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Table Of Contents

Working with Arrays
Scalar Variables and Array Variables
Creating Arrays
Fixed Length Arrays
Dynamic Arrays
Resizing a dynamic array without Preserve
Resizing a dynamic array with Preserve
Array Iterations
VBScript Constants
Working with constants
Declaring constants
VBScript pre-defined constants
The Scope and Lifetime of a Variable
Private Statement
Public Statement
VBScript Operators
Working with Operators
Arithmetic Operators
Addition (+)
Subtraction (-)
Multiplication (*)
Division (/) and Integer Division (\)
Exponentiation (^)
Modulus Arithmetic (Mod)
Unary Negation (-)
String Concatenation (&)(+)
Comparison Operators
Object equivalence Is
Equality (=)
Inequality (<>)
Less Than (<) and Greater Than (>)
Less than or equal (<=), greater than or equal to (>=)
Object Equivalence (Is)
Logical Operators
Logical negation Not
Logical conjunction And
Logical Negation (Not)
Logical Conjunction (And)
Logical Disjunction (Or)
Logical Exclusion (Xor)
Logical Equivalence (Eqv)
Logical Implication (Imp)
Flow Control
Controlling the Flow of VBScript Code
Why Control the Flow of Code?
Using Control Structures to Make Decisions
Making Decisions Using If...Then...Else
Deciding Between Several Alternatives
Select Case
Using Control Structures to Make Code Repeat
Using For...Next Statement
Using For Each...Next Statement
Using Do…Loops Statement
Using While. . .Wend Statement
Putting all together
Subroutines and Function Procedures
What Are Functions?
Sub Procedures
Function Procedures
Declaring Subroutines/Functions
Calling a Subroutine
Call Statement
Calling a Function
Exiting a Subroutine/Function
Passing Arguments into Procedures
Why Are Procedures Useful?
Exit Statement
Coding Conventions
Constant Naming Conventions
Variable Naming Conventions
Descriptive Variable and Procedure Names
Object Naming Conventions
Code Commenting Conventions
Functions and Sub Standards
Procedure Header
The QuickTest Editor Options
Fonts and Colors
Code Indentation
QuickTest Reusable Action Header
Creating an Action Template1
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vb scripting basics

vb scripting basics

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Published by SaiSree Reddy
vb scripting basics
vb scripting basics

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Published by: SaiSree Reddy on Jan 30, 2013
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