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Principles of Evangelism

Principles of Evangelism

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Published by Gordon Simms
Biblical principles of Evangelism
Biblical principles of Evangelism

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Published by: Gordon Simms on Jan 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summary of Biblical Principles
Oak Lake Berean Church
(NOTE: Pages 1, 2 are identical to Pages 1, 2 of Notes on
The problem most churches face is not
that they don’t
anything; they do plenty.The problem is that they
often don’t do the
right things. What ARE the right things?We have focused on Biblical principles related to the nature and purpose of the Church.Rather than pull out a bag of tricks and programs that will get people into our church,we have focused on what the Scriptures teach about church health.
When a church is healthy, it will grow.But, what is 
a healthy church, and what’s “growth” look like? 
Proper Church health is possible only when we conform to
God’s idea
of what the Church IS and what the Church Does.
“ek” (out from) “kaleo” call : “called out ones”
Of the 114 occurrences of 
in the New Testament, it has two majorapplications to assemblies of Christians....
: the whole community of redeemed in this present age of whichChrist said,
I will build my Church,
which is His body ( Eph.1:22; 5:23)
: company consisting of professed believers in Christ(Acts 20:20; I Cor. 1:2; Gal. 1:13; I Thess. 1:1)
Biblical Pictures:
The church is likened to salt, light, sheep, a bride, a spiritual temple, a household,
members of Christ’s body, branches
in the vine, athletes, soldiers, andheavenly lights, children of God, adopted sons, priests, servants, bondslaves,stewards, and partners with Christ, just to name a few. There are over eightyimages or figures of the church. All these pictures never suggest that the churchis a physical building. The Church is people!
One Purpose: Glorify God ! 
The great purpose of the church is to be to the praise of God’s glory and grace (Eph. 1:6,
12). What does it mean for us to glorify God? We cannot add to His glory, for He isalready perfectly and infinitely glorious. Rather, for us to glorify God means for us toascribe to Him the worthiness due His name. When we give God glory we essentially aresaying: He gets the credit. He is the only One worthy to receive credit. Everything we do,we do it so He gets the glory.
While there is no technicaldefinition in the scriptures,we can come to somewhat of 
a “definition” based on the
Biblical word,and the Biblical pictures.
For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.To Him be the glory forever! Amen. Rom.11:36 
What the Church is to DO What the Church IS 
How does the Church Glorify God? 
God has established certain objectives in order for the church to bring glory to Him.The Church glorifies God by intensely pursuing His objectives for the church.But we must know what they are and be committed to carrying them out.So, what are they?God calls the church to Exalt Him, Edify the Body, and Evangelize the lost.To fulfill these God-given objectives, the church must follow the mandate of our Lord.There is
MANDATE: “Make disciples” !
All other commands (go, teach, win the lost, baptize, feed the hungry, etc.) aresubordinate to
Jesus’ main comm
 Make Disciples
! What kind?His command is expanded in 2 Tim. 2:2, and Eph. 4:
is the process in which a believer inChrist is becoming more like Christ increasing inthe knowledge of Christ and able to minister toothers who will be able to do the same thing. Theprocess of discipleship involves a relationshipwhere a spiritually minded person uses the Wordof God to teach reprove, correct and train a learnerin Christ in order that he/she becomes increasinglymore like Christ.
Our church has developed a Mission Statement based on the 3-fold purpose of theChurch, and the mandate of our Lord
Which objective(exaltation, edification,evangelism)is most important?
like asking
which leg of thestool is mostimportant?Which one wouldyou rather nothave?
 Everything thechurch does mustrevolve aroundthese purposes
(the “3
E’s”),and our Lord’
scommand tomake disciples!
How do we carry out this mission statement ?
We must clearly understand what Exaltation,Edification, and Evangelism is!
We should then flesh out the Biblical principles inclearly stated objectives and goals.
 All activities and programs should flow from theseobjectives / goals
We will look 2 
When it comes to God’s
fold Purpose for the Church, it’s not a question of which one is most important. Godhasn’t given us a choice. We must exalt Him, edify the Body, and evangelize the lost. When
it comes to the
reason for the Church’s existence, it’s to Exalt Him. When it comes to the reason the church exists as a gatheredcommunity, it’s to edify, build one another up to Christ
-like maturity.
But, when it comes to why the Church exists in the world
—it’s to evangelize.
The first actions of the first disciples were evangelistic. Andrew found Simon and brought him to Jesus. Philipfound Nathaniel and led him to the Lord. Jesus told his disciples that He would make
them “fishers of men”
(Matthew 4:19). The first commandment of the risen Lord w
as evangelistic. “As by the Father has sent Me, I
send you” (John 20:21
The first directive of the Great Commission is evangelistic. “
Go into all the world andproclaim the gospel to
all people” (Mark 16:15
). At the birth of the church, the writer (Luke) emphasized that afterPeter proclaimed the Truth
, “
there were added about three thous
and souls...” (Acts 2:14
-41).Unfortunately, many local churches have lost perspective. They measure success in terms of how many peopleattend the church, how financially stable they are, or what kind of building they have. They measure in terms of activities, and busy agendas, or even in the presence of sound beliefs and teaching.
Year ago a man by the name of Wahlstrom purchased an old bombsight and took it apart to see what made it work. As hebegan to put it back together, he decided to add to it some spare parts he had from other projects. Over time, friends andneighbors took an interest in the matter and started bringing him parts and pieces, which he incorporated into hiscontraption. Over a period of about ten years, he added to his machine hundreds of wheels and cogs, belts and whistlesand gears and who knows what all until the thing
“a marvel to behold.” became
He would throw the switch, and the
machine’s thousand parts would begin to move. Wheels turned, lights flashed, bells rang, and belts whirred. The devicecame to be known as "Wahlstrom’s Wonder." It was incredible.
Once a spectator asked,
it DO?” The answer:“It doesn’t do
While there was a lot of activity, what was all the activity for?
Similarly, local churches must continue to keep God’s purposes in focus.
Our agenda (priorities, allotment of time,and activities) are to be ordered by the Word of God, not by the agendas of people following their culturalexpectations set by the traditions of men.
To help us stay clearly focused, we need to be clear about what the Bible teaches about

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