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Published by Svale Fossåskaret

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Published by: Svale Fossåskaret on Jan 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fast-Growing Hype
A Brieng Paper published by Te Development Fund, Norway 
GeneticallyenGineeredSalmon- FaSt-GrowinG Hype
w b:
Food & Water EuropeFood & Water Europe monitors thepractices o multinational corporationsthat impact our ood and water. Tey work with grasroots organizationsaround the world to create a genuinely economically and environmentally  viable uture.
Te Development Fund (2013):Genetically Engineered Salmon – FastGrowing Hype. Brieng paper.
Te brieng paper isnanced by Norad andthe Norwegian Network or GMO-ree ood andeed.ISBN 978-82-91923-49-9 (Printed edition)ISBN 978-82-91923-50-5 (Digital edition)Imagine a sh growing twice as ast with less use o eed and with less environmentalimpact! It would be just what is needed to eed the world. Or is reality somewhatmore complicated? Te genetically engineered salmon rom the Americancompany AquaBounty is a textbook example o the typical hype surroundinggenetically modied organisms (GMOs). Tis brieng paper provides the simpleacts about this sh, which demonstrates serious risks to consumer health, animalwelare, shing economies and the environment. Even the claim about growthrates is questionable.Te AquaBounty salmon was the very rst animal to be patented in Norway, aerthe patenting o plants and animals was rst legalized in 2004. Te DevelopmentFund ghts patents on plants and animals because they threaten ood security. Itis illegal to do urther breeding using patented material. Patents are thus blockingthe cumulative process breeding actually is. Furthermore, it is also illegal to doindependent biosaety research on patented material.Rather than a technological quick x in order to meet the challenge o globalhunger, there is a need to increase investment in sustainable agroecologicalagriculture, where the needs and priorities o small scale ood providers are put inthe driving seat. No GMO can replace the need or robust systems or continuousplant and animal breeding. Tus, the sustainable use and conservation o geneticresources or ood and agriculture is a pivotal precondition or uture oodsecurity. GMOs, such as the AquaBounty salmon, put this at risk.Tis paper ocuses on the regulatory processes o AquaBounty Salmon in NorthAmerica. Te company has yet not applied or approval in the EU and Norway,where dierent regulatory regimes are in place, e.g. i a GMO is approved inEurope, it must be labeled. Te terms genetically engineered (GE) and genetically modied (GM) are used interchangeably in this report.Tis paper is part o the inormation campaign by the Norwegian Network orGMO-ree ood and eed nanced by the Ministry o Food and Agriculturein 2012. A special thanks to the author o this report, im Schwab, or greatcollaboration and impressive delivery in meeting our tight deadline.Oslo, January 2013
Foreword by The Development Fund
Andrew P. Kroglund
Head o Policy and InormationDepartment 
Bell Batta orheim
Te Development Fund is registeredwith the Control Committee orFundraising in Norway.

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