being affected by dehydration until they either have badheadaches that continue for a long time or bouts of overtiredness and exhaustion. In thesecoming times water is going to be the number one important resource that the world has ever known, even more than it is today, and not only just for underprivileged countries alone. Itwill become obvious to people when they see the increase in sales of clean water that this has been common knowledge for a long time. Someone else has already banked on it and theyknow already that water on the earth is going to become even more contaminated as the years
follow, not from any global catastrophic event, but merely from the release of chemicals intothe water just from the heating of the earth alone. The good thing is, is that our technologiesare developing very fast and we will by this time have better ways to clean water making itavailable for drinking throughout the world. It will however come at a price and become anessential commodity. We are already paying for it now, but in the future it will be even moreexpensive than gasoline.The other thing that will be affected when it comes to the body and earth changes is therelease of chemicals into the atmosphere. When cells of the body and earth are heated up,they release a chemical discharge into the atmosphere that affects not only the earth’satmosphere, but the bodies in total. These chemicals are normally balanced within a certaintemperature, but when released into the air, they attach themselves to water molecules andcontaminate not only water but food supplies. These chemicals will not only be releasedthrough the body but also through the soil of the earth, making us react to drinking and eatingfar differently than ever before. This has already been happening at a slow rate for years, butin the coming ten years we will see an increase in effects on the body and the earth from theinducing of a higher rate of acidic chemicals that deteriorate and poison the organs and cellsof the body. People that are already using chemical therapies for their body will feel theeffects even more potently than people who do not. There will be an increase in poisoning of the body that will result in all sorts of sicknesses relating to the breakdown of organs of the body, if not monitored and regulated successfully.When it comes to food on earth, fruit and grains will in the coming years prosper far morethan ever before, especially grains and fruits that enjoy the warmer climates. Bread, fruit,cereals, nuts, and anything that is relating to root plants will become our sources of a morestaple diet. What will become also very important are wines and beer of various sorts that can be produced from sap of fruit and root based plants, being drunk in place of water.Less will be eaten the flesh of animals as we will no longer be able to accept the levels of fatthat are evident in these food items. They will make us feel sick. Our stomach workingovertime to try to break down the heavy foods, there will be an increase in fatty acids that willresult in stomach problems.Fat will be the number one killer for most in the coming times ahead. Not oil that comes fromnature and plant life, but fat that comes from the flesh of an animal. What people do notrealize the most is that fat stops the absorption of good vitamins necessary for the healthy production of the body. The most essential of these natural minerals that will be needed in thefuture, salt, will be the greatest effected by the inducing of fat within the bodies. We so far consider salt to be causing problems in our bodies, but in the future we will come to realizethe importance of salt in the production of life, and realize that it is not so much that salt is thenumber one killer, that it is fat that stops us absorbing what is necessary for the production of our bodies and results in salt passing through the body and building up instead into particular organs causing a poisoning effect.Fat is to date for most consumerist cultures the number one enjoyed food type, whether it bein eating chips, to burgers or any meat item. Gradually there will be a decline in the use of meat products, especially as we are starting to see the effects of chemical changes on the earthin animals, through diseases like bird flu and different cow sicknesses. We have already seena decrease in the use of animal fat in the cooking of food items. In the future there will also
 be a decrease in animal flesh in the staple diet of most people. They will choose to eat morefish, and it will become a more widely farmed food source in the future.Salt will be a more widely studied mineral in the future for the fact that it is going to be whathelps us to confront issues in many areas when it comes to the warming up on the earth.What most people do not know is the sodium a component of table salt is an essential foodsource for all cells within the body and helps to maintain water within the cell. The second part is chloride and it helps to cleanse chemicals from the body. If we studied the use of saltmore thoroughly we would realize that it is not only useful for preserving meat after it is deadfor a longer period of time, but it can also preserve flesh for a longer period of time when it isalive. The problem only comes when we try to figure out ways to absorb salt effectively intoour bodies.The easiest way to look at salt and its value is to see how the earth uses it for its own protection. When the earth heats up it is salt that helps it to regulate its temperature especiallywhen it comes to the oceans. Salt is for the earth a sort of sun block, and helps in thestabilizing of chemicals and the protection from UV radiation.How does it do this? The reason why salt is evident in the ocean does not come from anyaccident. It is there for the fact that without it, the oceans would have the capacity to dry upfaster than with the introduction of salt into the system. Salt stops a great amount of evaporation of water into the atmosphere. The earth uses salt as a mirror to push UV radiation back out into the atmosphere.This only occurs when salt is mixed in with water. The fine crystals when broken down pushlight back out from the water, and you can see this when you see the surface of the ocean. Italmost looks like a mirror to the sun. This comes from the fact that the salt particles are pushing the UV light out from the surface of the water, back into the atmosphere. Always thesurface of the water is far warmer than say a meter underneath it. Oceans protect not only agreat area of the earth itself from the effects of radiation, but also the plant and animal lifewithin it.Sea life will not be so greatly affected by the coming chemical changes to the environment aswith other animals and plants that are from tropical water outlets, such as lakes and rivers.This is because of the fact that salt breaks down a lot of the impact of chemicals in water. It isan agent that can balance any acidic effects by capturing the chemical in a casing that stops itfrom turning into gas and mixing with other chemicals around it. The only problem is thatsalt is mineral based and although it does balance out the chemical effects, it needs to befiltered and cleaned before it can be absorbed into the body as drinking water. The salt andcaptured chemicals removed. This is a costly procedure, but in the future with thedevelopment of new technology we will begin to utilize sea water when other water outlets become scarce. This will not be occurring in any near future, but more in the cominghundreds of years in a gradual progression. We will have technology that will change withthe times and develop based on our needs to survive here on the earth. We will also tap intounderground water supplies, far deeper than ever before.

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