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Published by Alwi Zain Shsw

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Published by: Alwi Zain Shsw on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was very happy when I was staying with my friends. I could play, joke, laugh and talk with them. When the sun on themy body, I felt so hot. My body was getting hot and hotter. My form changed. Then I felt very light. Slowly, my body flew.I did not believe it! I was flying now. I was very happy but when I remembered my friends, I wanted to cry. But now, Iflew not alone. I also saw my friends, they flew too.My form changed again. I became dew. I meet new friends. They were very kind to me. They were like my old friends. Ithought I could not know them because they had became dew too. They were same with me. We united became cloud.Mr Wind blew us over the land. When the temperature was getting cold, we fell down. I was very afraid. But when I fellon the roof of a house, I did not fell sick. Then I fell on the ground.I flowed on the ground, but it was not long. I entered a small hole. The owner of the hole was a worm. I still flowed in theground. I had new friends again. I went out with them at a spring. But we did not flowed again because we were in thewell. Some one took us with a bucket. We were entered into a watering can. He used us to water his garden. I thoughthe liked gardening. I saw many kinds of flowers.I saw his family too. He had two childrens. Maybe he followed the family planning programs. His childrens were diligent.They helped their father. They used a spade and a hoe to make the soil soft. But I did not have much time to watch their activities because I had to enter into the ground. Goodbye human! Nice to see you!I could not flow more far because the root of a tree needed my help. I and my friends had to help the tree. We enteredinto the body. We are delivered to the leaves. Except us, the tree needs the sunlight too to make the food. The food isdelivered to all part of the body. If the food is surplus, the tree stores it. Maybe in the root or make it fruits. After helped the tree, I went out of the leaf. Because the sunlight, I felt light again. I flew again. I became dew again. Iflew until the blue sky. I meet the big black cloud. I united with them. Mr Wind blew us again. But now, he blew us untilthe top of a high mountain. Our form changed. We became ice crystal because the temperature was very cold. I felt mybody was hard now. Our colour were white. In this form, my body was very very cold. When we fell down, we did not fallfastly like before, but we fell slowly as snow. We fell on the ground. Because we were in the big number, we could cover the groubd, trees, roof of houses and others. A boy took us. I was in there. The boy made a small white ball from us. Then he threws us to his friends. They wereplaying a game called a snow war. I like to see them. They were very happy. They threw the snow to each other. I alsosaw their parents. Their parents only saw them from their places.Suddenly, I fell into the stream. I united with the water. My form changed again. I flowed with my new friends. I sawmany kind of water creatures. There were fishes, crocodiles, frogs, geese and others. I saw many things happened. For example, the big fish eat the small fishes. They eat each other to survive.I could not forbide them to do it. I only a little thing. I could not protect the creatures from dangers but I could help themto survive. Because without me and my friends, they will have a big trouble. I was sure you would believe my last word. Istill flowed until the blue sea. I was very happy because I hoped I could meet my old friends. But before I saw my oldfriends, a big brown fish entered me to its body. I could not tell you what I saw in the stomach of the fish. I only wanted

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